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  1. Hani88

    Thread How's 3rd party apps (instagram, snapchat, video calling, broadcasting) selfie camera quality in low light?

    how's the selfie camera viewfinder in low light videos in 3rd party apps ? is it still laggy like 15 fps ? even in street light scenes it happens! live broadcasting looks like nokia GIF quality in! maybe it's a good idea to make a comparison because this year you know samsung has said that...
  2. Hani88

    Thread My phone battery swelled! will it survive for some months later ?

    my Galaxy s7 egde swelled after two years of usage! the back cover next to the volume Rocker has a tiny gap by 2 mm only I usually Charge my phone between 30-80% with slow charging but I make so much 4G video calls while pluging the charger now after 2 weeks the condition is the same, the...
  3. Hani88

    Thread Samsung Device Maintenance app extremely high battery usage!

    I tried to uninstall updates, also clearing cache but nothing works this app must be a battery life improver app! not a killer one!! knox anti malware system is off in it
  4. Hani88

    Thread My lg stylo 2 uses 2G network only in calls!

    My lg stylo 2 uses 2G network in calls ! but when I have no calls it uses 4G network I realise that and the calls quality is bad because of that! I still have 4G symbol while making a call but I am sure its 2G network because whatsapp does not connect for example untill I end the call! nethier...
  5. Hani88

    Thread [system_update.apk] new malware possibility

    becareful the attached file maybe dangerous !! I got this apk file after opening an external site from twitter com.ymcgkn.guithmby it requires to get device administrator permission is it a new malware or what ?
  6. Hani88

    Thread Now you can Control the music with AOD

    With the latest AOD update we are able to see the song name in it.. But I discovered more today.. If you double click on it a music controller dialog will appear which will allow you to control the music by double tap on the controller button you want Working well with my nougat beta.. well done...
  7. Hani88

    Thread Calling feature is not working in my T818 S2 tab

    -- Sorry If my question is repeated because I searched a lot before posting my question -- When someone calls me I won't receive any notification not even a missed call.. and Also I don't have a calling app!! I installed one from playstore but it keeps failing to make a call !! any solution ...
  8. Hani88

    Thread is there any way to backup the IMS settings ?

    I am looking for a way to back up the IMS settings because they are the key to get a working voLTE .. CSC files write the right values of them for each country is there anyway to back up them? I attached some photos of them for example From my Nougat beta you can access IMS settings menu from...
  9. Hani88

    Thread Can I add OpenCL or Vulkan drivers manually to Nougat beta

    Nougat beta does not have OpenCL neither Vulkan.. This will affect the 3D performance. Now my top eleven game doesn't show its Ground Is there anyway to add OpenCL or Vulkan drivers manually? Sent from my SM-G935F using XDA-Developers mobile app
  10. Hani88

    Thread Galaxy VR is not working with Nougat Beta

    Unfortunately Galaxy VR is not working with Nougat Beta Oculus does not connect.. is there any solution ?
  11. Hani88

    Thread October firmware "BPJE" supports Vulkan!

    Today I updated my S7e to BPJE and it supports Vulkan ! Sent from my SM-G935F using XDA-Developers mobile app
  12. Hani88

    Thread New AOD update 1.4.02 for S7 / S7E

    Today and finally we got a new AOD update Everything now is like N7 AOD except the AOD notes feature and 3rd party including the stock email app notifications are strangely NOT WORKING !! Thanks to themaximillian -Also the selected layout wouldn't apply to the s view cover. thanks to Max195...
  13. Hani88

    Thread "Secure startup" is missing!

    I do not have "Secure startup" option in my S7e settings This is so strange I rooted my phone a lot before Is it because of flashing drm disabler in TWRP ? Any Idea ? Sent from my SM-G935F using XDA-Developers mobile app
  14. Hani88

    Thread Changing CSC

    My device is from iran and I am in turkey now I've used turkish firmware before but it was not getting OTA updates so I switched to Iranian one which matches my original CSC file but now I am not able to get vowifi neither voLTE Although I tried to edit other.xml vb.. vb.. Now I want to convert...
  15. Hani88

    Thread 720p power saving mode SOT

    hello folks how much SOT Can I get if I used 720p power saving mode comparing to the regular QHD screen resolution ? I prefer to get accurate answers without limiting the cpu performance neither background processing in the setting
  16. Hani88

    Thread Deleted

  17. Hani88

    Thread there is no Original CSC code !!

    I bought my S7e and unfortunately it was knox tripped and I couldn't send it back Previously it came with a Turkish region firmware installed so that I couldn't get any ota updates.. now I installed the latest Iranian firmware which matches my phone csc country my odin mode : B:1 ( I do not know...
  18. Hani88

    Thread how to see the clock in Edge feeds ?

    is there any way to see the clock in the edge feeds ? exactly like the s6 edge.. I was able to see both of the weather and clock in its edge feeds
  19. Hani88

    Thread [AP SWREV: B: K: S:] what do they mean ?

    In download mode there is AP SWREV with values.. what do they mean ?? How many kernels or roms are installed or what? And I want to know what the exact meaning of this: AP SWREV: B:1 K:0 S:0
  20. Hani88

    Thread What "Warranty void 1 (0x0)" means ?

    I bought a new S7 edge from a local website.. it came 100 % sealed but my Warranty void = 1 (0x0) what does that mean exactly ?? I know about samsung knox tripping but it is not (0x1) and I'm not able to use MyKnox app Why that happened ?? mine was 100 % sealed by the way I do not have "2G"...
  21. Hani88

    Thread No 2G network in my S7 Edge

    I'm using G935f and there is no 2G network option!!! I need it because in my working place the 3G coverage is weak Any solution?
  22. Hani88

    Thread Charging G4 with the v10 charger

    Today I about v10 charger for my G4 to charge my phone with QC 2.0 I realize that it's charging 1.28% (0% to 60%) in every one minutes.. the v10 phone is still faster by 1.6% per 1 min ( which means from 0% to 60 % in 47 mins ) does anyone get better result ???
  23. Hani88

    Thread All apps will become active after using power saving in MM

    I am using V20D After using power saving mode in MM all apps will become all active even after restarting.. so annoying Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  24. Hani88

    Thread Reject calls is not working in MM

    I am trying to use reject calls on list and all calls but it is not working in MM I was trying from V20a to V20d.. but no luck any solution? Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  25. Hani88

    Thread Capturing 4K with the front camera of v10

    I'm able to capture 4K videos using my front 8 MP camera on my LG G4 using "ProShot" app does v10 front cameras capable to capture 4K videos using ProShot or Cinema 4K for example ?? because they are 5 MP only
  26. Hani88

    Thread Which front camera works in video calls ?

    V10 has dual front camera Which front camera works in video calls ?
  27. Hani88

    Thread "Do not disturb" & "call reject" features are not performing!

    I tried to use "do not disturb" feature and configured are the required settings well but I still receive notifications from all apps like Whatsapp for example I mute the notifications sound but it still vibrates!! also "call reject" from the list... I'm still able to receive calls from that...
  28. Hani88

    Thread Capture 1440p with the frontal camera with screen flash

    I want a way to capture 1440p video with LG G4 front camera.. Maybe with a mod for the cam or something like that Also I want to use the screen as a flash for video capturing also .. It can be like the main camera app while taking photos.. Or maybe like the SnapChat camera while capturing video...
  29. Hani88

    Thread [Q] is it safe to unlock the bootloader of G4 ?

    I'm going to buy G4 tomorrow So I wanna know that is it totally safe to unlock the bootloader of LG G4 without any risk of losing any feature ?? For example in Sony xperia phones it will destroy the DRM keys that will affect the camera performance and the X-reality engine and the stamina mode...
  30. Hani88

    Thread a lower speakers volume on 23.4.A.1.232 ???

    I updated my phone to 23.4.A.1.230 and 23.4.A.1.232 I noticed that the speakers volume now is noticeably lower !!! it has more bass now but lower !! my Z3 has Z3+ speakers now!! I was shocked comparing to an another Z3 phone.. I thought I have dirt in my speakers I cleaned them but after that I...
  31. Hani88

    Thread [WANTED] Video comparison samples for Z3 and Z3+ in dark sense with flash

    I'm looking for video comparison samples for Z3 and Z3+ in totally dark sense with LED flash for objects farther than 50 CM or more is the Z3+ really much better in video capturing with flash in dark sense than Z3 ??
  32. Hani88

    Thread All VPN apps are not connecting on My rooted Z3

    I updated my phone to 23.4.A.1.200 by pre-rooted room I have NUT dual recovery + Xposed version 74 everything is working well expect the VPN apps !! they are not connecting !! -I tired Hotspot shield and after one second it cancels the connection !! -I tried Psiphon and it's working only in...
  33. Hani88

    Thread Xposed for C3 LP always causes bootloop

    I have Xperia C3 D2502 lollipop 19.3.A.0.472 I flashed the latest Xposed version from here : zip file : and it's causing bootloop!! I think maybe it is the same old problem of Z3 .. installing Xposed was causing...
  34. Hani88

    Thread Increase ringing volume without root

    I know maybe my question is repeated very often But I search a lot before posting this thread... Xperia Z3 and Z2 has low ringing volume compared to the loudspeakers abilities.. with root the problem is solved by flashing a sound mod.. But I'm looking for a solution without root maybe for an...
  35. Hani88

    Thread Disappointed with Z3+ and going back to my Z3

    I'm really Disappointed with Z3+ and I believe the Z3 is better because of the following reasons : 1- Z3 screen brightness is markedly stronger (you have to turn off the auto brightness in both of them ).. Even I felt the Z3 Screen is clearer!! 2- The frontal speakers in Z3 are better and...
  36. Hani88

    Thread [Q] How to disable camera launch sound In Z3 with LP ? (Cyber-Shot failed!)

    How to disable camera launch sound In Z3 with LP ? I tried to use Cyber-Shot Xposed Module But it failed!
  37. Hani88

    Thread [Q] Does "Quick Charger UCH10" support Z3 ?

    Sony announced Quick Charger UCH10 for Z3+ that's works with Qualcomm quick charge 2.0 as you know Did any one try it on Xperia Z3 ?? and what are the results ??
  38. Hani88

    Thread Some of small apps are not working on LP

    Thouse small apps are not working in lollipop : -N. Memo small -Movie viewer -Small phone -Photo viewer -Movie Viewer -Youtube Viewer Just the small app notification appears but the small app is not working Any solution?
  39. Hani88

    Thread LED notification in LP is now working in 23.2.A.1.62 with Silent mode

    Finally you will get a LED notification If you set your Xperia to silent mode This bug has been fixed in the latest build "23.2.A.1.62" You don't have to wait for 5.1 or using light flow or true silent mode to fix it
  40. Hani88

    Thread [Q] Dose Smart connect app stop charging at a certain time ?

    You know that Xperia Z3 has a smart connect app and I read that it allows to stop charging at a certain time.. is it only play sound or also stop charging temporary for a limited time ??? I tried it.. it doesn't play any sound neither stop charging !! it's useful during night.. because charging...
  41. Hani88

    Thread *Wanted* Pre-rooted Giefroot LB D6653 23.0.A.2.93 in ftf

    Hello I want 23.0.A.2.93 ftf pre-rooted for my D6653 LB Xperia Z3 I'm sure it's also so much useful to everyone and not sure If it's possible to make pre-rooted FTF and flash it via PC I hope it's possible
  42. Hani88

    Thread [Q] Does Giefroot work on D6653?

    anyone successfully rooted Xperia Z3 D6653 with Giefroot ??? many people said that's only working on D6633 and D6603... because I'm gonna buy this phone in the upcoming days and waiting for this info
  43. Hani88

    Thread M8 video recording is too dim compared to other phones

    htc one m8 video is recording very dim video in indoor conditions without flash my brother Xperia Z2 is too much better although my phone is UP !! I have the latest 4.4.4 firmware any solution ?
  44. Hani88

    Thread [Request] Xperia Z3 vs Z2 camera comparison in low light conditions

    I searched a lot for a camera comparsion between Z3 & Z2 in low light conditions with & without flash, but I could not find any Can u post some photos taken by them to compare? Thank u
  45. Hani88

    Thread 2.22.401.5 or 3.28.401.7 stock nanodroid required!

    international M8 htc__J15 I'm on 2.22.401.5 with TWRP I couldn't find 2.22.401.5 neither 3.28.401.7 stock nanodroid I want to download any of them with resumable method If its possible I want it totally stock without mod 3.28.401.7 one is prefered thank u
  46. Hani88

    Thread The secondary camera in Z2 is too dim unlike many older Xperia phones!

    The Xperia Z2 camera is clear and fast but it's too dim compared to many older Xperia phones! So I'm having dim video call experience in low light condition I tried my friend Z2, and the result is the same this is an example to make it clear as possible by comparing it to my Xperia T which is on...
  47. Hani88

    Thread [Q] Is the Z3 camera flash stronger than Z2 ?

    I think Z3 flash is slightly bigger than Z2.. doesn't it ? is it stronger than Z2 ? I know Sony likes reality camera flash not the strong one.. but Z2 flash is really too much weak.. another thing please.. is the Z3 flash closer to the camera more than Z2 one?? exactly like Z1 flash possession...
  48. Hani88

    Thread Falied to root .314 with rootkitXperia [CVE-2014-3153]

    hello, I have 17.1.2.A.0.314 I tried to root it via rootkitXperia [CVE-2014-3153] Drivers and ADB are installed probably USB debuggin enabled Stuck on * daemon started successfully * I tried both windows 7 & 8.1 any solution? thank u
  49. Hani88

    Thread Music is cracking only when I turn off the screen!

    Hello I have G900h no root running 4.4.2 with the latest available build (ANG3) Every time I turn off the screen the music is cracking and keep that untill I turn on the screen again.. that's also happening while using the headphones I tried many music player even I updated my phone to the...
  50. Hani88

    Thread Extreme battery drain after upgrading to kitkat !

    Hello I have galaxy S4 I9500 after upgrading to kitkat bulid number : KOT49H.I9500XXuFNB3 I got extreme battery drain, It lasts less than four hours !! I tried power saving mode and the screen brightness is the lowest.. I'm using it as a very normal usage like browsing and youtube as the photo...