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    Thread Advanced Power Menu+ (APM+)

    Development and support for this module has been discontinued! This app requires Android 4.0+. Also, you must have root and Xposed module installed in order to use this app. Advanced Power Menu+ is an Xposed Module which allows you to customize various aspects of your power menu. It works...
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    Thread [Xposed][MOD][4.0+]Advanced Power Menu (w/ Anti-theft helper)

    This module has been discontinued. Try Advanced Power Menu+. ADVANCED POWER MENUXposed Mod Original Xperia-specific thread Advanced Power Menu is an Xposed Mod which adds advanced reboot options (reboot, soft reboot and reboot to recovery) and screenshot option to your power menu. It works...
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    Thread [MOD][XPOSED][v2.0]Advanced Reboot Menu TESTER WANTED(reboot to recovery,screeenshot)

    I've written an Xposed Mod which adds reboot, soft reboot, reboot to recovery(with special implementation for Xperia devices) and screenshot options to the power menu. Now I'd like to see if the mod also works on the Tablet Z. The mod is reported working on Xperia Z, ZL, SP, ZQ and Z Ultra. So...
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    Thread [Xposed][Xperia&AOSP]Advanced Power Menu (New: Anti-theft protection)

    This module is discontinued. Try Advanced Power Menu+ For general comments and support, please post in the thread in the Android Apps and Games section. This thread will then be intended for Xperia-specific discussions only. ADVANCED POWER MENUXposed Mod Advanced Power Menu is an Xposed Mod...
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    Thread Preorder for S III LTE starts in Hong Kong

    Today Samsung has released the details of SGSIII LTE and Galaxy Note 2 in Hong Kong. (But I'm more interested in S III), and preorder of both devices has started. Here are some notable points of it: CPU: 1.4GHz quad-core (Sammy hasn't stated the model of the cpu, but it's likely to be exynos, i...
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    Thread This seems great - OTA Update Center

    Just saw this post in the android software development forum. This seems to be really great as it greatly facilitates OTA updates for ROMs. Any devs would like to try this? :)
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    Thread [bootanimation] Perfect CM9 bootanimation for P500 [HQ][optimized][3.12MB]

    The Perfect CM9 bootanimation for LG P500 or other MDPI phones(in my perspective ;)) I know there has been a lot of ports of this animation already on this forum, and I do appreciate their work very much. But I'd like to make it looks PERFECT on LG-P500 so I did some modifications to it last...