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  1. xHausx

    Thread [ROM][AOSP] Unofficial OmniROM 4.4.2 + Nightlies for all!

    The Open ROM Omni is a community-based project for the Android community which is Free^3: Free to Use, Free to Modify, Free to Share. It's also about options, which is the beauty of Android Introduction - What is OmniROM? Omni is what custom ROMs used to be about – innovation, new...
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    Thread Original Development Sub-Forum

    Hey all, As some of you have probably noticed by now, we have a new Development section for original works. As explained in the portal article Introducing the Original Development Forums, these forums were found to be very useful in other sections and there has been a lot of requests to add them...
  3. xHausx

    Thread [STOCK][OTA] 3.15.651.16 - Jellybean Firmware and Stock Rooted ROM

    Since there is a lot of confusion about the firmware zips I wanted to give everyone a quick run down about what they are and how they can be used.
  4. xHausx

    Thread HTC Evo 4G LTE WiKi

    Please help add to the WiKi
  5. xHausx

    Thread Red Bend Software

    Thanks go to Urban Strata for helping clarify it's purpose, and to SteelH, il duce, -viperboy- and everybody else whose been helping look in to this. Security issues are still always of interest, but if those are patched all that is left is for someone to remove any extraneous code here. The...
  6. xHausx

    Thread S-ON Kernel Installer v0.57 9-27-12

    Now that the new hboot doesn't allow S-ON devices to flash kernels I went ahead and adapted this for the LTE. It's something I started for the Evo 3D back in January, but when a new way to get S-OFF was found I sat it aside and had forgotten about it. When used it tries to flash the kernel like...
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    Thread [ROM][STOCK] --- Stock Rooted 1.22.651.3 Odexed & DeOdexed (8/27/12)---

    This latest update is 4.0.3 and has some nice fixes in for wallet (finally) and a few other things. For a more detailed list of changes and links to the OTA file check out joeykrim's thread here. I've updated the ROM zip to fix the Wiper App force closes and a few other things that I had found...
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    Thread New Original Development Sub-Forum

    Hey all, As some of you have probably noticed by now, we have a new Development section for original works. As explained in the portal article Introducing the Original Development Forums, these forums were found to be very useful in other sections and there has been a lot of requests to add them...
  9. xHausx

    Thread [Guide] How to port kernel modules

    Hey all, I thought I would put together a quick guide on how to port modules built for other devices. Since we share the same CPU as the One X and many other phones it's possible some of the mods for them are compatible with our phones too. In this case I was wanting to give coolbho3000's...
  10. xHausx

    Thread FBI unable to get past Android pattern lock

    lmao, perhaps they were reliant on carrier iq after all
  11. xHausx

    Thread Evo 3D good to -10° C

    Thought this was interesting, apparently the Evo 3D will work down to -15 or -20 degrees (5/-4° F) while the iPhone 4s started getting errors at just +23 degrees. So if you're ever stranded in the cold make sure you keep your phone warm...
  12. xHausx

    Thread CDMA Data Speeds Tanked After Update

    Has anyone else noticed their data speeds drop significantly after this latest update? At first I just figured they were doing something to the network, but here a week or so later I'm still getting around 100 - 200kb where I used to get 1mb. Sent from my PG86100 using xda premium
  13. xHausx

    Thread Jellybean Information

    Hi everyone! A Jellybean OTA has been released for Google I/O, so in order to keep things organized all new discussions about it will be redirected here. Please keep in mind that this is a developer preview, as such it will likely have bugs and you must root in order to install it. If you don't...
  14. xHausx

    Thread The Waiting Room - Off-Topic Chat

    While we're waiting for our phones, I thought I would start a thread where we could just talk without worrying about going off-topic. If you want to talk about how other phones compare to the Evo, rant about rotten fruit and the vegetables that use them, etc, than this is the place. Just please...
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    Thread Sprint Emergency Alerts System Now Live

    Just saw this at Android central. If you're using Sprint you can now get emergency alerts for weather, global thermonuclear war, etc, sent to your phone as text messages. To enable it all you have to do is dial ##2627# and check the box...
  16. xHausx

    Thread [ROM] ~~~ Stock 2.08.651.2 With HTC/Sprint Spyware Removed (10/2/11) ~~~

    When the update came out with cIQ added in I planned on making myself a stockish ROM with it removed, as usual (it was present on the Evo 4G so I figured no biggie). Well, let's just say it was quite a bit more work than what I was anticipating lol This ROM is completely stock aside from being...
  17. xHausx

    Thread Samsung confirms they are making Nexus Prime?

    It looks like Samsung has been forced to admit they are the ones working on the nexus prime, is anyone else as disappointed as I am about that? Samsung accidentally confirms the Nexus Prime? "To <recipient> It has come to our attention that you are wrongfully in possession of, and intend to...
  18. xHausx

    Thread [ROM] --- Stock Rooted 2.08.651.2 Odexed & De-Odexed (10/2/11) ---

    Thanks to HTC we now have 2.3.4! This is the latest OTA update being pushed, the only things I have done to it is root and added busybox. If you are already using a stock ROM these can be flashed with only a Dalvik wipe. If you aren't sure what to use I am currently using the Odexed update zip...
  19. xHausx

    Thread [GUIDE] How To Unroot And Then Reroot With 4.24.651.1

    You Must Be Rooted With S-OFF To Do This! Seeing how there is no way to root 4.24 yet, I thought I would throw a little something together in case anyone needs to unroot before taking their phone into Sprint. This will return your phone to stock with S-ON while leaving a backdoor to reroot...
  20. xHausx

    Thread [Q] Question for Inspire Owners

    I've been trying to find a good spare battery to get as a gift for someone but haven't been able to find the battery dimensions anywhere. Being square it looks like it should be compatible with the other HTC Devices, like the Sensation & Evo 3D, but I don't want to order anything unless I know...
  21. xHausx

    Thread [GUIDE] Workaround To Fix Wireless Tether

    This has been one problem that's plagued me with both the Evo 4G and now the 3D. Barnacle works but makes the internet painfully slow(er) and Wireless Tether for Root works on 4G but not 3G. Well, I finally figured it out. I'm not going to go into the details because I'm not quite sure I...
  22. xHausx

    Thread [HBOOT] Engineering Bootloader For Extended Fastboot Commands

    Now that S-OFF is available we can use the eng bootloader to get extra fastboot commands. If you set S-ON for whatever reason you must flash a SHIP bootloader first or you will brick your phone. If you aren't sure if you need this or not odds are you probably don't, it can be extremely useful...
  23. xHausx

    Thread Order Canceled for Official Kickstand Case

    Well it looks like HTC pulled the plug on the kickstand case. I had one ordered and just got this email: So anyone know a good alternative? Sent from my PG86100 using XDA Premium App
  24. xHausx

    Thread [S-OFF] Got Root!

    DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD UNTIL YOU READ THIS Congrats and mad props to Agrabren and Team WIN for punching a hole through HTCs software and getting root! Agraben now has a thread for it so make sure you thank them for all of their hard work: [GUIDE] Fre3vo / Fre3dom Official Thread The thread...
  25. xHausx

    Thread [ROM][STOCK] 4.24.651.1 - Odexed & De-Odexed

    This is the latest stock 4.24.651.1 ROM. The only changes that have been made to it is it's rooted, de-odexed, zipaligned and busybox was added. I'll update this post as more stuff becomes available. Older Gingerbread updates can be found here. You do not need to wipe anything if coming from a...
  26. xHausx

    Thread New PRL 60679

    New PRL is out, 60679. Apparently Sprint's network is messing up too as I can make calls out but almost all incoming ones get an out of service tone.
  27. xHausx

    Thread [RUU] RUU_Shooter_Sprint_WWE_1-11-651-2_radio_radio_0-97-00-0518_nv_spcs_1-15_release

    This is the shipped ROM that is coming on the new EVO 3Ds. Enjoy! PG86IMG image RUU exe- RUU_Shooter_Sprint_WWE_1.11.651.2_Radio_radio_0.97.00.0518_NV_SPCS_1.15_release_193503_signed.exe...
  28. xHausx

    Thread [TESTROM] Vivo_Gingerbread_Asia_2.12.707.4_Radio_20.2805.30. 085AU_3805.04.03.27

    I couldn't find where any one posted this yet so I figured I would share it. This is apparently in folder form but everything you need to build an update zip should be with it. Direct Link to File...
  29. xHausx

    Thread [ROM][STOCK] --- Version 4.22.651.2 --- Odexed & De-Odexed ---

    In order to cut down on the confusion I created a new thread for the latest update. Version 4.24.651.1 can be found here. Stock 4.22.651.2 ROM, rooted and ready for your flashing pleasures. This is a completely stock ROM that has had nothing done to it outside of rooting, zip aligning and...
  30. xHausx

    Thread [PG76IMG]Marvel_HTCCN_CHS_1.13.1400.0_Radio_47.08.35.3026H_

    New test ROM from HTC China. Thanks go to 911sniper
  31. xHausx

    Thread Photo of Inc S with Verizon branding turns up

    Well, here it is finally... "MWC came and HTC announced the Incredible S, a European version of a phone we expected to hit Verizon. Today, more pictures have surfaced all but confirming the inevitable. "
  32. xHausx

    Thread [PG76IMG]Marvel_HTC_Generic_0.91.0.0_Radio_Radio_47.04.35.3 023_7.44.35.09_2_test

    Test ROM for the WildfireS in the form of an image zip, enjoy! :) Thanks go to HTC and 911sniper for sharing!
  33. xHausx

    Thread [PD06IMG] Bee 1.06.11401.0 Radio_2.00.00.0223 PRL10002 Test ROM

    This is the ROM for Verizon's version of the Wildfire (HTC Bee) in the form of an image zip, enjoy! Thanks go to HTC and 911sniper for...
  34. xHausx

    Thread [PG05IMG] Mecha_VERIZON_WWE_1.12.605.0_Radio_1.16.00.0218w_N V_8k_1.41_9k_1.64

    This is an update in the form of an image zip (PG05IMG) for the HTC Thunderbolt/Mecha, enjoy! Thanks go to HTC and 911sniper for sharing!
  35. xHausx

    Thread [PG32IMG] Vivo_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.38.707.1_Radio_Radio_20.23.30. 0802U_38.02.01.11

    Image zip for the Asian version of the Incredible S. Mirror: Thanks go to HTC and 911sniper for sharing! Mirror...
  36. xHausx

    Thread [DEV] Android 2.3.2 with Sense 2.1 (Huashan & Wildfire S ROMs)

    Thought I would share this with everyone in case anything can be done with it. :D - Update for T9188/A9188 For ChinaMobile (Android 2.3 with Sense 2.1) Huashan Mirror 1, Huashan Mirror 2...
  37. xHausx

    Thread HTC plans to skip 2.3 on Incredible S I wonder what this means for our over due upgrade. Sent from my PC36100 using XDA App
  38. xHausx

    Thread Wireless Tether

    I'm using a rooted copy of 3.70 ROM and am stumped as to how to get tethering working right. It will work, slowly, with 4G but when connected with 3G it will not allow internet access. Does anyone know what I am missing or maybe point me in the right direction? The only fix I could find was...
  39. xHausx

    Thread 4G popping up everywhere

    It looks like Clearwire has been putting in some work, after almost a year of having a 4G phone I just found out tonight I can actually use it now. And looking on sensorly map viewer it looks like it is popping up everywhere. Anyone else just get it? Now seems like a good time to go hunting for it.
  40. xHausx

    Thread [Q] Any Good News Apps?

    Anyone know of a good news app? I used the stock one for awhile and liked it's simplicity but as of new years it will not update any more. I've been trying out pulse but it just doesn't seem to work as well.
  41. xHausx

    Thread Gingerbread leaked? (w/ link)

    Just a heads up, not sure exactly what it is yet but some seem to think it's the Nexus S' firmware. Thread: Galaxy S2 GT-I9200 firmware GINGERBREAD?! (Download LINK)
  42. xHausx

    Thread [ROOT] ~~~ HTC EVO - Auto Root ~~~ v2.5 (4/25/11)(deprecated)

    I am proud to present the HTC EVO Auto Root script! It took me awhile but I finally got it fully automated, it probably would have been easier using VB to write it but I wanted it to be readable by everybody. I don't have working scripts for Linux or Mac yet but for older phones you should be...
  43. xHausx

    Thread PC World 2010 100 Best Tech Products

    Are they on crack? They have the Epic 4g, iPhone 4, HD7, Droid X, the Droid Incredible and the iPod touch.... but no Evo. The Incredible was fairly high on the list too and it's almost the same as an Evo. PC World 100 Best Tech Products 2010
  44. xHausx

    Thread [ROM][DEV][WIP] ACEvo GB - Desire HD/S Gingerbread Port (2.3.3 & 2.3.2 w/ Sense 2.1)

    [ROM][DEV][WIP] ACEvo GB - Desire HD/S Gingerbread Port (2.3.3 & 2.3.2 w/ Sense 2.1) Porting of the Gingerbread sense ROMs seems to be slow to take off so I am resurrecting ACEvo to help get the ball rolling. I'll do my best to keep this updated and to continue working on it but I don't have as...
  45. xHausx

    Thread Where to buy an Evo?

    I've seen other people mentioning here and there that they were able to buy Evos and receive them within a few days, but no one ever mentions where they are in stock. Does anyone know of how someone can get one without the month long waiting list?
  46. xHausx

    Thread [Q] Any apps that can enable GPS by text message?

    Anyone know of anything? I've spent a good part of my day trying to find an alternative to Mobile Defense with no luck. I would rather not put all my information out there and txt messaging would be a good alternative to using an internet connection. SU access is no problem.
  47. xHausx

    Thread [Q] Stock Froyo Wi-Max errors = shortened battery life?

    I was using aLogcat earlier and noticed an error being scrolled every few seconds. If you turn 4G on it will start and the only way to stop it is to reboot and not use 4G. Does anyone know how to fix this or what is causing it? Whatever DC is it looks like it is trying to connect to a server...
  48. xHausx

    Thread Google/Sprint Removing Non Market Apps

    Did anyone else have music junk or any other apps get uninstalled? I went to use it earlier and found it was no longer there.
  49. xHausx

    Thread Custom ROMs and Security

    So the Evo is the first android phone I've owned and coming from an old HTC Touch I have to say Im loving this phone. I've been thinking about flashing some custom ROMs so I have been learning how android works and refreshing myself on Linux but so far I havent really seen much about what people...