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    Thread Replacing digitizer and housing

    Hello i was wondering if this would be easy too do? i want to replace the housing and the digitizer i have read the service manual but it seems like this phone has quite a few parts that need to be taken to pieces to just replace the parts anyone ever do it?
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    Thread HTC RAM question

    How come all HTC phones (at least the ones ive had) for example they state 192MB of RAM yet the memory manager states 111MB so where is the rest of the RAM? seems all these phones just use high amounts of RAM while nothing is running...
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    Thread Srswow for wm6.5

    Anyone by any chance got a .cab for windows mobile 6.5 that works, the ones i have tried just give me a white screen on reboot Thanks,
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    Thread No Signal?

    Hey, i had my vox unlocked today and basically any sim card apart from orange just says "Searching.." all the time (o2, vodafone and t-mobile) is there a cause for this? btw im running windows mobile 6.5 rom rather than the stock orange rom but i have entered the unlock code given and it...
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    Thread Problems updating ROM

    Hello, im trying to update the rom on my spv e650 which is a vox however i have followed the instructions (i think) and when i run the rom update etc the phone boots saying 0% then reboots again and the update software just says "image corrupt" on all roms any ideas Thanks,
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    Thread no backlight?

    hi basically my device no longer activates its backlight for dial pad or keyboard yesterday the light was on when it was daylight but now there is nothing is it possible to force the backlight on at all? thanks also i did try a hard reset which didnt work