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  1. Dreamtheater2003

    Thread help: replacing digitalizer/lcd

    need help, i just purchased a 2nd hand digitalizer and lcd. when i connected it and turn it on, the phone will boot but no display. the capacitive touch screen does have light but no light on lcd. does this have something to do with me having a custom rom? BTW im on viper s 5.0 or does this...
  2. Dreamtheater2003

    Thread Help on Radio

    Hi, I just wanted to know what is the difference with this radio with other radios. This radio some how installs alot of stuff unlike the old radios. What is it additionally installing? Thanks
  3. Dreamtheater2003

    Thread wifi & BT chip

    Hi, Is there by any chance a possibility of replacing wifi/BT chip on desire s? Extracting it from old desire s mobo? A tech is offering to fix the chip by heating it or replace if he cant fix it. I'm just not sure if its possible. Does anyone knows? Thanks,
  4. Dreamtheater2003

    Thread New download link to the Rev0lution V2.8 NAND with Sense3.0 / AD2SDX!!!!!!!!!!

    Is this sense 2.1+3.0 or plain 3.0? Cause there's a big difference between the two. And I don't think a new thread is needed for this. Sent from my Nexus One using XDA
  5. Dreamtheater2003

    Thread Overclocking-whats your speed and...

    Hi, i just want to know how far can anyone stably overclock their HTC Magic and how long have you been overclocked? Thanks, Sent from my Sapphire/Dream using XDA App
  6. Dreamtheater2003

    Thread HTC Diamond motherboard

    need Diamond motherboard.. My 4gb internat memory is not working properly.. images, apps and datas gets corrupted when loaded in it. Changing the motherborad will fix it. Right? Any one has a working mobo? Needs to be near me.. ;) Thanks!
  7. Dreamtheater2003

    Thread HELP! how to skip bad block on my 4gb internal memory

    Hi does any one know how to skip bad block on 4gb internal memory of our diamond. I've been searching for a solution but haven't found one that actually fix my problem. Before this bad block happend to my device it was working fine. It all started when I loaded haret from xdandroid. It works...
  8. Dreamtheater2003

    Thread Globe internet settings.

    Hi All, Please help me in setting up Globe internet on my HTC touch. Im using Onyx 5.6 and Im using Globe Telecom Philippines. Tried using connection wizard but still cant connect to the internet. Connection wizard works with Smart Communication Philippines with no problems:confused:. Why is...