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    Thread [JETER][G6 Play]Latest JETER_SPRINT Firmware

    Hello everyone, this is the latest up to date JETER_SPRINT firmware for Moto G6 Play... I have included the files needed to flash the firmware directly from the firmware folder just copy and paste...
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    Thread [OTA][G6 Play]OTA Captured for XT1922-7 Boost Mobile G6 Play

    Hi guys, just wanted to post the OTA that I captured for the XT1922-7 Boost Mobile G6 Play...
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    Thread Moto G6 Play & G6 Plus Firmware Downloads

    Hello everyone, this is the firmware downloads for Moto G6 Play variants: Moto G6 Play Firmwares lolinet mirrors Per Special Request from p34c3m4k3r and help from g6er916: Moto G6 Plus RETAIL Firmwares XT1926-8 Firmware Courtesy of motojetersprint Special thanks to g6er916 for providing the...
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    Thread [CLOSED] E4 (Qualcomm) Development Group

    You may be asking, "Why was my Telegram or Whatsapp thread closed?" Well, it's just becoming too much. Going forward, we will only allow one Telegram chat link on a development thread by the ROM's developer and only if thorough support is still provided in the ROM thread on XDA. All...
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    Thread [TWRP Backup]Moto E4 Perry Latest Stock with Latest OTA TWRP Backup

    Hello everyone, this is a TWRP backup of the latest stock with latest OTA included, this only includes the system and boot partitions, if someone wants to make a TWRP flashable out of it that would be very nice of you... Enjoy guys!!
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    Thread Latest Boost Mobile OTA for E4 Perry

    Hey guys, I just captured the latest OTA on my Boost Mobile XT1766 variant ;)
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    Thread [BOOT LOGOS]Custom Boot Logos that were converted from Harpia for Moto E4 Perry

    Hello everyone, here are some custom boot logos that were converted over to our Moto E4 Perry from Harpia (Moto G4 Play). All these logos are TWRP Flashable. All logos have the white strip at the top so the N/A doesn't show. CREDITS: AnoopKumar for the original creations in his thread :D
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    About Resurrection Remix ROM Changelog Installation Downloads and useful links Donations About Resurrection Remix ROM Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on CM,slim.omni and original Remix ROM builds, this creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the...
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    Thread [SURNIA & OTUS] CypherOS Q&A Help and Troubleshooting

    This is the Question & Answer thread for AOSCP CypherOS, if you have any issues with anything pertaining to this wonderful rom then feel free to post a comment and we'll do our best to answer your question. Please try to read through the posts on this thread after they've been left so as to...
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    Thread [Closed] Moto E 2015 4G/LTE Surnia

    Moderator Edit: This is wrong on many levels... driving traffic off XDA is neither permitted nor ethical... Closed
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    Thread Will Moto E 2nd Gen Surnia and Otus see Android N 7.0??

    Hi guys and gals, was just wondering if our beloved Moto E 2nd Gen Surnia and Otus will see Android N 7.0, feel free to leave your comments in this thread, sorry if this is the wrong section, tried to pick the most suitable one, mods feel free to move to the proper section and send me a message...
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    Thread [Flashfire][LS980]Stock ZVH Recovery Image

    Hello everyone, so today I was playing around with Flashfire by Chainfire and even though the app says it's untested for LG devices I decided to try it out on my LS980 LG G2, I restored my stock ZVH Recovery through AutoRec and went into Flashfire app and proceeded to make a backup of my stock...