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  1. phaseL

    Thread [REQ] Landscape Lockscreen LJ7

    I haven't seen this mod anywhere. On ICS, I was sometimes able to get a flash of it when coming out of camera/camcorder, but it wasn't sustainable. Now, I can get it consistently while I'm mirroring via MHL I'm not a dev, but if there's something I can contribute (logcat or whatever), I'm...
  2. phaseL

    Thread [Q] Music Play/Pause

    I can't seem to get the Play/Pause hand motion feature to work. Initially I thought it may have been the player I was using (UberMusic), but no luck with the Samsung Music Player either. Could this be a Touchwiz thing? It's still running in the background but I have Apex on top as my launcher.
  3. phaseL

    Thread [REQUEST] Volume Rocker Track Change Mod for ICS

    Seems like this option is getting scarce with ICS roms with HWA. Is it just not possible or is it not baked in yet? Any one with the capabilities to make a flashable mod to add this function, or even suggest an app that can do this; it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. phaseL

    Thread HTC Evo 4G+ Looks promising, hopefully we get a software dump so we can port to our measly old Evo 4G's.
  5. phaseL

    Thread [Q] Sense 3.0 Lockscreen

    Is there a way to change the wallpaper on the various lockscreens?