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  1. Esoteric68

    Thread Free Silicone Cover

    I have a black silicone cover for the original 7" Galaxy Tab if anyone is interested. It's free, not for sale. I just want to get rid of it instead of throwing it away. First come, first serve. (Moderators: If this isn't allowed please delete it)
  2. Esoteric68

    Thread [Q] Duplicate Apps

    Like, I'm guessing, a lot of people, I tend to go a little 'app crazy' now and again and install apps based on reviews (here and on other forums) without fully educating myself on what they do. This even extends to paid-for apps (I'm looking at you my multitude of launchers) and to that end I...
  3. Esoteric68

    Thread [Q] E:unknown volume for path [/sd-ext]

    In my defense, and before anyone jumps up and yells "questions go in Q&A forum" I know that and originally posted this question in the Q&A forum but, as is the case too often with the Q&A forums, it got only one response and no real answer. So at the risk of being flamed (I have thick skin, I...
  4. Esoteric68

    Thread [Q] E:unknown volume for path [/sd-ext]

    Anytime I wipe Dalvik Cache I get the following message. E:unknown volume for path [/sd-ext] I haven't altered any of the settings in my phone (that I know of) and I seem able to read from my sd card just fine so I don't think it's negatively affecting anything but I'd like to know why I get...
  5. Esoteric68

    Thread Someone else's number/info in my SGSIII

    I have a brand new SGSIII, it was purchased using my son's upgrade and activated on his account for the requisite 24hours before he switched back to his old phone. I activated it on my account and used it for about a week before swapping out last night to try the Galaxy Nexus. Tonight I decided...
  6. Esoteric68

    Thread Jayyyyyyyyy!

    Hi :silly:
  7. Esoteric68

    Thread [Q] Google Play/My Apps *ALL apps*

    Can we delete apps from our Google Play 'memory'? I sort of like the new ALL apps feature in Google Play/my apps except there are tons of freebies I downloaded eons ago that I don't want to be forced to scroll through to get to the apps I want to install. Is there a way to clean out this list?
  8. Esoteric68

    Thread [Q] Disabling avatars

    Is there a way to disable the showing of avatars? A few people have somewhat provocative pictures and I come to this site multiple times a day from work. I'm not a prude, the images don't bother me personally and I'm not requesting anyone change their picture but in my work environment I'd...
  9. Esoteric68

    Thread Sprint Exec confirms HTC EVO 3D ICS update in June #%&[email protected] I know it's been out longer but, seriously, if that phone gets official ICS before us I'm gonna scream.
  10. Esoteric68

    Thread + sign in task bar

    I've only had this happen twice and once I was half asleep so I didn't pay close attention but a few minutes ago a + sign shows up in my notification bar and when I pulled down it looked like an ad, who's responsible for this and how do I stop it/block it? Was for some bamboo something or another.
  11. Esoteric68

    Thread [Q] Hey, where did that come from?

    Every time I pull up my task manager to close out apps I find Google maps running even though I never opened it. Is it triggered by another app, like Facebook possibly? Er sorry, I thought I was in the Q&A forum. If one of the mods want to move this I'd appreciate it. :D
  12. Esoteric68

    Thread Samsung Unpacked

    Watching now! Come on SGSIII for Sprint, please.
  13. Esoteric68

    Thread Kernel repacks

    Is FD02 still the latest repack option that we have, or have I missed one? I try to keep a check on sfhub's handy autoroot tool to see if there are any updates but wanted to make sure there hasn't been a development since his last update.
  14. Esoteric68

    Thread Why I love XDA

    Best Devs and Themers bar none can be found right here. As someone who has trouble holding onto a device for very long (as referenced by me many times already) I've since found a serious love for (addiction to?) custom ROMs and themes. And here at XDA there are so many to choose from that every...
  15. Esoteric68

    Thread I wonder if I'm the only one ...

    who would rather not hear about a phone months before it might be available on my carrier of choice. I'd like more focus on what's available now, how to fine tune it and get more life out of it than knowing a company is spending tons of money baiting us with what might one day be. Frankly I get...
  16. Esoteric68

    Thread [Q] Calkulin Tweaked FC22

    I've been checking all the latest threads and haven't come across any mention of his newest build, anyone know if it's in the works? :D
  17. Esoteric68

    Thread Not what I want to even consider Long shot risk but still a little nerve wracking.
  18. Esoteric68

    Thread [Q] Yellow Triangle :(

    So I finally got one and I don't like it. I've watched a few videos in regards to removing it and I'm not ashamed to say that I don't feel real comfortable attempting these fixes since I'm still relatively new to flashing. Is the triangle away app worth the $1.99? Does it actually work? Would I...