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    Source Here are the device tree : Device Tree (from cm13 Nexus 9) : Kernel Tree (from Xiaomi KK) : Vendor Tree (old Xiaomi KK) :
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    Thread Source for CM14.0

    CM 14 sources released for OSPREY
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    Thread Got a question in Quora

    Who is rovo89 (developer of Xposed framework)? Where does he work and works as a what? Can somebody answer this rovo89
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    Thread Android M (Marshmallow) Bootanimation Flashable

    Hi guys i present you the Android M bootanimation , tested on our Moto E download the attached zip and flash it via recovery Enjoyy!!! Original Thread
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    Thread Android M (Marshmallow) Wallpapers

    Follow this Link for Android M Wallapers
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    Thread Android M (Marshmallow) Wallpapers

    Suit your self with the new ANDROID M wallpapers download the zip attached and extract there are 9 wallpapers Source:
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    Thread Changing boot animation is now easier than ever

    Changing boot animation is now easier than ever download the boot aimation installer tool for windows from this Thread
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    Thread Boot Animation installer[Root]

    Check this thread for boot animation installer tool for Windows
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    Thread [Tools]Install boot animation with one click

    Checkout this thread for the tool
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    Thread Boot animation Installer

    Introduction Features Installation instructions Download
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    Thread [Root] [Windows] Boot Animation installer

    /* Disclaimer * I am not responsible for bricked device use at your * Own risk */ Introduction Images Coming Sooon Features Installation instructions Downloads XDA:DevDB Information Boot Animation installer, Tool/Utility for all...
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    Thread Ferrari Wallpapers extracted from Moto G FERRARI EDITION Rom

    Awesome!! Wallpapers Download and ENjoy Downloads at Google Drive Sent from my XT1022 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread Just Curious about motorola boot services

    I was wondering that Motorola 4.4.2 roms had a Motorola boot services application which was able to change the boot logo and boot animations during some events like football World cup and also reverted back to stock after the events . so my question is, how did they pull this trick with an...
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    Thread Collection of Boot Animations

    Awesome boot animations for our moto E , not created by me. But ported it to moto E. If u need other boot animations i can port it for you, Instructions : Download attachments ,all are flashable zips personally tested by me on Stock 4.4.4 ROM, boot into recovery and just flash the downloaded...
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    Thread Help building a ROM please...

    Guys , i'm interested in building custom roms can any one tell me what is the basic knowledge required to build a rom . sites,links to any tutorials. Any one interested in guiding me to build rom .sorry for my bad english
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    Thread List of Working Xposed modules for Moto E

    First Thanks to the Xposed modules Developers Tested Working module list on Stock Rom 1)GravityBox(KK) 2)Moto X net activity 3)Obb on SD 4)Advanced Power menu 5)Bluetooth Toolkit 6)CPUFreq in Statusbar 7)DoubleTapToSleep Please share any other working modules if u use