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    Thread S note 3 port question

    Hello devs, here is a dev question. Can anyone port the s note 3 apk/s from the note 10.1 2014 edition to our note 10.1 2012? I have got the apks from note 10.1 2014 if needed. Thanks for looking at this.

    Thread [ROOT SUCCESS+ GT-N7100 [Leaked firmware] N7100XXUEMJ5 (JB 4.3) - Open Asia (OLB)

    I managed to get root, and with the help of the KNOX Disabler app, I disabled Knox nonsense, using RootExplorer, deleted the Knox files from /system/apps folder. You need to flash Philz_touch_5.15.0-n7100.tar.md5 recovery, reboot. Switch off phone. Start phone in recovery mode. Flash...

    Thread Root apps blocked by 4.3 on s 4???

    When I run root apps on my s 4 running 4.3 I get: an application attempted to access system your device without authorisation. This attempt has been blocked. What is the solution to this? Cheers. EDIT: Kind of resolved. Although the warning shield comes up and stays in the status bar, I can...

    Thread Samsung galaxy duos devices for the uk

    Hello people, could you please tell me why Samsung or the UK carriers will not ship Dual Simcard phones (Duos) to the UK?

    Thread Original boot animation

    I need a Boot Animation flashable zip for N7100 that will replace the one on the LK7 rom. Any help? Thanks.

    Thread Note ii & vodafone uk micro sim cards

    Hello there, has anyone got a note ii with vodafone micro sim card running fine? I have inserted several micro sim cards from vodafone, including at two vodafone stores, sadly non of them get recognised. Could my note ii be faulty? I need to know this so that I can return it to Handtec UK...

    Thread Cm-10/jelly bean & copliot live 8

    There is an update to Copilot Live 8 which the software makers have released. I only came across it today. It is at, and you need if you have the software, and found that you could not use it with Jelly Bean. It is updated to run on Jelly...

    Thread [Q] voice command

    Has anyone got any idea if there is S3 voice mod for GT2?

    Thread No Stock

    I have been to PCWorld in Derby, Carphone Warehouse in Westfield and East Street, as well as the phone. Sadly, they all don't have store stocks of Galaxy Tab 2. Phoned Watford where I will be visiting, they too have no stock. PCWorld are not even advertising the device. Any ideas what is going...
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    Thread [Q] Want to buy Flyer

    Does anyone know where one could buy a 3G/32GB HTC Flyer in the UK, other than Carphoneware Warehouse? I mean where the Flyer is in stock. Cheers.
  11. YOSEFE

    Thread [q] warranty return for repair

    Hello everyone, I now need to return my flyer to htc for repair. I had Honeycomb on it, reverted to Gingerbread, but bootloader has "relocked" statement. Do you think HTC will charge me for repair of the device? The fault is not caused by me. Cheers.
  12. YOSEFE

    Thread [q] vertical redish or orange colour on display

    Has anyone had this experience with their htc flyer? My flyer has an orange or redish colour running from top to bottom, nearly in the middle of the screen. Advice welcome.
  13. YOSEFE

    Thread Useful tips for flyer

    Hello flyer users, This afternoon I managed to get my flyer stuck on the "Red Triangle" with "Exclamation Mark" as I was playing with "adb". Now to get out of the dreaded screen, you do not need to remove the battery as we do with other devices - especially because, as I have been told, you...
  14. YOSEFE

    Thread [Q] Rooting The Flyer - A Question

    Hi everyone, Is there any way of rooting the Flyer at present? I know it is early days, but are there any devs who are looking into this one for us? Thanks.
  15. YOSEFE

    Thread Total storage space

    Why is the total storage space only showing 19.61GB and not anywhere nearer the 32GB space? Where is almost 11GB? Anybody noticed this?
  16. YOSEFE

    Thread Easter Greetings

    Happy Easter to all on XDA-Developers!
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    Thread Give us cm7 with sense campaign!!!

    To the Vision ROMS Mods, would you kindly make us a CM7 Sense ROM? A CM7 ROM with or able to take HTC Sense Widgtes? It is hard, yes, and our mods are hardworking. It is impossible, no, there is no such a thing as impossible when it comes to technology on XDA-Developers. Hoping and waiting...
  18. YOSEFE

    Thread [q] sense icon population

    Hello, Is there a possibility to mod the HTC Sense so that it can accommodate more icons on the homescreen? For example, ADW Launcher allows you to put as many icons as you can reasonably put on the homescreen, or other screens for that matter. Is there anyone out there tweaking the HTC...
  19. YOSEFE

    Thread Email selection

    Hello, would you kindly tell me how I can do a "Select All" email on my DZ? I have downloaded 200+ emails from my server, they all appear as unread emails. I can select one at a time to mark as read, however, it is too labour intensive to tick-select all of them one by one. Is there an...
  20. YOSEFE

    Thread [q] nand backup error

    I want to Nand Backup my DZ. However when I try to reboot my DZ in Recovery, I get a red Triangle with and exclamation mark in the centre. What can I do to succeed? Thanks.
  21. YOSEFE

    Thread [q] micro sdcard diagnostic data

    I recently bought a Kingston 32GB Micro sdCard off a top rated eBay seller. I have had issues with copying some files to it from my old 8gb card that came on the DZ. So what I did was put it through the h2testw, with the following results: Warning: Only 31189 of 31190 MByte tested. The media...
  22. YOSEFE

    Thread Docking with cover on solved

    If interested, you can see link below. No re-invention of the wheel, but a good practical solution! I hope you will find the mod useful. Cheers.
  23. YOSEFE

    Thread [q] error with new kingston 32gb micro sd card

    Hello there, I need help with this error on my DZ: 'unable to install application data on the device. Error: /mnt/sdcard/Tecarta/50.dat_temp (I/O error).' The application I was trying to launch is the NKJV Bible software. Thanks for your advice.
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    Thread New year greetings

    A happy & Healthy New Year to all of you at XDA-DEVELOPERS.COM Community.
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    Thread Thank you mods

    I only noticed today that I am now a Senior Member. Thank you very much XDA-DEVELOPERS MODS for the upgrade. You have a great New Year. YOSEFE.
  26. YOSEFE

    Thread Bt Htc S710 Original Rom

    Hello forum members, would you please help me have the BT HTC S710 Original ROM? I have only seen the BT HTC S620, which when I tried to flash with to rebrand, blanked my HTC S710 screen. When I turn it on, only the two green lights come on either side of the phone ear piece. It means that a...
  27. YOSEFE

    Thread ORANGE SPV M1500 PH10D

    :? I am new on the block. Thanx for the welcome. I need help with unlocking my Qtek 2020i ppc phone detailed above. I downloaded XDA2UNLOCK yesterday. Ran it following procedure. It has now been running for more than 24 hours at just "reading first block". Is it okay? What should I do? Does it...