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    Thread [Module][UNITY] FooView x Magisk - Internal/System Audio Recording Oreo/Pie

    [SIZE="6"]FooxMagisk Alpha[ v0.2.2/SIZE] ×WHO: FxM is aimed at Android users in search of an easy way to capture system or internal sounds (systemless-ly), and on Android versions past Lollipop. By installing my module users will no longer need to worry about background noise from their...
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    Thread Xiaomi Poco F1 available in the US (B&H)

    What a surprise, the F1 can now be pre ordered from within the US - no need to mess with imports or slow delivery anymore. But there's a catch... No LTE bands! :crying: 64GB Black: 128GB...
  3. Ace42

    Thread Advanced Interactive Governor For Le Pro 3 (EX Kernel Manager) 2/19

    Brief background on the idea. I was originally inspired by soniCron and their work with the SD808. I created a custom profile for my LG G4, which allowed me to get more SOT. > Suggestions for the Advanced section in EX Kernel Manager: sched_upmigrate_min_nice = 0 sched_upmigrate = 95...
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    Thread [Solved]

    Nvm Transmitted via Geass
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    Thread Fully kill Skydrive? (RT)

    I found a method that let's you disable skydrive in win 8.0 but it doesn't seem to work in 8.1. Skydrive shows a tiny cloud in the taskbar when on the desktop, and the only way I can kill it is with task manager to end the process. Sent from my LG-E970
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    Thread [Modem] Hybrid Radios For E970 [2-25-2014]

    Since I couldn't find the links I took it upon myself to convert the n4's radios by morrislee . I do not know if these work (well) on other carriers besides T-Mobile, use at your own risk. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that happens to your device, if you brick it you assume...
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    Thread [Solved]Could someone help me find the hybrid modems?

    Anyone here know? Sent from my LG-E970 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Hybrid Radios? (For TMO LTE)

    Does anyone know where the radios are for this phone? I don't see them in the lgog general section. Sent from my LG-E970 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Flash Nexus 4 kernels/roms?

    Recently my nexus 4 broke, so I want to buy this phone for its microsd slot. However I am unsure of how active this phone will be in 1-2yrs compared to a nexus, so I want to know if it's possible to use nexus files without the conversion. Is there some sort of patch that you guys flash before...
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    Thread Disable feedback on windows key/logo Surface RT?

    Can you?
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    Thread Price to replace screen/digitizer?

    Is anyone here familiar with how much I'll have to spend to get the screen repaired for me? My screen finally cracked after someone knocked it out of my hand, my bumper wasn't sufficient for this kind of impact. The bottom half of the screen doesn't function. Sent with Virtue
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    Thread Calls can't connect with hybrid radios(on 4.4)

    Does anyone out there know why NO calls will fully connect for me with hybrid radios mixed with 97? I Have the KK boot loader but on kk160 Roms I try to call someone and it: -rings for few secs -makes the beep sound, then says "call ended" -when receiving calls I can't hear anything, but if I...
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    Thread How is the resolution for reading (ebooks)?

    I would like to replace my kf with a tegra note 7(same res as n7), but I'm not sure how good ebooks with look in the kindle app or moon reader. Sent by Kindle Fire
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    Thread [Q] Anyway have this wallpaper?

    The one on the white Nexus 4 box. Sent from my Nexus 4 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Struggling to fix ukn IMEI & Baseband on 4.2 Slim

    So I just flashed slim and the kb5 modem and now the imei is dead and my sim can't be recognized. I actually didn't know Samsung were infamous for imei issues so I didn't research this beforehand. Anyway I have an efs folder, but when I copied that folder to / and fixed permissions nothing...
  16. Ace42

    Thread No OC possible on JB ROMs?

    Hey everyone, I've been searching for OC kernels(beyond 1.2), but sadly there don't seem to be any. I managed to find the doom kernel but that has long been depreciated, and that's the only kernel I could locate with GPU OC available. Anyway I was curious as to others know something I might not...
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    Thread Possible to root w/o PC/USB?

    Hello, I was looking into purchasing a G2 or vibrant since I was selling my Nexus 4. Anyway the one I want has a broken USB, and is stock. Now the guides I've read require USB at some point, but I was hoping another route is available. Sent from my Nexus 4 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Benchmark tests for i/o schedulers

    Setup: 256Kb, 1ghz max, perf gov, eco mode Anarkia kernel (faux hybrid 026) All background apps were greenified. Pictures are in this order : Sio, zen, sio plus, deadline, fiops, row, bfq Please Note that the low CPU freq affects scores, at 1.5ghz you'll see larger values overall, I chose...
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    Thread Annoying issue with core scaling...

    I know many will probably just ignore this bug, but I can't because just knowing it's there is pestering. Anyway the GPU is not functioning properly ever since 4.2.2 . Its frequency isn't dynamic. I would like if some volunteers with faux clock or another GPU reading app could confirm if they...
  20. Ace42

    Thread Tether speed extremely slow? (WiFi/USB/BT)

    USB teher- doesn't function at all. No data ever transferred Wifi- connects but doesn't transfer any data like USB Bt- works but, data is slow ~20KB/sec This is disappointing since I got MB regularly on my g1 despite the older radio... I'm going you guys have done experience with jelly bean and...
  21. Ace42

    Thread T-Mobile's LTE Apn settings?

    4G LTE is available in select cities and I was wondering if anyone has found the new APN settings to access the network. :confused:
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    Thread Considering an S3, but have questions!

    It has been about 8 months since I've had a "modern" Android phone, I was really frustrated with the lackluster experience of my Tmo Sensation--it was a dual-core but it honestly didn't seem much better than my Mytouch4g, or my MT3G slide. Many times I would find myself with a laggy experience...
  23. Ace42

    Thread [Discussion]Power Race In Android

    I can't believe the ATI(Adreno in spirit) and Nvidia(Tegra 1,2,3) battle is now in the mobile era, although the cpu core race is even more daunting... It was not that long ago when 1 core dominated the market, but now we have Dualcores & Quadcores...My issue with this change is that I don't...
  24. Ace42

    Thread [Q] Disable Key Lights on SGS5?

  25. Ace42

    Thread [Q] Are Hummingbird Based ROMs Portable?(ICS related)

    Like the title suggests, I need to know if ROMs from the i9000, Nexus S, Vibrant, etc can be ported to one another like HTC devices. I have ported ROMs in the past from HTCs, but now I am trying to determine if Sammies are finicky or not. In other words can you exchange the .img, .so , and...
  26. Ace42

    Thread [Q] Emulators: Visual Keys are Wonky?

    Does anyone know how to fix the A/B bug in GBA & other emulators? I have a PS3 ctrl, but do not want to have to carry it around all the time, I was hoping I could stick with screen controls...
  27. Ace42

    Thread [Q] Can We Use GPU Drivers From Nexus S/Galaxy S For ICS?

    I know on HTC devices you can play with the GPU drivers and get them to run on similar devices w/o much trouble, and maybe a kernel change. I was hoping the devs here could take the egl (.so files) from the other Galaxy phones or maybe Galaxy Nexus and the framebuffer/sgx drivers too. It...
  28. Ace42

    Thread [Q] Thinking of buying A 5.0, Have Q's

    1) Is it fast/smooth on ICS? 2) How is it as a Tablet? Desktop Sites? Flash? HTML5? 3) Battery under ICS? 4) Sound Quality? Loud? Muffled? 5) Gaming Performance? Emulators? Angry Birds Space? Temple Run? 6) Display Quality? Pixelated? Dark? 7) Build Quality? Cheap? Sturdy?
  29. Ace42

    Thread [Q] SetUp Infrastructure Tether/Wifi Possible?

    As the title says I'm trying to create infra tether, and not AdHoc. My internet is down, so I'm using tether currently. However I can't use my Vita w/o Infra wifi, since Adhoc is only for V to V connections.
  30. Ace42

    Thread [Q] Which Moto Droid To Buy?

    I simply want to purchase a Moto phone from its Droid series, I'm planning on leaving Tmobile and will proceed to get a moto device. However I can't decide on which version of the Droid to get; so far I know that the OG droid has an unlocked loader, which the others don't have. But the CPU in it...
  31. Ace42

    Thread Extremely high mA on AR

    I'm having this I'd issue on both versions of the latest AR, the mA draw is always 100+, when screen is on. I tried the N and U versions of faux kernel. But the issue us the same on both, I have an evo batt and this ROM eats through it quickly, same org stick battery too. Can anyone tell me how...
  32. Ace42

    Thread [Theme]ICS For Sense 3.5 & 4.0[Sensation][v3.3.1.1][Dec,29]

    New ICS leak ROMs will use same link as "RCMIX ICS" Compatibility Known(Only 3.5 Sense) *RCMIX(Gingerbread & ICS versions) *Revolution 4..x.x *IC(insertcoin)(Main supporter) *NRGZ *leedroid 4.2.1 *Energy OR Elegancia(thanks to Freshly Snipes yet again :)) *The Amaze's theme is only for its...
  33. Ace42

    Thread [Q] Best PMP on market?

    Currently, I'm trying to find the best PMP device to use, and I also plan on getting Beats Tours to go along with the PMP. But I haven't had one in a few years, and want to know the opinion of others too...Here are some I'm thinking about: -Cowon D3 -iPod Touch 4G[might wait for 5g] -Zune HD...
  34. Ace42

    Thread Possibility of myTouch LTE or Just a Concidence?

    I was think about how there could be another mytouch device coming next year using LTE[if Tmobile upgrades+merges], recently the Ruby's details were leaked and could possibly be related to the mytouch, or it could be for a new series of devices relating to the Sensation. The MT4G, was Emerald...
  35. Ace42

    Thread Sell Phone That's under contract?

    I have a phone on contract that I'll like to sell , and want to know if I can sell it to someone and use another phone in its place on my contract, with out any issues.
  36. Ace42

    Thread [Aug, 30]Simple Docks[LPP/GO/ADW][Rosie/SK4G/ICS/MT4GS/Bliss]

    Here are some simple looking docks i've made and wanted to share...If you want other colors leave a comment below. HTC Bliss/Sense 3.5 Dock Icons Preview ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Sidekick 4G[w/ labels Phone/App/Contacts] Preview...
  37. Ace42

    Thread [APP]Genius App For GingerBread ROMs[Updated Aug, 24]

    I put together a working genius zip for use only on ginger based roms, please dont use on froyo or honeycomb or anything besides ginger... Confirmed working ON, but not limited to: -Stock Miui/DemonSpeed MOD -RG 3.0 -CM7/AOSP Faux -Virtuous Unity -Unity Doubleshot...
  38. Ace42

    Thread Question about Tmo warranty

    So I have a friend who wants to get a different device through the T-Mobile insurance, they currently have the premium pho bundle now. Long story short they wanna brick their mytouch and get a phone of equal or lesser value, I'm just not so sure things will work for them and I wanted help from...
  39. Ace42

    Thread [ROM]MT3D Fusion[June 27][Sense2.1+3.0][v1.0.0][Discontinued]

    *UPDATE: Put Up File for larger mms & upload wifi calling patch, +Theme for 1.0 *[By SEO]ORIG THREAD Hello fellow Mt4G users, this is a rom port from the htc desire HD, it is a mixture of 2.1 Sense + sense 3 . I in no way...
  40. Ace42

    Thread How much longer for gingerbread..

    Personally I think we won't get the real gingerbread, for our phones till after the slide is released, we got one leak, but I doubt T-Mobile is interested. With the g2X, sensation, and galaxy 4G we will have a long wait, especially since mysense is so different. Sent from my T-Mobile myTouch 4G...
  41. Ace42

    Thread Petition For Sense 3.0 This is a community petition to request Sense 3.0 on older devices, I hope that we get a lot of people to sign this petition, please spread the word!
  42. Ace42

    Thread HW requirement for Sense 3.0 ?

    Does anyone else feel that's it's ridiculous that a "skin" would need 2 cores to run? I mean really, that's nonsense no skin should need that much power, this is some stupid marketing ploy as usual if you ask me. Phones like the DesireZ, MT4G, DHD,etc can all run 3.0(which has been proven) with...
  43. Ace42

    Thread List Of Recommended Apps

    Legend Red - Root Req Green - Root Not needed Blue - Works w/ either * - Indicates item isnt Free Tools: 1)*SetCpu 2) SD speed increase 3)Term emulator 4)*Titanium BackUp 5) *LCD Density (change pixel density,give feeling of higher or lower res) Gaming: 1) *GameBoid 2)PSX4Droid...
  44. Ace42

    Thread [8/28/11]Hidden Features/Info Of SK4G!

    Feel free to suggest other hidden things you discover in the Sk4G's new UI.:D 1) You can remove pages or home screens after pinching! No need to have 7 2)*#*#4636#*#* Some hidden phone settings mostly network related 3)You can pinch/zoom while app drawer is open for better viewing/faster...
  45. Ace42

    Thread Strange Vibration when holding menu+back keys?

    Does anyone else's phone give a diff vib when holding both keys, I just discovered this while screen was of. Sent from my MTS using XDA App
  46. Ace42

    Thread Google takes a hit from oracle Could this put halt the development of android? Could this permanently damage android? What will android be without java running it?
  47. Ace42

    Thread Possible to Root Slides with new update yet?

    My slide is on the newer update and i haven't been able to root it yet(1.3.xx).
  48. Ace42

    Thread Can't get phone rooted at all

    I've been at this for awhile and anything I try doesn't work. I used the SDK & PdaNet drivers on Win-7 x64, none have worked at all. "Offline" will only show twice after pressing recovery, I even used the vid posted by Kingofroyo and it didn't work either. I tried 2 sd cards also, adb works on...
  49. Ace42

    Thread Galaxy S Home App

    This is the home app from Galaxy S, it works on our phones but there are some minor graphical bugs. Which could probably be fixed. Ive only tried it on 2.2, should work on a 2.1 rom, maybe 1.6... Link:
  50. Ace42

    Thread {MetaMorph-Theme}NinjaBlur v1.1 {Froyo Only}7-8-10

    I started this theme for froyo, its based on the UI present on the droidx. Currently only one rom is supported, it may work on other roms since they all seem to be based off of CM6, but you cant hold me to that. Changelog -Initial release -Added Droidx KB -added droid bootanimation -optimized...