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    Thread [Q] floating multiwindow on SIII

    is it possible to port the floating multiwindow on SIII. i have already used it on my Note I (n7000) and i think there is no other limitation other than small screen (than note)
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    Thread [Q] [q][about 3g]

    i know that this not the places for questions. but in many places it was posted. no one acted. so i think this is the best place for it. plz someone refer it to any dev... although our sensation has front camera and 3g network chipset, why cant we just make 3g calls directly from out dial pad...
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    Thread 4ext recovery v1.0.0.5 RC 5 sensation/xe/4G

    Get 4Ext recovery in your sensation series phones easily. Flash at your own risk. (i am not responsible for any bricked phones) Instruction is included with attatchment. All credits go to 4ext developers, i just did the easy flash only