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  1. EriecTan

    Thread [TIPS] Tips to use vince properly

    so, i make this thread to share my tips when using vince. i assume you already unlock bootloader, root, have pc/laptop, already install usb driver for redmi 5 plus, and have common sense :D this thread is based on my opinion and experience while using vince ;) Clean Flash to Flash Custom Rom...
  2. EriecTan

    Thread Easy way to flash recovery

    Hi everyone, I want to share simple tools that help you flash recovery Its just using simple command inside bat file. Currently the tools have 2 recovery -Orange Fox recovery -TWRP by Brigudav Download Link = How to? 1...
  3. EriecTan

    Thread Audio Mod recommend

    Any sound mod recommend for redmi 5 plus? i feel the sound less bass. any feedback welcome!