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  1. jonnyspurukl

    Thread Oppo App market

    I am on EUEX in the UK and have successfully installed Oppo App Market which is only on Chinese phones. I have attached for those that want it. I turned off app auto updates and just use it to update oppo apps routinely and let Google play manage everything else. Seems to be working ok.
  2. jonnyspurukl

    Thread Oppo backup & restore problem

    I am having issues with the Oppo backup & restore. When I try and attempt this, the device creates 2 folders, one for apps and one for data. Whenever I try and backup it gets to 99% very quickly then hangs there whilst trying to backup my messages. Messages are always behind completing when it...
  3. jonnyspurukl

    Thread No GPS satellite fix on 4.4.2 after 4.4.4

    Hi Recently I have tried some 4.4.4 roms where my GPS works just fine. Having wanting to go back to a 4.4.2 rom, each and everyone I try will NOT lock onto any GPS sats at all, simply nothing .As soon as I go back to 4.4.4 they lock within seconds. I have tried installing a stock Samsung 4.4.2...