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  1. snickler

    Thread OTA May 2018 Update + Car Bluetooth Music issues

    Hi all, Has anyone experienced any weird Bluetooth issues after installing the latest May OTA update (OPM1.171019.011-RZR-180509.5038)? I've realized that the BT controls on my 2015 Nissan Sentra no longer work properly. It doesn't automatically connect to BT anymore and no track information...
  2. snickler

    Thread [Guide] Adding Gmail Accounts to Mail on 14393.5 and higher If Google OAuth is broke

    If you all haven't noticed by now, you are greeted by a nice "Your browser isn't supported" message when trying to add a Gmail account in the Mail app by using the Google option after a hard reset or a first time use. Fear not, a simple workaround exists.. Upon inspecting my Gmail settings on my...
  3. snickler

    Thread List O' Skype UWP Packages with W10M Support

    Closing this thread as my mechanism no workie anymore to get the super new packages. You'll have to wait :P Hi all, I recently gave the Twitter world a tease of Skype UWP running on my Lumia 1520 on Redstone (WHICH IS THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT. If you're on 10586 or Release Preview.. It's not...
  4. snickler

    Thread [GUIDE] Possible Fix for 0x803F8006 Error (Tested on Lumia Devices)

    One fix for 0x803F8006 errors in Windows 10 Mobile Store update on Lumia devices This involves using Fiddler and FiddlerScript so download both from and Install and open Fiddler then install the...
  5. snickler

    Thread [GUIDE] Fix for "Hey Cortana" training issues on W10M 10581

    Hi all, I've been trying since 10581 came out to get Hey Cortana working on my Lumia 1520 (AT&T), including: reboots, microphone privacy toggling, turning Cortana on and off. Still to no avail, I would continuously receive "Sorry, I didn't quite catch that". As infuriating as it was, I decided...
  6. snickler

    Thread [GUIDE] Full FileSystem Access over SFTP / CMD over SSH on Windows 10 Mobile

    Hi all, This guide uses the built-in SSH server on the phone that gets activated once you enable Device Discovery to give us TRUE full file system access. MTP doesn't truly give full file system access as there are files and folders that aren't accessible still. NOTE: The automation of the...
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    Thread [STICKY] Do Not Post Windows 10 Mobile Topics

    All, This is to remind everyone that this forum is for Windows 10 Development and Hacking. If it's a hack or development application that applies to Windows 10 as a whole, then it's fine here. If it's Windows 10 Mobile specific, there's a Windows 10 Mobile forum to post that to. We'd rather...
  8. snickler

    Thread Using .NET Native on Windows Phone 8.1 Projects

    In April, Microsoft released a preview of a framework for Windows Store apps that would convert .NET assemblies into the compiled native binaries of the target architecture (x64/ARM for now) in order for application optimization. This tool was named, .NET Native. This tool itself will help...
  9. snickler

    Thread WP8.1 - Creating/Deploying Appx Packages Using Command-Line

    To those who are used to grabbing their packaged .XAP file from the Debug/Release directory, things have change with Windows Phone 8.1 (non-silverlight) apps. Instead, we are presented with two ways to create appx packages: Navigating to Project->Store->Create Store Package within Visual...
  10. snickler

    Thread WP8.1 - Project My Screen App: Fix for connection issues

    Hi All, As with many of you, I was super excited to hear that the Project My Screen app ( was released. I tried to use it and it just wouldn't work for me (Stuck at "Searching..." on my phone). I tried repairing, uninstalling/reinstalling the app on my laptop, even...
  11. snickler

    Thread ExtensibilityApp class in WP 8.1 Silverlight

    Hi all, If you've read the text that USED to exist here before, scratch that. Big Thanks to Sunius1 for clarifying what I thought was a win. Due to this, I DID find something interesting in regards to the ExtensibilityApp class (Windows.Phone.System.LockscreenExtensibility.ExtensibilityApp). I...
  12. snickler

    Thread AT&T Lumia 920 Amber Update Local Scout issues?

    Just got the Amber Update on my Lumia 920 device (second phone). Now my local scout isn't working at all.. Is anyone else encountering this same issues on their AT&T Lumia 920? My friend had this same issue which prompted me to find out if others have this
  13. snickler

    Thread Lumia 920 Amber Update via Rogers Dev ROM

    UPDATE! Rogers has released an official Amber ROM for Rogers branded L920s. If you want them, here are the product codes for the equivalent colors 059R2L8 RM-820 VAR AMERICA CA ROGERS SL YELLOW 059R3R8 RM-820 VAR AMERICA CA ROGERSWIR SL RED 059Q6W4 RM-820 VAR AMERICA CA ROGERSWIR SL BLACK...
  14. snickler

    Thread (Disregard Thread) Get Amber Update on AT&T Lumia 920 via Rogers Dev ROM

    Closing. I posted this in the wrong thread. Mods, please remove this.
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    Thread [XAP][SOURCE] WP8 Registry Tools

    Rebranded to WP8 Registry Tools from Lumia Registry Modifier This is a basic registry viewer/editor demonstration using Registry dlls pulled from Nokia xaps within the latest FFUs. First, a few things to note. 1) This only retrieves values from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE 2) It CAN read DWORD values...
  16. snickler

    Thread [APP] CloudMuzik v1.5 - Google Music Player for WP8

    CloudMuzik is a Google Play Music client specifically made for WP8 phones. The application supports the following: Full Library support Full Refresh of music library Refresh of latest songs uploaded Playlist support Social sharing of current song Repeat and Shuffle capabilities...
  17. snickler

    Thread What will you use your Surface Tablet for?

    The big question is what will everyone plan on using their Surface tablet for? I will definitely use mine primarily for developing windows 8/WP7 & WP8 apps (as I plan on getting that oh so beautiful Intel version). I also want to use it as a streaming video device. I am sure I will use it for...
  18. snickler

    Thread Donating to Homebrew pioneers

    All, Since today's announcement of the WP8 features, I immediately began to think of the homebrew community. I think we should start a funding for the homebrew pioneers so that they can get a WP8 device to test with. What does everyone think of this? Sent from my SGH-i917 using XDA Windows...
  19. snickler

    Thread Windows Phone featured on the season finale of Touch

    Hi WP community. I must say I was amazed at the fact that the show Touch displayed a windows phone (looked like a Lumia 900?). Also this AT&T Air Graffiti app that the show debuted. It looks interesting as an augmented reality app. I want it. End rant Sent from my SGH-i917 using XDA Windows...
  20. snickler

    Thread [APP] CloudMuzik - Google Music Player v1.5 Update in Marketplace

    Hello everyone, CloudMuzik. EDIT: 6/21/2013 Hard to believe it's been over a year since I've put this app out into the marketplace. NOW... I present to you.. v1.5! Those of you still using the app should have received an update, if not.. Go to the marketplace and grab it! EDIT: 6/3/2012...
  21. snickler

    Thread Mango Friends and Family Bundle: Pre-Cleanup (Leaked 7720 already has update needed)

    So.. as I'm sure everyone has read, there is an update that will "clean up" the beta provisioning and allow users to update with Microsoft's official servers. It's starting to roll out to the internal Microsoft crew that were apart of the Mango Friends and Family promotion (this is confirmed)...
  22. snickler

    Thread [XAP] R1ng3d v1.1.1 (2011-9-29) - On Device Ringtone Downloader for MANGO

    R1ng3d v1.1.1 by Snickler THIS NOW WORKS AGAIN. Updated XAP Below :) This application allows for ALL UNLOCKED MANGO users to search for ringtones and download them on to the phone. This is the first build of this app, so please test/report any errors and even shoot out some requests for...
  23. snickler

    Thread Zune 4.8 Official Client Testing for current Mango B2 - RTM users

    Although I'm sure this may not be an issue, but I think we need to have some testing on upgrading to the Zune 4.8 official client to see if there are any issues with users on the B2 and RTM... or even any new updates introduced due to the arrival of the new client.
  24. snickler

    Thread Samsung Focus (Omnia?) update from 7390 (No-Do) to Mango RTM (7720) unlocked

    This post is for those who have had issues with their Focus devices with 1) the Diagnostics App not updating to v 1xxx, 2) the GPRS Manager crashing and wanting to stay unlocked when updating to Mango **Make sure you are UNLOCKED already and on NoDo** 1. Grab the following tools Unlock.xml...
  25. snickler

    Thread Samsung Focus/Omnia Hacks needed

    Guys, I like the progress on the HTC devices.. at the same time I think we need to focus (no pun intended) on trying to achieve this same progress on the Samsung phones. From what I've seen, we are able to at least write to the registry on existent keys. We need more. The samsung WP7 device...