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  1. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM][6.0.1][BETA-2][SM-G360H/HU] RESURRECTION REMIX 5.7.4 for SamsungGalaxyCorePrime

    How can i install it on SM-G360F (Code name : coreprimelte) ? i can't find any custom rom for this model and i like a lot this resurrection... I tried to edit update-script (modify the model with mine) and the rest txt type files from META folder but after printing that RR and next 3 sentences...
  2. Brocky2011

    Thread [HELP] ZTE Blade Vec 4G bricked

    Hi, I have a Orange Rono (Aka ZTE Blade Vec 4G) and now it's bricked. I can only enter in the recovery menu, but even there with adb sideload won't accept any signed type zips (tried with test-keys release-keys platform-keys). After trying to flash an (official firmware) I had an idea...
  3. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM][5.1.1][CM][STABLE][UNOFFICIAL] CM12.1 Galaxy S Duos 2/ Trend Plus S7580/S7582

    For now i have found only two bugs : - Don't show if charge or not (at battery animation) but charges ... - In call the display won't wake up so u cannot close the call. The display will stay off until the other person will cut off the call And for those that wanna make the phone smoother u...
  4. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM][LineageOS13.0][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS13.0 for Galaxy S4 VE (GT-I9515/GT-I9515L)

    Hi, just curious, the otg and hdmi out via usb functions works? I wanna flash this rom after warranty expires but i'm using this functions a lot ...
  5. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM] Cyanogenmod 11 for i9515 [WIP]

    hey guys, don't be rude with the devs ... for creating a kernel from the stock one its pretty hard and needs a lot of time so before say something think this : if u were in his side ... ? P.S. Keep up the hard work, and sorry for that i cannot help in this ... the only thing i know is the open...
  6. Brocky2011

    Post [April Fools]----[Kernel][FULLY WORKING][4.1.2 - 4.4] Matrix Kernel----

    It's a joke sure because the name "Team Fools (TF)" :))
  7. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM] [4.4.4] [DISCONTINUED] Ehndroix V 14.10.11 - Janice [YOU CAN DO A PORTING]

    Hi guys i'm here with some things that i've experienced, but first of all i flashed this rom on XXLQL baseband.And here you have my bug report : -first time when the rom booted, in the configure menu, the wifi worked, but after finised the wifi attempt to start but has no result, after first...
  8. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM] [4.4.4] [DISCONTINUED] Ehndroix V 14.10.11 - Janice [YOU CAN DO A PORTING]

    i will install this rom then after 3-4 days i'll come with some impressions :D and with (i hope) good news for us :D
  9. Brocky2011

    Thread [Q]PORT Stock Camera

    Can someone ho know android development to port the stock camera for the rest customs rom or at last pot it to one or two roms :D
  10. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][J-Team][4.4.4] The Android Open Source Project [KTU84P]

    you can use 7-zip it's free and you no need to rename only right click on firmware and then 7-zip->open
  11. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][J-Team][4.4.4] The Android Open Source Project [KTU84P]

    First of all ty to use XXLQL baseband, i'm using it and i never have problem with these: - 1 sec mute when anwering a call; - Sometimes i get "exchange services stopped working"; - Wifi bug; (ONLY first time after instalation have it but now is ok) And for youtube you could use this MOD P.S...
  12. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][J-Team][4.4.4] The Android Open Source Project [KTU84P]

    try to use this mod for camera, maybe it will work in 16:9 for you too, i didn't haved that problem ... for the second part of the post i don't know to answer but i think there is a problem with gallery so if you change the camera (the gallery changes automatically) it could get working ...
  13. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][J-Team][4.4.4] The Android Open Source Project [KTU84P]

    you can try Pimp My Rom app from playstore there is a option for universal init.d support but i didn't try it on this rom but on stock and others worked. I hope i helped you.
  14. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][J-Team][4.4.4] The Android Open Source Project [KTU84P]

    For less tearing you can try XXLQL->CM 11->AOSP J-Team for me is best ... i don't heave any tearing, or it is not noticeable. I'm on Gov : Conservative and I/O : noop
  15. Brocky2011

    Post [MOD] Camera for J-Team AOSP 4.4.2

    Yes i forgot to mention that has 1080p, but has no problem if you set it to 720p. Yes it is hardware, but this is like PhisX on nonPhisX videocards, so is has a little boost of image P.S. And by the way this is for who wanna try or use it. So now depends on you if you like it or no ...
  16. Brocky2011

    Thread [MOD] Camera for J-Team AOSP 4.4.2

    Hello everyone, I've found this mod for our camera, it's a modificate camera with Ultrapixel and autofocus on video, so i want it to share with you guys. Here you have the original thread : P.S. : I'm using the last version, that for...
  17. Brocky2011

    Post [Team Canjica] CyanogenMod 11

    OMX? can we use the omx from S III Mini version ... i've seen that thei already have it, i'm just thinking :angel:
  18. Brocky2011

    Post [Team Canjica] CyanogenMod 10

    I only told that what i was thinking but an answer for your question is because this "old" version is almost stable and if they finish it them they will can work on the 10.1 version without stress... P.S. - Yes the 10.1 version is almost good but with a lot of bugs so that make the diferences...
  19. Brocky2011

    Post [Team Canjica] CyanogenMod 10

    God job devs I think that the cm 10.1 is a very good rom for our terminals but they are almost stabilized this cm 10 and if they make a stable version with the omx and camcorder fixed then other devs can port, tweak and optimize the stable build and then they will have very much time to build...
  20. Brocky2011

    Post PAC-man | ParanoidAndroid + AOKP + CM10.1 | v23.0

    God WORK good news, i'm glad to see this and the good specs go up dev ;)
  21. Brocky2011

    Post [Kernel] CoCore-E-Refresh r24

    When you say : you mean it will work on CM roms ? or only Samsung Ofiicial Roms ?
  22. Brocky2011

    Post [CyanogenMod] / [OmniRom] [Q/A] - DISCUSSION THREAD

    Hi, it's normaly on cm 10 when you charge the phone in off mode to power on and stick to 0%battery Sent from my GT-I9070
  23. Brocky2011

    Post [DEV][ROM][4.1.2]P.A.C-Man ROM

    Will beta 7 have the v2.99 version of paranoid inside ? Sent from my GT-I9070
  24. Brocky2011

    Post cm10Lock screen

    search before write this is a mod for TW ROMS and is named AOSP lock screen search it :mad:
  25. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM] Paranoid Android 3.69

    in the 25 may are new fixes like ril wifi camera ... i cannot find any changelog for them ... it is still Alfa state or is a Beta
  26. Brocky2011

    Post [Solved][gb&jb] Swap SDcard and external memory

    try to make the swap before install any app into your phone then will work properly. Q : Does exist any method of swap that would work in CM base rom ?
  27. Brocky2011

    Post [DEV][ROM] ParanoidAndroid 2.99 [BETA 9]

    if you have trouble with dev-host you can try google docs ... it will upload faster there
  28. Brocky2011

    Post [Kernel] CoCore-E-Refresh r24

    hi i just installed the 6.0 version and the 4cyl mode+crossbreeder then i installed the volume + (boost) and had a fc with audio ... after restart audio works only in before that i open the app ... it's from kernel or from mods?
  29. Brocky2011

    Post [2014.05.01][ROOT] Mobile ODIN v4.20

    Hello, it will mobile odin have support for Samsung GT-I9070/P ? Because i saw that you have made the Triangle Away for this model ... so i think it will be possible.
  30. Brocky2011

    Post [New]Tablet Settings UI for JB! Link is up :D

    Can you compile one with white ui? and ink color setting ... i never found one white settings with ink effect setting option in Settings here you have one moded apk that i use it. SecSettings.apk SecSettingsProvider.apk
  31. Brocky2011

    Post [Kernel] CoCore-E-Refresh r24

    for me the CRT Effect work's perfect ... i have the LightJB+4cyl Turbo mod+Crossbreder and right now it's perfect.
  32. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM]LightJB v1.2 - with a touch of S4 - No Lag

    very good rom, but how to change the color of ink ... ? without this probloem is the best JB rom that i've seen and tested ...
  33. Brocky2011

    Post [Team Canjica] CyanogenMod 10.1

    where can we found this builds by shaaan so then i can test them?
  34. Brocky2011

    Post Supposed Stock Brazilian JB 4.1.2 ROM

    I9070VJLPA means I9070=model, VJ=(i suppose)Vodafon Spain *but i think are wrong letters here, cannot find any of these, L=2013, P=February and A=revision like ours LPY and PLZ (2013-Feb-A and 2013-Feb-Z) or LQ4 and LQB 4 and B are revisions EDIT: or it's for P version so there are diffrent...
  35. Brocky2011

    Thread [REQ]Samsung keyboard Note 2

    Hi XDA, i searched this tipe of keyboard but never find it, the keyboard it's similar with ours but the the top is diffrent, below that part with words are numbers ... so for me is a better keyboard than the current and it's a little bit faster... if someone know a similar keyboard just tell me.
  36. Brocky2011

    Post [Kernel] CoCore-E-Refresh r24

    Just tried this nightly kernel and almost games run very good but Temple run 2 has a little lagg and the TW launcher too ... in ondemand bfq but on Governor : Smartassv2 and I/O : deadline the TW hasn't any lag but still Temple run 2 its a little bit laggy but playable P.S. - On Governor ...
  37. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM] TurboStock v2 - with a pinch of S4 - Refined

    if you are so clever so iluminate us with the correct way to install this rom (another way that we already used.. read my previous post ) after that you can speak everything you want.
  38. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM] TurboStock v2 - with a pinch of S4 - Refined

    I tried to flash with CoCore E-5.3 and TWRP but has bootloop after flash the CWM recovery [Recovery] CWM [JB Compatible] but unless then i flashed the CWM version of CoCore E-5.3 and no succes, i forgot to mention that every time i full wiped all partitions and before i was in v1 and now...
  39. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM][JB] Slim-JB

    i will do a logcat later because i don't have enough time right now ...
  40. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM][JB] Slim-JB

    you refer to this log ?
  41. Brocky2011

    Post [ROM][JB] Slim-JB

    for me has bootloop i try to reflash 3 times but no result ... before that i wipe all the options that TWRP has ...but doesnt work ... any ideas ?
  42. Brocky2011

    Post [SOLVED :D] Trying to port CRT OFF effect...

    working on pure vanila rom with cocore E-5.1 thanks
  43. Brocky2011

    Post [REQUEST] music desk

    can you put some links to the specific ROM that has this option ? or something more information about it ?
  44. Brocky2011

    Post [Team Canjica] CyanogenMod 10.1

    HERE you have all files of CM10 that diego-ch has uploaded on Dev-Host ... so now you can test them ...
  45. Brocky2011

    Post [MOD][PORT] Ink effect

    For curtom roms like chucky, pure vannila, jellymode and others you need to flash the 2nd method (JellyMod method) and for tthe stock you will use the first one for STOCK'S ... The kernel hasn't importance here ... no need to worry about that
  46. Brocky2011

    Post [MOD][PORT] Ink effect

    hi can you make this mod work with the attached app ? I have the app from Ultimate N7000 and i was thinking if we can change with every color we want ... but doesnt work it only turn on/off ripple effect and ink effect but doesn't change the color .
  47. Brocky2011

    Post [URGENT]Is this phone a good buy or a bad buy?

    yes it's a good phone ... it's a S II low cost and good config inside ... will not dissapoint you.... with stock LQ4 and some tweaks and modifications i scored in antutu 7051 points so i say it's a good score ... for a middle class phone and it's very fast at switching apps and very smooth on TW...
  48. Brocky2011

    Post [JB ONLY] ROOT Your Device

    install a prerooted JB rom like chuckybean ron v9 (the last update)
  49. Brocky2011

    Post [Q]How to port a ROM from different resolutions

    No i use the chucky rom v7 as base and that rom ... i preffer TW themed roms than AOSP that's the reasen i asked you ... because i wanna know if exist any way to port that kind of roms to our phone ... so i think if we can combine some of framework files with that to make it work ... but i...
  50. Brocky2011

    Thread [Q]How to port a ROM from different resolutions

    Hi, i want to port for ours phone the following N7000 ROM i tried with this but didnt worked ... i think i need to work around the framework ... bun i'm not shore ... so cand you guys give me an advice.