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    Thread How to make snapchat working ?

    Hi, I have HTC 10, Viper Rom 5.10.0, Rooted by MagiskSU, TWRP and S-On. How to make snapchat working ? I tried Magisk Hide but didn't work. I tried rename method but didn't work. I tried install modded snapchat and didn't work. Thanks for help
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    Thread Best Sound mod for HTC 10 that boosts speakers

    Hi I have HTC 10 on Official stock Nougat, Unlocked Bootloader, Rooted and Recovery, I need the best sound mod that boosts speakers Thanks for help
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    Thread Missing Root And Recovery

    HI, After I install slim rom root and recovery gone How can I reflash root and recovery???
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    Thread Whats Better Sound Mod?

    Hello Everybody. What's Better And Best And Louder Sound Mod It's Lollipop 6.0 And 6.1 OR Project Desire 3.0 And 3.5??? And Thanks For Supporting:o