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  1. timothydonohue

    Thread so, where to buy in USA without getting price gouged?

    So, I've checked out the pages in blackphantom's list of 'where to buy' ( this phone, but of those sites that I have examined, the prices being charged are all several hundred dollars higher than the base price (supposed to be around five...
  2. timothydonohue

    Thread delete this thread

    mistakenly linked to the store, which still needs a stupid invite
  3. timothydonohue

    Thread [HOW TO] install new 38R OTA if you have modified custom lockscreen already

    Before you do anything else, make a backup. do it now. don't even read anything else until you've done that. seriously. stop reading. make a back up. you reading this means you're getting ready to start flashing things when you don't know if it will work. download the modified script OTA...
  4. timothydonohue

    Thread [HOWTO] enable both in-app and lockscreen rotation on 11S (33R, 38R, 44S, 05Q)

    this should fix rotation on all apps. it definitely fixes rotation on most apps, including the lockscreen. you need a build.prop edit i've tested this on the new OTA 33R and 38R stock. works like a charm. i hope people will build this into their customs, if they haven't already...
  5. timothydonohue

    Thread OPO stock custom lockscreen: how enable landscape on rotation? [FIXED!]

    title says it all. i can't for the life of me find the setting to allow lockscreen rotation on my OPO. if i use my phone in my car, it's in landscape, and having a portrait oriented lockscreen just looks and feels silly. okay, squirly squirts, i have it working. if someone wants to make a...
  6. timothydonohue

    Thread can't get video on Google movies--SOLVED

    edit: okay, it turns out i managed to get it working by deleting google play movies and reinstalling it. HOWEVER, that can be a pain in the butt, i found out. turns out you need to change the SELinux setting to allow you to delete system files. I used SELinuxModeChanger, available on the app...
  7. timothydonohue

    Thread [HOW TO] Manual PRL update

    I'm writing this to try and save you guys some steps. This is a combination of things I've pieced together from several other instructions. Necessary files will be attached as best as I can, links will be provided otherwise. This should give you 3G on verizon. I seem to get it no problem...
  8. timothydonohue

    Thread FYI for those pulling titanium backup from an OG

    the /sdcard mount on my OG is different than the LTE, because the new phone has it's own /sdcard internally. so, when i popped my card with titanium backup and data in, then went to restore, it didn't see the backup right away (because default path to the restore data is not in /sdcard, it is...
  9. timothydonohue

    Thread mxhome x ces

    new home launcher called mxhome x there is a CES promotional version available on the market. link here video here
  10. timothydonohue

    Thread it's AOSP, not ASOP, and kernel, not kernal

    just wanted to clear that up, so maybe some of you goofballs stop hurting my eyes, lol aosp - android open source project kernel - the central part of the operating system, like the kernel is the center of a piece of corn jeez.... :p
  11. timothydonohue

    Thread adobe air on market

    just so you know, adobe air is on the market now. if you get it, grab video call radar also, see if you can get it to float.
  12. timothydonohue

    Thread [Q] Why do you guys keep posting [Q]'s in development?

    seriously, folks.... Did you not read any of the forum guidelines before you started posting? Did you not understand them? IF YOU AREN'T POSTING UP DEVELOPMENT MATERIAL (e.g a new ROM, a new kernel, a system hack, a new radio) STOP STARTING THREADS IN THERE. the q and a forum is for...
  13. timothydonohue

    Thread [FIX] HULU on CM Froyo build - not mine, I take no credit

    I did not do this, I only remembered it from when I had my nexus, so I thought I would share here, because I'm sure many of you do not check the nexus forum. It works, 100%, I've tested it myself on build 7 of CM6 nightly. All credit goes to rcxquake. Here is the link to the original...
  14. timothydonohue

    Thread did nand unlock break my wired headset?

    so, ever since the nand unlock, my wired headset won't recognize the inline mic. it's a pain in the butt, because that's how i use the phone a lot. now it's basically useless :/ it worked fine until the nand unlock. it didn't work with PC36IMG or with the new fresh ROM. i'm wondering if...
  15. timothydonohue

    Thread can't find working apps2sd apk

    i've found a few of them around here, but i can't seem to find one that works. any help?
  16. timothydonohue

    Thread suggestion for those of you using linux box as media server to tv

    so, just networked my office pc and my living room media pc, just using ssh tunneling. all media stored on office pc, accessed via living room pc to go to tv. both systems on ubuntu. office on 9.10, living room on 10.04 i highly recommend using remote droid (an app) for anyone else doing the...
  17. timothydonohue

    Thread anyone know where this boot animation can be found?

    i'd like to put this on my evo, it's one an incredible though. i have no idea where to get it. edit: nevermind. here it is :) and android_audio.mp3 are zipped up in here...
  18. timothydonohue

    Thread some boot animations

    so, some fine work being done up the android theme thread... i saw this , and thought i would share it, and tell you guys how i finally managed to get it to work.... i got his copy of the nexus one boot animation, because it's the same resolution as our phones. i unzipped the download, and...
  19. timothydonohue

    Thread How to use these forums - please read

    okay, i don't want to sound like a jerk, and i know a lot of you are excited about your new phones, but you guys are making a mess of this place. there are so many threads getting posted up about the same thing over and over, and in the wrong sections, it is getting a little ridiculous. and...
  20. timothydonohue

    Thread [SOLVED] here is copy of an adfree hosts file, and where to put it

    i tried to get adfree to work using the supersonic rooted ROM, and managed to allow it root access, but it barfed every other time i try to run it, and when it doesn't barf, it forces a system reboot. after doing some searching, i found a solution. at least for those of us with rooted evos...
  21. timothydonohue

    Thread 'drawable' folders showing up in gallery? what gives

    in my gallery, for the past week, it has been loading my drawable folders (icons). how the heck do i turn that off? i don't need to see umpteen hundred icon folders in my gallery :/
  22. timothydonohue

    Thread yes, i searched. how network my n1 thru wifi router to computer?

    i can't seem to figure out how to allow my n1 to wirelessly access my computer's files through my wireless router, using w7 64bit. i left my usb cable at home, and bluetooth would work through ubuntu, but i can't get w7 to pair at all, even using bluetooth file transfer apk. ideally, i don't...
  23. timothydonohue

    Thread can't get metamorph to install theme, and yes i searched

    i can't seem to figure out why i can't apply nextheme. i'm on enom's latest ROM, and got the appropriate (well, mostly, only difference i believe between 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 is the camera app, i think). i unzipped the nextheme folder, brought over only the folder containing the modifications and...
  24. timothydonohue

    Thread are you losing space on your storage card? this may be why

    so, i noticed that my 16gb storage card was filling up, and i had no idea why. silly windows 7 won't let you organize folders by size (files yes, folders no), so i couldn't tell what folder what so ginormous. i thought it was either my music or my movies folder, but neither one of those was...
  25. timothydonohue

    Thread evo 4G releases on june 4 !

    just got my email from sprint saying that evo releases on june 4, for 199 with contract. now, i'm not going to give up my N1, but i need to have a sprint device for going back to clinics, and i think that this will do quite nicely :) awesome possum.
  26. timothydonohue

    Thread task panel killing my live wallaper, swaps it to default nexus one paper?

    so... i'm running enomther's 1.8.1 ROM, with the licorice theme, and the newer radio, and intersectraven's 900mV AVS kernel... i don't know what the cause is, but i put on the spectrum live wallpaper, and when i use the task panel widget to shut down running tasks (because i'm too lazy to turn...
  27. timothydonohue

    Thread PLEASE turn off 'powered by tapatalk' in your settings

    i can't tell you how many people have the app (congrats), but almost every thread i see now, somebody has 'powered by tapatalk' in the sign off. there is a setting in the app to turn that off. please do. the spam is killing my eyes, lol
  28. timothydonohue

    Thread how the heck do i just see a thread's attachments?

    over at ppcgeeks, there was a little bit of code you could add onto a thread's url and you could get a page with all of the attachments for that thread. it is very handy, particularly when the instructions for a kernel mod say 'push blah blah file', but it isn't attached to the first page, but...
  29. timothydonohue

    Thread from rhythmbox to your device, in ubuntu

    i saw this over at android edge, thought i would pass it along. although, i have no idea what 'your device's main directory' would be. a folder name would have been nice, lol.
  30. timothydonohue

    Thread post your fave live wallpaper

    thought i would start up a thread, since i didn't see one up in the first six pages... past faves = starfield, earth live current fave = waves wallpaper. little floaty boat that moves depending on how i hold the phone, on constantly moving waves, with little dolphins, planes, and more...
  31. timothydonohue

    Thread Zoom in native media player for video?

    wondering how to do it. some things i stream through orb are displaying in what almost seems like miniature. would like to be able to zoom to fit to window. any suggestions?
  32. timothydonohue

    Thread bless it, why do so many dang apps autostart?

    :/ getting sick of opening taskkiller, and there are a dozen things up and running that i never started. ever. why is amazon mp3 always on? why is pandora starting up w/o my tacit approval? why are a bunch of other applications starting up w/o me saying so? how do i stop it w/o rooting the...
  33. timothydonohue

    Thread how remove apps on unrooted phone?

    so, things like amazon mp3 download, which constantly starts itself up, is useless to me. i can adb shell into the app folder, but i don't know which app it is, or even if i even have permissions to remove it, since i haven't rooted my phone. any suggestions, help?
  34. timothydonohue

    Thread media player with equalizer?

    need one. standard media player is flat as all get out. recommendations?
  35. timothydonohue

    Thread other android resources/forums

    So, with my WinMo phone, I used ppcgeeks and here, and was able to find ROMs, mods, programs, etc of all varieties. However, the N1 is my first foray into Android. I was wondering what other people thought were excellent Android resources, beyond xda-dev. I will try and watch this thread, and...
  36. timothydonohue

    Thread best voip app? like a full flavored skype?

    so, i have ordered, and not yet received (get tomorrow) my nexus one. one of the things about it is that i only have the 500 minute plan (no, i didn't wanna drop 530 on a phone, lol), but coincidentally, i also like to game on the ps3 with a friend. unlike xbox, ps3 doesn't do private chat, so...
  37. timothydonohue

    Thread q about ads/function/usability on nexus one

    so, i'm seriously considering getting the nexus one. i've been wanting to get onto the android scene for a bit, but have been pretty happy with my current phone (touch pro), and the customer service i get with sprint. however, i do have some concerns/questions about your experience with the N1...