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  1. dennis nai

    Thread Question When Google elope with mate X2

  2. dennis nai

    Thread Question Best hardware meets best software

    Have any one side load GSM to this beast?
  3. dennis nai

    Thread sm-g9287 duel sim from HK

    have anybody manage to root this device in XDA ? the reason i bought this version is that the 4g works in china and the rest but there is not much development .
  4. dennis nai

    Thread [Q] Paid rom

    Hi, is there a website out there where you can pay for a professional developer to customised a rom for a specific android device ?
  5. dennis nai

    Thread [Q] usb not connected to pc

    usb no icon not showing and can not connect to pc, it can be charged but no data transfer. does anyone knows how to activate MTP for the edge?
  6. dennis nai

    Thread [Completed] [Q]

    Is it possibile to use custom kernel of note4 exynos on a note edge exynos??
  7. dennis nai

    Thread [Q] battery drainage

    Ho guys i was very disappointed after fixing the flip wallet case to my new note edge the battery drain very fast , even when it was left overnight , it was at 78% batt and when i woke up 7 hrs later it was 23% .???? Check the batt setting i see taking up...
  8. dennis nai

    Thread [Q] freeze

    hi i just root my Galaxy Tab S T705 LTE and it seems good at first but after 10 mins it tried to reboot by itself and freezes at the Samsung logo for about 2 hrs . now its off what should i do ??
  9. dennis nai

    Thread [Completed] [Q] galaxy tab s T705 lte

    hi i am new and i just had my tab rooted it seems good at first but after 10 mins it when off and when it started to back on by itself it freezes with the Samsung logo. as it does not have a removable battery what should i do? thanks :crying::crying::crying: