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    FYI for future purchases. Buddy at work tried to price match his newly purchased S21 Ultra with Best Buy because his model is currently $100 less and the Samsung rep on the online chat said they no longer offer price matching as of early March 2021. Here's the website for further info. I'm...
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    Thread Accessories ZEROLEMON Galaxy S21 Ultra Battery Case 8000mAh review.

    ZeroLemon is know to be the top dog when it comes to battery cases and this time it's no different. The S21 Ultra already packs a whopping 5,000 mAh battery and this case brings another amazing 8,000 mAh. I cannot wait to go on vacation with this beast, It will make my traveling and exploring...
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    Thread Can't get hole punch notification light to work?

    The stock EdgeLighting and I downloaded EdgeLighting+ and I still cannot get the camera hole punch notification light to work on either the outer or inner screens. I assume the correct option would be "Eclipse" but when I press it nothing happens?
  4. BigMosley

    Thread ZEROLEMON Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Battery Case 10000mAh Review

    Amazing peace of mind to have a 10k battery for the best phone on the market. I live in an area where losing power isn’t unheard of so this will definitely come in handy! This workhorse of a battery could handle it all. I can have video displayed on my phone for 8 hours and not ever come close...
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    Thread T-mobile users make sure you're using a 5g sim card.

    Just saw on twitter that if you have a 5G device on T-Mobile and you are using your old 4G SIM card you need to get a new pink "R15" SIM card. My N20U is unlocked from Samsung so I didn't get this new SIM card but I am requesting one from T-Mobile online nowm. I'm wondering if this is why my...
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    Thread Note 20 users all get free headphones now, limited time.

    Just saw this article on Android Central. You click the link and input your phone number to receive a text then verify your phones IMEI through Samsung. This is for the Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra. The US Snapdragon models didn't come with headphones so now's your chance to get them...
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    Thread Will a Verizon Pixel 4 XL work on T-Mobile?

    Hey I am thinking about purchasing a Verizon Pixel 4 XL marked as "Verizon", will it work properly on T-Mobile? Also as long as the device is paid off can I simply call Verizon and have them "Unlock" the device for me and I can plug in my T-Mobile SIM card? Thanks
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    Thread Saved Call Screen Audio/transcript location?

    Hey I recently picked up the P4XL and really love the Call Screening feature. I see there is an option to save the Call Screen Audio and Transcript but cannot find the location of these saved items? Does anyone know where they are saved and how to access them?
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    Thread DeX "Can't show protected content on your computer."

    Trying to watch Netflix on DeX and I keep getting this pop up. The audio comes through but there is no video?
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    Thread Ghostek Atomic Slim Note10+ thoughts?

    Anyone use the Ghostek Atomic Slim in the past? Considering getting the clear back/black version to show off the Aura Glow but some reviewers of previous devices say the Aluminum bumper affected cell reception? My favorite case is the OtterBox Pursuit Series but OtterBox only makes them for the...
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    Thread Fingerprint unlock faster than S10+?

    Anyone tested this? I'm not finding any info on this.
  12. BigMosley

    Thread Will Unlocked AT&T S10+ work on T-Mobile

    If yes is there a way to get the phone to look 100% like a T-Mobile device including the Boot animation?
  13. BigMosley

    Thread Galaxy Buds skipping while on Note9?

    Hey I recently purchased the Galaxy buds and I noticed with my phone in my pocket while I walk every couple of minutes or so the audio will Skip and cut out and I also noticed while it's skipping if I place my hand over my phone it will skip even worse making me think that these earbuds won't...
  14. BigMosley

    Thread Phone freezing/crashing after ARL1 (T-Mobile) update?

    Ever since the December update my phone freezes for about 3 seconds after hanging up then the 'Phone has stopped" message appears. Anyone else noticing this? Any way to stop this?
  15. BigMosley

    Thread Failed! message when in group message?

    This has been happening since I got the Note9. I've never had issues with this before with the Note8 or the S9+. I know the other two guys in the message have iPhones, could this be the problem? If so why didn't I have this issue in the past? I only get the red Failed! message when I send text...
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    Thread Remove AOD home button?

    Even after removing the AOD home button under Settings/Lock screen/Always On Display you can still hit the home button location to turn the screen on. Is there a way to disable this home button location all together on the lock screen? I find myself gripping the phone around this location while...
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    Thread How to stop "Visual Voicemail has been detected using SMS" after reboot?

    Anyway to stop this from popping up every time you reboot your device? On T-Mobile SM-N960U.
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    Thread 2018 Gear VR adapter for Note 9 aka Samsung Device Holder GH69-32908A

    Well the updated adapter to fit the 2018 SM-R325 Gear VR arrived today all smashed to S and I hope it works to begin with (doesn't seem broken) and it barely looks any different than the Note8 USB Type-C adapter. The inner molding is slightly deeper and more rounded but the actual width is about...
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    Thread Insurance options?

    I'm getting (eventually, thanks Sammy) the 512gb Ocean Blue and the delayed order has given me time to compare insurance options. My current carrier is T-Mobile and their insurance is $12/month with a $250 deductible. If you keep the device for 2 years that comes out to $538 if you file a claim...
  20. BigMosley

    Thread Note9 work with latest Gear VR SM-R325?

    Does anyone know if the Note9 will fit in the latest version of Gear VR? (SM-R325) Being the phone is .1" larger than last year's Note8 it might be a stretch to fit.
  21. BigMosley

    Thread Anyone else jumping?

    Decided to sell my S9+ and buy the Note 9 with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. T-Mobile has a trade in promotion where I'll give them a Galaxy S7 in exchange for $500 in bill credits and also selling my S9+ should come up with another decent chunk of money to pay off the Note 9. I agree it's...
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    Thread Is this possible? LED notification question.

    I would ONLY like the LED notification to light up Red when charging or turn Green when the battery is fully. I cant stand the other LED notifications blinking especially at night, it bugs the crap outta me plus I used AOD so I don't need the LED notification also. Anyway to do this? Thanks.
  23. BigMosley

    Thread CRD7 update

    Woke up this morning to this, unlocked running Verizon. 217 MB is a pretty hefty security patch...
  24. BigMosley

    Thread Samsung Pay Rewards Question.

    So I have already ran through my 50 transactions for this month (Yes I know it's only December 2nd haha) so I can no longer get my 40x points until January. I'm less than 300 pounds away from getting a coupon for the new Note8 Gear VR and I'm wondering if there's any other way to get the...
  25. BigMosley

    Thread Smart Stay not working properly?

    Unlocked on Verizon, Smart Stay not working properly even in a well lit room. If I am staring at the phone before it goes dim it seems to work (must be a well lit room) but if the screen goes dim Smart Stay will not work and the screen turns off. This wasn't the issue with previous Note devices...
  26. BigMosley

    Thread Powered off phone "100% charged" constantly looping/charging.

    I normally turn off my device at night and plug it in to charge. When I woke up in the night I noticed the green 100% charger circle was lit up and it would go away, then the red charging dot would reappear then turn off after a few seconds then the 100% charged circle would come back, and this...
  27. BigMosley

    Thread Constant "Volume Warning" when connecting to vehicle Bluetooth?

    When I get into my vehicle (2016 Ford F150) and turn the engine on my phone automatically connects to Bluetooth (Ford Sync) and the phone screen lights up with the "Loud Volume Warning" and I have to press OK for it to go away. I have also noticed that my Bluetooth volume on my device (SYNC) is...
  28. BigMosley

    Thread Up to $425 off Note 8 for previous Note 7 owners (with device trade in)

    Yeah boy! I just wonder how this will play out. It says "Up to $425", will it all depend on the type of device you're trading in? Link to article Link to Note7 owners promo via Samsung
  29. BigMosley

    Thread Stuck after Step3 in Dirty Santa, bricked? Need help!

    Everything was going good in Dirty Santa until Step3 regarding TWRP. My phone would get stuck on the Verizon screen and vibrating. I am on the latest update with Verizon which I am assuming is the problem with the rooting process. I need further direction on how to bring my phone back to life. I...
  30. BigMosley

    Thread PHE update.

    This morning my internet wasn't working so I went and updated my PRL and profile and I figured I'd check for any system updates and I got the PHE update which is the green battery icon for the recall. Samsung shipped that out quick didn't they haha. Sent from my SM-N930P using XDA-Developers...
  31. BigMosley

    Thread Sprint Note 7 List of apps to disable?

    Does anyone have a list for the Sprint Note 7 of apps that is safe to disable via Package Disabler Pro? Sent from my SM-N930P using XDA-Developers mobile app
  32. BigMosley

    Thread Edge Panel for Music Player?

    I had an edge Panel for the Samsung music player but had to do a factory reset because my phone wasn't acting right now I cannot find the music player panel. Can anyone confirm where it is so I can find it? I did a search in the Samsung store but couldn't find it. I swore the Music panel came...
  33. BigMosley

    Thread Enable text message codes? (425) error.

    One of the first few days I had this phone I texted something one of those short text message codes and I got a reply back saying it potentially cost me money and accidentally I hit no instead of yes now everytime I try to use the text codes it gives me a failed message with a (425) error code...
  34. BigMosley

    Thread Status bar notifications cut off?

    Notifications from Yahoo mail and Facebook for example show up partially behind whichever app I am currently using then pops forward briefly before minimizing to the icon in the status bar. Can anyone else confirm this? Is there a solution to this problem? So many problems, not enough time...
  35. BigMosley

    Thread Home screen Folders remain open?

    Click a home screen folder to launch an app, then click the back button to leave the app. The home screen folder stays open thus making you hit the back button again to close it. Is this a new "feature" to touchwiz on the Note 7 or was it also like this on the Note 5? I am coming from the Note 4...
  36. BigMosley

    Thread LTE Band Priority?

    My last phone was the Note 4 and it only had a few bands, this sucker has 12. Does anyone know which bands are the higher speeds? I assume just like the Note 4 you can change them with your MSL #? Sent from my SM-N930P using XDA-Developers mobile app
  37. BigMosley

    Thread Cheaper Alternative to Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro & i-Blason Armorbox.

    Moderator please delete. The power button on the case does not work, being returned.
  38. BigMosley

    Thread Note 7 available Friday via Best buy?

    Just received this email stating it will be available Friday? Sent from my SM-N910P using XDA-Developers mobile app
  39. BigMosley

    Thread Few questions about ZW2

    Hey, I just purchased the ZW2 a few days ago and It's a great watch but I have a few questions if anyone can help. 1.) I synced a few songs to my watch via Play Music but I can't figure out how to play them? 2.) If you say " OK Google play whichever song by whichever band" to the watch it will...
  40. BigMosley

    Thread Random reboots after 6.0.1 update?

    I used the OK1 tar through ODIN, then did a factory reset then took the 6.0.1 update. Yesterday I got probably 2 random reboots and now this morning I have had 4 one after another probably 5 minutes apart from each other. I am using the I heart radio app to listen to a local radio show and the...
  41. BigMosley

    Thread Fallout / Pip-Boy theme?

    Saw this image on facebook and flipped, anyone have or know of a theme like this for our Note 4's? ??
  42. BigMosley

    Thread Anyone with the Note 5 have regrets?

    I have been reading some have regrets "upgrading" to the Note 5 from the Note 4. If so I am looking to trade my Note 4 with cases and 128gb Micro SD card for the Note 5 because I am not eligible for a phone upgrade. Thanks in advance.
  43. BigMosley

    Thread Delete, I quit.

  44. BigMosley

    Thread SlipGrip bike mount with Defender?

    Has anyone purchase this and can give their opinions?
  45. BigMosley

    Thread Screen randomly turning on after OE1 update?

    Ever since I took the OTA OE1 update my screen will randomly turn on for the 2 seconds or so then turn off, as if the power button is getting pressed. It is completely random and doesn't happen often but it has happened twice today alone. I know it could possibly be an app which is causing this...
  46. BigMosley

    Thread Note 3 LTE vs Note 4 Spark speeds

    I Recently purchased a used Note 4 and was curious how much faster Spark is compared the Note 3's 4G LTE and I was completely floored. The first picture was from the Note 3 and the 2nd from the Note 4 but I'm sure you would have guessed that ? Sprint, you will keep my business with these speeds!
  47. BigMosley

    Thread Fast charging question?

    I just bought a used Note 4, the oem wall wart came with the device but the USB cable is not original. Will fast charging still work with a non oem USB cable or do I need to buy a oem cable? Thanks.
  48. BigMosley

    Thread Selling phone & have question?

    I am currently rooted stock OC5 with TWRP. How do I go back to stock unrooted/stock recovery on OC5? Thanks in advance!
  49. BigMosley

    Thread Upgrading firmware from NC5? Odin?

    Currently I am rooted on NC5 Galaxy s5 MOAR port. I am having data signal issues and I have read by updating my firmware to NH7 or NK4 I may see a improvement. If I want to upgrade do I need to Odin both times for NH7 & NK4 or can I jump immediately to NK4 from NC5? Is there a difference between...
  50. BigMosley

    Thread Keyboard with clipboard capabilities like Stock keyboard?

    I truly cannot stand the stock Sammy keyboard I usually use Google keyboard mostly because the auto correction is better. The only problem is the Google keyboard doesn't have the clipboard capability like the Sammy keyboard does. Is there another keyboard with this clipboard setting and...