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  1. Baron1971

    Thread Can't boot in TWRP

    Hello, i tried to update my OP6 to a custom Rom. In TWRP i unfortunately wipe everything and reboot to recovery without install a Rom. Not the Phone starts only in Fastboot Mode. If i try to start TWRP from Fastboot, i get this Error Message: C:\Fastboot>fastboot boot twrp.img downloading...
  2. Baron1971

    Thread [Q] Not enough Memory when moving Apps

    Hi, I have Lineage / CM14.1 installed, and my SD is formatted as internal memory. Now it is so that most apps are installed on the SD by default. A few of these must be mandatory in the internal memory. Now I have the problem that i can't move some Apps to the internal Memory. So when I try to...
  3. Baron1971

    Thread Display goes on when the Battery is already loaded.

    Hi, i have the Problem, when the Battery is fully loaded, and the loading cable is pluged in, that the display turns on by itself. Is there an Option to disable this? I'am on Stock 10.31.A.2.67. Sorry for my bad english!