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  1. hamsteyr

    Thread [Guide] Installing RemixOS on a Netbook (or any legacy PC) as the main OS

    I know that there may be many other guides out there that talk about this subject, but what I found is that they don't really work that well with the latest versions of RemixOS, and I had to do a lot of research and tinkering to get mine working. With that, I felt that it was helpful for me to...
  2. hamsteyr

    Thread N910C signal issues

    I'm sure some people have reported on this, but ever since one of my latest updates to lollipop, my network signal strength has been abysmal. Transferring my sim card to my spare Moto G would give me about -85 dbm (full bar), while putting it in my Note 4, signals could get as low as -120 to...
  3. hamsteyr

    Thread [Q] MultiDPI Lollipop Apps for Note 4

    Any update if we can get multi DPI apps for the Note 4? Perhaps any guides as well would be helpful. I wouldn't mind doing the changes myself but my experiences have been quite unfruitful at making apps multiDPI unfortunately.
  4. hamsteyr

    Thread [GUIDE] Replacing the front glass on your smartphone; A Pictorial Guide

    UPDATE: After playing around with a few different phones (and breaking a few displays myself) I should note that working with an LCD display is a lot more fragile than working with an AMOLED display (i.e. Samsung mostly). LCD displays are a lot thinner, bend and break easier, and are less...
  5. hamsteyr

    Thread [SOLVED] N7100 Recovery Black Screen

    So, I have a brand new international Galaxy Note II. I thought I'd root the device, and so I powered up Odin, and downloaded the necessary files, and rooted the device. The phone reboots into the OS just fine, and the phone has been rooted, but now when I try to access the recovery, the screen...
  6. hamsteyr

    Thread [TOOL] Google Play DPI Fix - v1.4.2 (31/12/13)

    -= Google Play DPI Fix Tool =- XDA Portal Feature I know I should be working more on APK Batch Installer Tool, but I needed a break from it for a while (got myself stuck in some nasty code), and I decided to make an app for something that has been bothering me for a while now: A lot of us...
  7. hamsteyr

    Thread [Q] Jellybean 4.2 Apps on DHD (Cam, Clock)

    Does anyone know if you can get the new Jellybean 4.2 Camera and Clock app on the DHD on Jellytime? I really like them and want to see if there's any way to get our hands on it :< If it's asked before, sorry, if not... thanks :3
  8. hamsteyr

    Thread [Q] Choppy video playback, even @ 720p.

    I'm not sure how many of you have this problem, but I'll try to explain it anyway, just to see whether I have a chance at solving this. I have a Transformer Prime, and my HTC Sensation 4G. My default media player is MX Player. On my Transformer Prime, I'm able to stream 720p mkv videos from my...
  9. hamsteyr

    Thread [Q] SignApk and Jellybean

    Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out if I'm the only one having this problem here. I'm building custom versions of the Google Play Store and Google Services Framework apk for DPI reasons, and when I'm done with the edits, and compile them, naturally, I use SignApk to sign them before pushing them...
  10. hamsteyr

    Thread [Q] Transformer Prime Soft Bricked after OTA

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if I'm the only one having this problem, but I'd figure I'd shout it out here anyway. So, to put it short, I have a rooted, NON-unlocked (i.e. still locked) Transformer Prime. I tried to update it to Jelly Bean via OTA, and it failed, okay, fine. Thing is now though...
  11. hamsteyr

    Thread [Q] Building ROMs (Keyboard Crashes)

    So. I'm trying to build a ROM of my own, for the purposes of learning for the most part, and I have this problem that for the life of me, I can not solve. The thing is that I'm trying to replace the default keyboard with the Jelly Bean Keyboard that you can find on the market. I have the APK...
  12. hamsteyr

    Thread Froyo ICS Keyboard Install via Recovery Problems

    Hi there, before I begin, if you're gonna rage about Froyo, it's because I'm using an old testing device, and it's smoothest, most operable version is Froyo, it's the old Galaxy i7500. Now, I'm having this strange problem that I just can't figure out, and I'm hoping that the bright minds here...
  13. hamsteyr

    Thread [Q] Android Development for Pantech SKY Player SMP-301 PMP

    Hello fellow XDA-ers I was looking around on the internet, and I found this: Pantech's SMP-301 "SKY the Player" A relatively unknown PMP, that never made it past Korea, made by Pantech. Based on...
  14. hamsteyr

    Thread mi410/ Huawei x6 USB Drivers

    If you're like me and own a mi410, and am an android tinkerer, then you have probably hunted down for the USB drivers for this device before, to go into ADB for some extra tinkering. I present to you the spoils of my hunt. USB Drivers Tested to be working perfectly with my mi410, now able to...
  15. hamsteyr

    Thread [TOOL] APK Batch Installer (Install & Backup, SD, Wifi, Data, SMS) - v1.5c (13/12/13)

    [TOOL] APK Batch Installer (Install & Backup, SD, Wifi, Data, SMS) - v1.5c (13/12/13) -= APK Batch Installer =- WELL NOW, FEATURED ON XDA PORTAL, WHADDYA KNOW :D Hey Guys, This is a little something that I wrote on my free time, and I wrote it mainly because I kept on flashing my ROMs...
  16. hamsteyr

    Thread [Q] HTC Aria ROMs on HTC Gratia

    Hi ther Guys, my friend has a HTC Gratia, the European version of the HTC Aria, and I was wondering if it would be possible for this phone to be flashed with HTC Aria ROMs as they don't particularly have anything for HTC Gratia. He's running Froyo 2.2 now and I'm interested to bringing him to...
  17. hamsteyr

    Thread [Q] Overclocking & UnderVolting.

    Hey there guys, I've been overclocking and undervolting my phone for a long time now, and this question sort of crossed my mind: Is it possible in maybe like a form of a log, for the phone to tell you what was the last frequency it was on so that I can precisely tell which frequency is causing...
  18. hamsteyr

    Thread [Q] Dialer self close

    this seems to be happenning very ofthwn for my phone, and it hasn't disappeared even with using a different ROM or kernel. I'm on tweaky's 2.3.5 JVS now, and I sometimes when I am in dialer and I type in 3 numbers, it just closes itself and shoots me back to the homescreen. it keeps doing that...
  19. hamsteyr

    Thread [Q] Gingerbread Kernels that Support OC/UV

    Hi there, I'm running Oxygen 2.1.6. on my Desire, and I'm trying to squeeze a little bit more out of my battery, and owning a Galaxy S as well, with the Galaxy, there are Kernels that Support OC/UV. I'm wondering if there are any good kernels for Oxygen 2.1.6 (Gingerbread) that support OC/UV :)...
  20. hamsteyr

    Thread [Q] Shortcut Drawer on the Nexus S

    Hi there, I'm not even sure if this is the right place to ask it but I'll shoot anyway. I own the Samsung Galaxy S, and the one thing I liked and found really handy about the roms for this phone is that on the pull down drawer they have shortcuts to Wifi, GPS etc etc you know the drill... Now...