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  1. dan-htc-touch

    Thread Music app freeze

    Whenever I select something from the songs collum, whole phone becomes unusable for 2 minutes, song plays, but volume can't be adjusted. I have 32gigs of music, so I assume its putting the rest of the phone on hold while it makes the playlist. Anyone else? Sent from my SGH-T899M using XDA...
  2. dan-htc-touch

    Thread stock 4.0.4 from samsung telus ota

    that's right, it's here :) flash away... move backup into your twrp folder and restore
  3. dan-htc-touch

    Thread jellybean AOKP UNOFFICIAL November 3

    hey, just a little something I cooked up using source found here aokp for the sgh i957, choose mtp or camera connection once connected paid apps work Mtp works with win 7 and ubuntu Mass storage does not work so well, just there for testing Download...
  4. dan-htc-touch

    Thread [app][Samsung Tool] updated Oct 2

    this app should work for any device that can flash a recovery using dd if="whatever" of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p22, it can backup, flash, and reboot to recovery. requires root and busybox to work Added boot backup and flash as well as power options anyone have feature requests?
  5. dan-htc-touch

    Thread [ROM] [3. 2][4.0.4] DannoRom_2.0.6 Oct 16

    Hey folks here it is, recovery flashable rom for the sgh-i957. install from recovery. I recomend a full wipe, but, entirely your choice, this rom wont do it for you. Info: 2.0.6 Should have most issues fixed, back to rogers boot animation now 2.0 rebased off telus ota for ics 4.0.4 all the...
  6. dan-htc-touch

    Thread [RECOVERY] [10/17/12] TWRP - TeamWin Recovery Project

    [RECOVERY] [10/17/12] TWRP - TeamWin Recovery Project dan-htc-touch is proud to present TWRP for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 now with ability to backup/restore/flash from usb dongle Special credits: Dees_Troy for a lot of porting help. braway for helping me to get recovery image to...
  7. dan-htc-touch

    Thread dead battery on dock that won't charge solved itself

    seems my troubles are gone, my dock won't drain past 3% now, and it charges fine when this happens :-) maybee battery stats needed to be callibrated with the first full drain??? anyone else get this?
  8. dan-htc-touch

    Thread [Q] novatel mifi device

    just wondering if it would be possible to make this badboy work plugged into the transformer :) I'm too much of a noob to even try to make it work myself that link has all the linux installers, as well...
  9. dan-htc-touch

    Thread [Q] any way to change the hdmi output resolution?

    unfortunately my tv only supports 1024x768 :-(
  10. dan-htc-touch

    Thread need build.prop from rogers play

    can someone with a rogers play please share their build.prop here?
  11. dan-htc-touch

    Thread anyone have a fix for sync'd contact photo's not showing in contact widgets?

    I tried launcher pro's contact widget, and scrollablecontacts, both don't display pictures, both also work fine on my acer liquid with sync'd photo's, I'm thinking the only way to get them to work would be to replace the contact app with aosp contact app..... but I've had no luck with this
  12. dan-htc-touch

    Thread x10 uses ondemand cpu scaling 245 - 998 mhz stock, do not use setcpu

    just wanted to let everyone know this, as there are still plenty of threads out there that suggest setcpu, and it's a waste of time :)
  13. dan-htc-touch

    Thread voice actions???

    I thought there was a 2.1 port of voice actions somewhere, but my googling has provided me with nothing, am I just being daft? or did that project end?
  14. dan-htc-touch

    Thread new rom leak from liquid_user at modaco Download link:
  15. dan-htc-touch

    Thread #x10helpdesk on freenode

    Hey all, in light of all the issues some are having, I decided to take some of the strain off the forums and take the hard work to irc. join us there #x10helpdesk
  16. dan-htc-touch

    Thread possible memory saver???

    hey all, I was poking around some kitchens trying to figure out how these devices work, and I was wondering if cooking oems into a rom puts them into the xip thus saving on running program memory as apposed to installing the cabs later. From what I understand, programs in xip execute in place...
  17. dan-htc-touch

    Thread stationary in pocket outlook??

    Is it possible, have I overlooked something? Google has turned up nothing, anyone know what can be done to use stationary in pocket outlook?
  18. dan-htc-touch

    Thread powerless travel charger

    hey all, I stopped in at wal-mart today looking for nothing in particular, and I came across a travel charger for usb device that runs off one AA battery. I am not sure how much of a charge one would get out of one battery, but it was only $10 so I am not too worried if it turns out to be not...
  19. dan-htc-touch

    Thread anyone have a dos emulator running decent?

    I realize that these devices don't have alot of system resources, but I am interested in getting a dos emulator to work just for the hell of it. I am just wondering if anyone has had any success runing the likes of warcraft or command and conquer, hell why stop there, quake 1 maybee, I know it...
  20. dan-htc-touch

    Thread any way to browse wap on the telus network

    My online banking website wont let me on with pie, but I used to access it from all my old cells. I believe wap is the correct term, but I am not sure. Anyone know how to access the same network as non wm devices? not the actual internet?
  21. dan-htc-touch

    Thread ##778 hacks shared

    Anyone care to share any usefull hacks after one has obtained their msl?