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    Thread betatest

    Yeah I signed up first thing this morning. 35 out of 300
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    Thread unlock bootloader?

    Hi. I understand that Huawei no longer provides this service. But, if someone has a solution, I am listening.
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    Thread research oeminfo

    Hi I propose you to share your oeminfo poud dub-xx I'm looking for it could someone share oeminfo dub-lx2 thank you.
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    Thread how to activate dual-sim?

    HELLO, I was given a Psmart model FIG-lx1c109 (orange) simple-sim. (on the original box only one number imei). Good I got the bootloader code. I installed oeminfo dual-sim FIG-lx1c432. the device has become fig-lx1c432b176. it shows me sim1 correctly and sim2 00000000000000. the problem is that...
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    Thread mobile data (modem_nv)

    Hi. I wonder if anyone can help me. in emui9.0 or is (hidden or so replaced), the folder modem_nv. before I could copy pasted nv.bin file inside emui8.0 . to activate my mobile data.
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    Thread root emui 9 ?

    how to root emui9.0 please version bnd-l21c10
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    Thread magisk safetynet

    What is the problem. Kernel and Dm-Verity?
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    Thread Huawei P20 Pro default themes by Jozinek

    Hello regard :good:
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    Thread INFO: HwOTA for Huawei Mate10 Lite By vovan1982

    Hello took advantage of this solution, to restore your device properly. :fingers-crossed: I tested it, it works correctly at 200%. :good: SOURCE forum XDA Mate 10 lite...
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    Thread Code Source . emui 5.1 _
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    Thread Kernel source RHONE RNE emui 5.1

    Hello. topic mate 10 / mate 10 pro / mate 10 lite...
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    Thread discussion, mate 10 lite on p9 lite 2016 (the main idea Face Unlock)

    Hello. I still played with my p9 lite. and I managed to get it started with the firmware of the mate 10 lite with functional Face Unlock. If you have construstive ideas to help me stabilize it. *you're welcome. if not gone your way. *I do not give any link, because, I do not want to solve the...
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    Thread INFO Rom custom elemental

    hello regard
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    Thread OEMINFO

    Hello can someone share oeminfo? Please.
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    Thread source

    hello emui 8.0. :p
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    Thread huawei honor are the same?

    Hello That people who have a huawei mate 10 lite should post here to honor 9i. it will appear that they are identical. And there is no post for him. I am huawei mate 10 lite version RNE-L21C432B130 dual-sim :cowboy: cpu kirin 659, 4g ram ram 5.1.
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    Thread fastboot error mode

    oh, I think I could not get out of this situation without paying. i am normally vns-l31c432 and i went a vec oeminfo from p10 lite was-lx1c432. all went well except that I forgot to check out developer mode oem unlock. i went to twrp to use the terminal. and it broke. it is blocked in a bootloop...
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    Thread mobile data drivers

    Hello do you know or are the mobile data drivers. in our system. product ?, system? ....... please. :silly:
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    Thread Install p10 lite?

    Hello is it possible to install the firmware p10 lite on our p9 lite? Has anyone ever tested it? thank you.
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    Thread Update p9 lite nougat ota "s ​​no officials

    I was given a link. ;) cronociclope Senior Member ;) I tested it. 100 for 100 on :cyclops: It is necessary to return or to be emu 4. (MM). Have the unlock code. (Bootloader). Have downloaded the full firmware (2 files) Full-ota-mf-pv that twrp can install. And have...
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    Thread emui 5.0.1

    Hello Emui 5.0.1, Since l31c432b380, I have loaded this. 2017.08.03 VNS-L31C432B370 I think it's for orange version. c109b340. I tested it.
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    Thread test install l31 b382

    Hello Do you think it's okay? I'm l31c432b160 I installed l31c440b382 + datafull c432b370. FULL-OTA-MF-PV reboot Twrp, install b380...
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    Thread Vns-l31c440 FullOTA-MF-PV b380 , b382, b383

    Hello In two files full ota mf pv. For c440 + (MM , bootloader, twrp MM flash +, REBOOT) 2017.07.21 VNS-L31C440B383 updatedatafull...
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    Thread Help test install l31c432b380

    Hello I did this, I would like to understand, if it is possible to finish c432b380. 1_ I am l31c432b370. 2_with adb me flash boot.img, recovery.img and system.img. Of c432b380. 3_reboot. 4_recovery huawei, wipe rest factory and wipe cache. reboot. 5_ it restarts, the phone is functional but the...
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    Thread Twrp nougat install image?

    Hello I am not a hope in TWRP. And I wonder if TWRP for nougat can install .img file as it is written install image. Is it possible to install cust.img, product.img, etc .....? and how? :confused: Thank you
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    Thread EMUI Theme Store gmanrainy by Team MT

    Hello I share this link Https://
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    Thread Hw datafull file request

    Hello I wonder if anyone can give me the datafull hw link of this firmware because I can not get it. Vns-l31c33b362 2017.03.16 VNS-L31C33B362 Filelist...
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    Thread Nougat installation method

    I read this, someone tested? For stable Huawei P9 Nougat update, Build Bfff, download the above two files and save them to here → Internal Storage > HwOUC > vvvvv. Create the folders if need be. This is where your device stores update files. Once...
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    Thread Install nougat with firmware finder?

    HELLO. I see update firmware finder (Firmware Finder Proxy). I ask if anyone has tested? :confused:
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    Thread Extract bootanimation

    Can you tell me, how do you extract a bootanimation? Because, I want bootanimation vns-l23c605b336 on vns-l31c432b336. thank you. I can not find a tutorial. How it is done to extract it. if it's possible.
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    Thread Delay notification

    I noticed a delay with the notifications, I thought that was due to the network. Someone else has trouble.?:confused:
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    Thread hisuite for MAC

    HELLO How to install hisuite on mac? Please POSSIBLE OR NOT.
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    Thread twrpnougatb

    Hello Which can explain, step by step, the operation of TWRPNougat? I am stuck, I can not get the sd card, it tells me cust 177mb, internal storage 0mb, storage sdcarte 0mb, I'm lost, I searched before asking :eek: . Not good, but the, I tired. thank you :confused: I did not search...
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    Thread MEDROM twrp error: 7

    Hello I have a problem, I have an error installing the Roma medrom no MD5 file found this package is for HWVNS-H devices; this is a VNS Updater process ended with ERROR: 7 TWRP comes Toolkit