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    Thread Zenfone 2 file for the Zenfone 2 Toolkit

    Hey everone, is there a way to download the for the zenfone 2 toolkit file anywhere else? the tool keeps giving me downloading error and I can't ever download it to recover my phone which is soft-bricked because I had a 7.0 android ROM and did a recovery of a 6.1 ROM I had to recover...
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    Thread Latest OTA destroyed my phone

    so I downloaded the new OTA update, 20140729 thinking it would install as it has always done....., well, that was a mistake, the phone rebooted and gets stuck on the google I can't do anything with my phone at all....I cant even turn it off for christ sake, my phone got messed up...
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    Thread best kernel for paranoid

    hi there, lately I've been wanting to install a good kernel compatible with paranoid android that gives me two things, good sound boost and battery life, is it possible?
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    Thread Urgent help needed please, emergency state!

    please, urgent help needed, I've always used Paranoidandroid for S3 ( and it worked fine, today I decided to install the latest version so I did a factory wipe, wipe dalvik cache and so on to be sure I started clean, installed the latest...