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  1. jayshocka

    Thread Boost+

    Any one have any thought on using boost+. Is it worth using or does it do more harm then good? Sent from my 2PYB2 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Obligatory will the bolt get Android 8 update

    Any thoughts or info? Sent from my 2PYB2 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Any one know what this symbol is ? The z like thing in the status bar

    Any one know what this symbol is ? The z like thing in the status bar Sent from my 2PYB2 using Tapatalk
  4. jayshocka

    Thread Camera question

    I know nothing about photography. Why does the camera take dark pics with the flash is seem like the pic is taken on the tail end of the flash is there a way to adjust that Sent from my 2PYB2 using Tapatalk
  5. jayshocka

    Thread Screen locks up

    Anyone else? I push the power button to turn the screen on and the soft keys light up and no screen. It has been happening every couple of hours for the past 3 days. Any ideas or suggestions? Sent from my 2PYB2 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Nextradio app

    Anyone else having issues with the best radio app? I get an error problem with FM hardware Sent from my 2PYB2 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Sprint S4 petitions (need some bumping)

    Hello XDA friends Many of you know of the recent issues with the Sprint Galaxy S4 4.4.2 issues that have come up with the stock update. I have started a thread here on the sprint community website. Please take a moment to click and say hi in the...
  8. jayshocka

    Thread [Q] Unrooted Wakelock

    I have had my s4 triband version for about a week and this thing will not stay asleep. i have experience finding a wake lock on a rooted device but unrooted has me stumped. I know there were issues with the most recent update to 4.4, I have already updated firmware via keis. has anyone else...
  9. jayshocka

    Thread Know issues and general feedback

    I might be picking up an S4 very soon, I am looking for some overall feed back and known issues that people have encountered If any one cares to share some experiences and links. I am not asking what other phones are good so let's keep this on topic Thanks! Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using...
  10. jayshocka

    Thread water damage?

    Has anyone found any information on how samsung plans to deal with an S5 that has water damage. being that the phone is supposed to be water resistant ( and I have watched a few blogger test of the water proofing with surprisingly good results) also post general water resistant discussions here
  11. jayshocka

    Thread anyone in Phoenix

    My contract is coming up up and I am considering the S4 as my next phone.. Many will ask why not the S5... I do not see enough of a difference between the two devices that will justify the $ when I will likely be able to get an S4 for free in a few months... that being said. I would like...
  12. jayshocka

    Thread toroplus showing verizon on google play

    Here is a oddity. I have posted in the CM forums and have yet to recieve an answer or any feedback. Thought I would try here. My ToroPLUS is running CM 10.2 stable at this time but the error has been showing up on every rom but stock. Google play list my device as a Verizon Galaxy Nexus not...
  13. jayshocka

    Thread Wtf

    Some one tell me wtf this is Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  14. jayshocka

    Thread [Q] disable usb

    searched high and low... (feel like an idiot) How can you disable usb from connecting automaticaly. I ask because i plug it into my work compter to charge while at work. and I dont want my files to connect to the computer.. Have not yet rooted first day with phone running sprint stock...
  15. jayshocka

    Thread Storage question

    Want this phone .... But I have a issue 32gb of space should be sufficient for my needs... But since it all internal how much does the ROM and system files take of that space? Or is the 32g an independent partition of space? Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk 2
  16. jayshocka

    Thread Conspiracy theory?????

    I Recently went to the Sprint store to start looking at upgrades, not that I am really ready to leave my Reloaded OG. but i noticed something. I smuggled in a copy of speed test apk and sent a link to the phone I was looking at, I was looking for an answer as to why my data speeds have been...
  17. jayshocka

    Thread Disappointed with sprint

    Sprint is offering a Galaxy nexus for NEW customers and to add a line Not to a ten year customer who is 4 months out of contract. I understand the principles of getting new customers, But here I am teetering on the brink of Declining income and delcining sprint service. I dont want to spend a...
  18. jayshocka

    Thread [Q] I need a nexus S

    Help me out My daughter is set for upgrade. she wanted a Nexus S. Sprint says it is no longer available. i have talked to telesales, stores, and retention. Does anyone know how to get one. from sprint using an upgrade has anyone recently gotten one? There are no other phones avail on...
  19. jayshocka

    Thread Lock screen clock... aosp

    Looking for some help.... Don't know if it is possible. But I am looking for Mods for the lockscreen clock on 2.3.5 decks 1.3d cant seem to find much any help?
  20. jayshocka

    Thread 50gb free

    IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS QUIT SLACKING OFF AND DO IT!!!! FREE 50GB OF CLOUD SPACE. fixed the link sorry about that
  21. jayshocka

    Thread sandisk 32gb class 4 $30.79
  22. jayshocka

    Thread The quickest and the best memory tweak ever!

    Hello EPIC users (my second family) Two EVO gurus Carhauler1969 and Ropadope Have spent countless hours creating a simple Memory tweak for the EVO. I now share its goodness with you. I have tested it on my Wifes EPIC and have found it to very smooth and extremly easy to apply This is...
  23. jayshocka

    Thread [Q] virus at work?

    Way off phone topic.... I did not want to sign up for another forum to ask this question. I figure that there are enough corporate techies here. I received an IM from the IT department at work saying there was a virus on my computer. He took remote access of my PC and ran a scan revealing...
  24. jayshocka

    Thread Any one have an issue with tango?

    My ffc was showing nothing but green static.... I found a fix listed on the Tango website.... Revert back to an older version of tango using links on this page the problem was for the video being upside down but I found it to work...
  25. jayshocka

    Thread [Q] Has any one found real info???

    Now that sprint has announced that it is shifting to LTE. what will happen to our WiMax phones, especially those of us who still do not live in a 4G area (Most of the Phoenix, AZ metro area.. I have not found much info on this, Has anyone else found any credible info on this topic? or have...
  26. jayshocka

    Thread [Q] titanium backup question

    PAID VERSION IS THE MOST USEFUL APP ON MARKET! Now that i got that out of the way... Am I correct in my assumption that the "create" function on TB will create a zip that i can flash in amon ra and restore all of my apps from recovery and not have to boot download tb and then restore ?
  27. jayshocka

    Thread Rom suggestions

    I just rooted my wife's phone for her. only reason being she wants it to run smooth again. recently has been freezing up allot and just acting funky. I want to remove Bloat and install v6 supercharger and some other tweaks to help it run smoother. anyone have any suggestions for a smooth...
  28. jayshocka

    Thread zepplinrox human?

    Is zepplinrox human or some bizarre, accidental android AI at google headquarters? seems v6 supercharger and 3g turbocharger are too good to be true..... Your thoughts....
  29. jayshocka

    Thread [Q] savaged-zen???

    I have spent some time looking for an answer. to no avail.... Can someone please tell me or point to the thread... Someone please tell me what has happend to Savaged-zen and all of his Rom goodness... Has he moved on?
  30. jayshocka

    Thread Skype update

    Video calling now supported on Htc Evo !!! woo hooo
  31. jayshocka

    Thread [Q] xp drivers for evo

    I am running windows XP (go ahead and laugh). I notice when transfering data to my phone from my computer I TAKES FOREVER. this only occurs when I am using AOSP roms or when i am transfering in Amon Ra. Does anyone else have this problem, does anyone know where I can get the proper driver...
  32. jayshocka

    Thread [Q] cant flash alt recovery via rommanager

    Sorry in advance if this is a duplicate. I could not find the an answer on my own. ( go ahead call me a noob) I have tried cm7 savaged zen and deck roms and at this moment it seems that I cannot flash my alternate recovery thru rommanager. Rommanager will show clockwork but when i...
  33. jayshocka

    Thread [Q] titanium backup help

    Please help sorry if this in the wrong forum. I flashed drmacinyasha's stock rom from Rom manager and I am running Titanium back up PRO. I am having a problem with TB backing up "Market links" I have tried reflashing and a bunch of other fixes that have worked with other issues in the past...