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  1. Darezi

    Thread How to!?

    I have HTC One S ville C2. There is very little good roms for him. Is there any 4.3 or 4.4 that is good. And I also need instructions for geeks to install. Step by step...There are instruction on the net but all with some steps missing. I can easly flash Samsung and Motorola but HTC is a...
  2. Darezi

    Thread NIce app/tool

    I just found a nice app that turns your phone in to wifi mouse.... it's free... You will also need Mouse server installed on PC
  3. Darezi

    Thread [Q] app update fix

    Few day's ago I saw an app on some website that I forgot what it's called or which website it was. I need help to find it. What the app does it's allows you app to update eve if it say there is no update. The apps size is as I recall between 10 and 100 kb. All it does iz a tweak that allows you...
  4. Darezi

    Thread XT910 JB unlock???

    Does anyone knows if unlocked phones get locked after update to JB. I've seen Samsung i9100 and i9300 get locked back to a carrier they used to be after update to JB.
  5. Darezi

    Thread [q] xt910 jb ????

    Does anyone know which is this operator or region flash is this??? Here is flash...
  6. Darezi

    Thread Britihs Retail.en.EU

    Here is OTA British Retail.en.EU. File valid to download till 22 April.
  7. Darezi

    Thread [q] xt910 jb

    Does anyone have a full JB flesh file or are they all OTA leaks.
  8. Darezi

    Thread Fastboot !!!!!

    I'm trying to read device id with a "fastboot oem get_unlock_data" command to unlock bootloader, but nothing. I followed all the instructions with installing adb drivers, android sdk and motorola drivers,and I just can't get it working. Did everything it said on motorola site.
  9. Darezi

    Thread XT910 problem

    On my XT910 ear speaker died and I cant find the replacement. Does any one know if there is a compatible speaker from another phone that fits. It's not in warranty and I'm not paying them 20 or 30e for a speaker. I need a compatible earpiece speaker that a can mount it on the existing flex cable...