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  1. gnome9er

    Thread [Q] does anybody else have these problems?

    ok so first off this phone was brand new when i got it 6 months ago. no matter what rom i flash or kernel combo, my phone always ends up 'freezing' up on me. after sitting there staring at the unresponsive phone i will either yank the battery or keycombo reboot. upon trying to boot again it...
  2. gnome9er

    Thread [Q] How to find out what carrier this phone is?

    i got the phone stuck on TWRP so i downloaded the telus ruu and installed it fine, then i noticed there was a rogers one too. is there anyway to tell what carrier this phone is for? i have no sim cards to test it out besides a fido one. its the 801e UL variant. someone must be able to help me...