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  1. andrexp31

    Thread Flash Everything

    Hello guys. My Mi A3 is on a11 (the build) and I would like to flash a functional recovery,a nice a11 custom rom and root it correctly...without break the system. I was in Cherish OS and with the Skyhawk recovery installed,but the recovery installation break the wifi... and when i try...
  2. andrexp31

    Thread port MIUI 10 (9.0) to Redmi 5 Plus

    someone can port that? it could be good see R5+ with Miui 10 Pie ROM.
  3. andrexp31

    Thread Ubuntu-Touch

    Someone can port Ubuntu-touch to Redmi 5 Plus? [url]
  4. andrexp31

    Thread Bluetooth problem

    Hello,recently i trebelize the Mi A1 and after that i install the Havoc 2.0 ROM (treble)and after than that my bluetooth address disappear... someone know any method to re write it? Maybe through the build.prop or anything.. Anyone can help me?
  5. andrexp31

    Thread Extreme Kernel for Vince Beta Testers Telegram Group Open Now

  6. andrexp31

    Thread Swap storage?

    There is some way to swap sd card to internal memory? Cause i have the mi A1 32 Gbs version and need more internal storage...
  7. andrexp31

    Thread Recents FREE RAM BAR

    Someome can do a in recents section,the phone shows the free ram in Lineage Os?
  8. andrexp31

    Thread Any developer

    Any developer can port the Mi A1 photo watermark to Google HDR+ Camera? (That could be awesome)
  9. andrexp31

    Thread "Fastboot Boot Recovery"command doesn't recognized

    In Windows 10,Powershell Command prompt doesn't recognize the command..."Fastboot Boot Recovery" Can't TWRP at all... What about the command "fastboot flash recovery.img"??? Can i brick my device if i flash directly? (without boot in it before)
  10. andrexp31

    Thread Tissot_images_7.11.18_7.1

    Tissot_images_7.11.18_7.1 That is the name that the only one firmware that i can sucesfully flash... What tha'[email protected]!k is wrong with mi Mi A1,or my Pc,or whatever...?!!! I can't root it,I can't install TWRP... Even i can't sucesfully update from the phone...with december patch says"Installation...
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    Thread Full Wipe Installation

    Hi guys,the internal storage is full of [email protected]! My phone is low now... Stucks everytime... I just want to know if i can do a Full Wipe in TWRP (Cache,Dalvik,Data and Internal Storage) and flash a clean new rom and gapps from my SD Card without any problem... Can i do that without any problem?
  12. andrexp31

    Thread Can't mount Data Partition.

    These last days have been catastrophic for me and my p9 Lite. A thousand and one operations I have done ... I have had to reinstall everything via fastboot ... (cust, recovery, boot, cache, recovery, recovery2, syste m) And still, I do not get it to boot ... I still have hopes, because being...
  13. andrexp31

    Thread Bad Update

    Hello...i think that im in troubles here... I install the Meticulus TWRP version on my P9 Lite...later i flash the last with he... The process end with an error...and the phone reboot by himself from the recovery. Starts the updating,finish the process and the phone the...
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    Thread The fingerprint sensor uncalibrated

    [Solved] After 3 month of use...the fingerprint sensor stop working... sh#t... There is some way to calibrate that?
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    Thread Stock recovery flashable .zip?

    How can i flash the stock recovery? Or what can i do to have it? I want to download the new firmware...but im using the TWRP Recovery... (Bootloader unlock) Any suggestions?
  16. andrexp31

    Thread We need this a lot...

    Surfing the web,searching a tool to deodex my P9 Lite...i found exe Huawei G6. (I try it the option to deodex my P9 and nothing happen) But the reboot option works,and enter into recovery,etc,etc... Maybe,some of you guys...can do this software functionally for our P9 Lite...
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    Thread (Q) Internal to Sd

    (Q) Can we swamp the external Sd memory to the internal memory? .283 Compilation. Enviado desde mi C6603 usando XDA Premium HD app
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    Thread (Q) can't mount system

    i can't mount system,,,, i have the locked bootloader. Someone can help me? Thanks, Enviado desde mi C6603 usando XDA Premium HD app
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    Thread I need EFS folder i900H

    Please...i just want my Galaxy S 5 back...only had 4 days in my hands.
  20. andrexp31

    Thread (Q) Red Light at Start Up...

    Hi everyone,i got a little issue here... I'm on. 434...rooted. I had cwm recovery but now i cant enter to it... When i turn on the led is red,then she change to green...but cant allow me enter to the recovery. Any method to help me? Why the phone does that? Thanks. Sent from my...
  21. andrexp31

    Thread (SOLVED) I Truely Need Help.

    ( Andrés,from Uruguay...since 2 month ago i buy an xperia Z C6603...every work fine...till today...from a minute to other...he stop read my external storage. Not the Sd card,not the internal storage...only the external storage. I'm am root,cwm...and Locked Bootloader. I dont know what to...
  22. andrexp31

    Thread Developers

    Please make another rom ICS Xperia Neo MT15 locked bootloader. Preferably based on 587. I do not ... because I do not know. But I would love ... Thank you. Very good work I have seen.
  23. andrexp31

    Thread [Q] I cant be root user in xperia neo 4.0.2.A.0.69

    I can't be root in Xperia neo 4.0.2.A.0.69 after update the software truth the Pc Companion... Before that,i was root...but now no. Rooting Status: Bootloader unlock allowed: No I can't do anything to be root???? Please,Help Me Developers. I don't know what to do... Thanks.