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  1. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][Fajita][OOS Cam]StagOS-10.0.5(android-10.0.0_r41)[12/08/2020][Official]

    I haven't had any luck with it. I will try a new cable but it doesn't look promising. Bummer.
  2. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM]-[AOSP]--[Pie]-HAVOC-OS-[Official]--[9.0]

    Great ROM, been using Havoc since 5T days. Sure do miss Custom Carrier Label on lockscreen AND statusbar, though. One of my favorite features.
  3. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][9.0][ONEPLUS 5T] crDroid Android 5.11 [26 JAN 2020]

    OK, did some initial testing and first off, thanks Dev for the hard work. Bugs: Notification slider reset to bottom position defaults to Do Not Disturb and disables volume rocker Going into crDroid Settings - two Search Icons Bug or Feature? Turning on developer options - on final tap of...
  4. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][8.1][TREBLE][ONEPLUS 5T] crDroid v4.7.1 [21.11.2018]

    I'll test in a couple of hours after work. Do you want results in forum or PM? Update: Didn't realize it was Pie. Need to backup and prolly won't get to test till tomorrow. Apologies.
  5. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post AOSIP 5.8 [OMS] [UNIFIED] [7.1.1-r_38]

    That's not necessarily true. I have all Ext4 partitions and I can't restore with Titanium. I only really care about a couple of apps but there is a significant comfort factor with TitaniumBackup that I like. I'm sure it's just a matter of time. I'll be patient.
  6. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][OMS][OFFICIAL][7.1.1]Resurrection Remix-N OnePlus 3

    Also note, Citrus is 7.0, I believe it is 7.1 and above that currently is only supported by a couple of substratum themes.
  7. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r74][oneplus3][DASH]OrionOS 2.8[OMS][sRGB][21st Nov]

    Change these two lines in your build.prop to whatever you desire. persist.sys.lcd_density=400 ro.orion.lcd_density=400 save...reboot...profit.
  8. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r74][oneplus3][DASH]OrionOS 2.8[OMS][sRGB][21st Nov]

    Blackout GAPPS Issue I seem to be the only setup after installing TeamBlackOut Aroma GAPPS. I can't access anything because I can't get my account info into Google. Any ideas would be appreciated. Back to OpenGAPPS til then. ROM is great.
  9. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM] [6.0.1][DASH] KryoRemiX [OPTIMIZED][FULL O3] [ODEX] [GRAPHITE] [MORE] !

    I've had good luck with Orion but it is not as customizeable (sp?). It is Slim based also, very snappy. I get a lot of data drops after handoff from wifi with Tipsy and Tesla
  10. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM] Kryo-AICP [Heavily optimized] [O3] [ODEX] [DTC] [POLLY] [ThinLTO] [MORE] !

    Manav, tried to set up last night and got the setup wizard force close with OpenGapps nano. ROM installed fine without gapps. I haven't gotten a chance to test with other gapps versions. I will try a couple tonight.
  11. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM] Kryo-AICP [Heavily optimized] [O3] [ODEX] [DTC] [POLLY] [ThinLTO] [MORE] !

    Mine's working. Reflash, maybe? Sorry, missed your edit. NVM.
  12. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][OMS][Dash][6.0.1] TipsyOs

    Same error, no GAPPS. This has got to be frustrating for you. Still can't figure our how to get you a log without adb running on the Oneplus 3. The error occurs prior to loading the adb interface I think. Running OS3Lite, my PC sees the phone fine but when I load Tipsy, the PC can't see the...
  13. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][OMS][Dash][6.0.1] TipsyOs

    I knew you were going to ask that. Same error, I'm trying to pull a log but my ADB won't recognize the device while it is stuck in setup mode. Searching.
  14. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][OMS][Dash][6.0.1] TipsyOs

    I knew you were going to ask that. Same issue. I will pull a log.
  15. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][OMS][Dash][6.0.1] TipsyOs

    I've tried Slim zero, OpenGapps micro and mini. Hmmmm, indeed. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using XDA-Developers mobile app
  16. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][OMS][Dash][6.0.1] TipsyOs

    I'm the Only One...... So, I've searched and can't find anything specific for Tipsy to address this problem. I seem to be the only one. I am getting the "Unfortunately the has stopped" on clean flash during setup. I have tried to manually go in and delete the phone...
  17. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [KERNEL][LineageOS][OxygenOs][Synapse] Yarpiin Kernel (15/03/2017)

    Hang in there Yarpiin, it starts!!!:)
  18. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][DELTA-OTA][6.0.1][NIGHTLIES] regalstreak's Resurrection Remix for the OnePlus 2

    4 - 5 minutes download time from Florida for me. TNX regalstreak and dango99.
  19. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][6.0][UNOFFICIAL] BLISS ROM [ONEPLUS2][UBER][19.08.2016]

    Try changing these two lines in your build.prop: Worked for me.
  20. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [6.0.1][CM13] Unofficial NIGHTLIES CyanogenMod 13.0 [FP]

    I think they just brought in some code to test. Believe me, if fingerprint was working the announcement would be like a rash all over XDA.:laugh:
  21. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][5.1.1] VISION - A Temasek Based CM-12.1
  22. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][6.0.1][CM13][FEB-04] Temasek's Cyanogenmod 13 for OnePlus 2

    Quick Test Booting, LTE working well (Tampa, FL, USA, AT&T) red frame flashing on screen randomly, installed Slim GAPPS mini, connected to be continued
  23. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [6.0.1][CM13] Unofficial NIGHTLIES CyanogenMod 13.0 [FP]

    I'll try to test this over the next couple of hours. TNX
  24. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][5.1.1] VISION - A Temasek Based CM-12.1

    Yikes, nothing but bootloops. I must be doing something wrong. I will keep trying.
  25. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [KERNEL][17/11][OXYGEN/CM][3.10][UBER4.9] ☆ AK ☆ [v. 023]

    Version 22 Testing AK, downloaded and testing Ver. 22. So far so good, governors set to Elemental and I will run it the rest of the day. Report back in a couple of hours. TNX:good: Edit: Kernal Updater says I should upgrade from Ver. 22 to Ver. 21. LOL
  26. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [KERNEL][17/11][OXYGEN/CM][3.10][UBER4.9] ☆ AK ☆ [v. 023]

    How about a little something for us CM guys. ??
  27. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post BRAND NEW TO ROOT - Please Help!

    Start here, not in the dev forum.,
  28. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM] [5.0] [OC7] TMS5 3.0 [7/23/15] [G900A/G870A]

    jimwick, I'm in for testing. Go ahead and PM me a link. I can install tonight and run it through some tests. Let me know if you want me to look at anything specific.
  29. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM] [5.0] [OC7] TMS5 3.0 [7/23/15] [G900A/G870A]

    Flashfire puts the wipe option at the end of the command chain when you select it by default (which you probably already figured). You need to press and hold on the wipe command in the string prior to flashing and physically drag it up to execute prior to the ROM flash. Flashfire "feature" but I...
  30. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM] [5.0] [OC7] TMS5 3.0 [7/23/15] [G900A/G870A]

    Beautiful theme TM. Can't wait to try it. If you need testers, let me know. Way better than layers.
  31. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM] [5.0] [OC7] TMS5 3.0 [7/23/15] [G900A/G870A]

    MetalHead66 is right. I have been doing the NCE to 5.0 rooted to Alliance or Twisted dance for the last few days and can verify that the Alliance default is English (UK). I don't think a dirty flash will do it. You might have to wipe data to get into setup and redo the whole thing. You can try...
  32. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][PORT][OC7][5.0]AllianceROM©v8 Lite Available - 18 Themes - Huge Customisation

    Mongo not know. They are just zips so you can open them up, go in the META-INF folder, nav to the updater-script where the commands are that delete the bloat. I think the scripts should be pretty easy to figure out and you can modify them. Don't release anything without permission though.
  33. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][PORT][OC7][5.0]AllianceROM©v8 Lite Available - 18 Themes - Huge Customisation

    They are all a little different but don't include the main ROM. They are all meant to flash through FlashFire after the main ROM. I use talkingmonkeys debloat myself to get rid of all the Samsung and Google BS.
  34. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][PORT][OC7][5.0]AllianceROM©v8 Lite Available - 18 Themes - Huge Customisation

    That don't look like my 7Zip. Is that the one by Igor Pavlov? I just right click on the file I want to work on and go the the 7Zip dropdown and "Open Archive". Weird.
  35. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][PORT][OC7][5.0]AllianceROM©v8 Lite Available - 18 Themes - Huge Customisation

    You don't unzip the file you just open it with 7Zip or WinRAR and then do an "add file" from the menu. Then you exit which saves it and close the zip application. I use WinRAR but I believe that 7Zip is similar. Push the file back and install like an .apk. Profit. If you unzip you will need to...
  36. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post |ROM|★GOLDENEYE★|►XXU1ANJ1◄|►4.0◄|Oct.23.14|

    MTP Fix (Again) Verified MTP not connecting to my Linux machine. Flashed this (Thanks Ted77USA) and it now works. I know this used to be fixed in one of the version 1's. That's software for you...:p
  37. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post |ROM|★GOLDENEYE★|►XXU1ANJ1◄|►4.0◄|Oct.23.14|

    Mea Culpa I have to apologize, I forgot to test the MTP connect after I downloaded the Beta. I don't have my cable with me now but I will check it when I get home. I was so excited about having something new to run I neglected my obligations.
  38. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][4.4.4] Dirty Unicorns 7.9 Official v2

    Yup, \Settings\Sound\Quiet Hours. FTW
  39. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][4.4.4] Dirty Unicorns 7.9 Official v2

    Bluetooth now works well, many thanks.
  40. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [Rom][S4-ATT/CAN][Official][Kitkat - 4.4.2] - Gummy - Nighly's

    Calendar Sync I looked,I searched, I came up empty. Anyone shed some light on calendar sync? I can't get the calendar app to see my Google calendars. I know there is some rumbling about it being a general Kit Kat problem but I could use some verification. Thanks. Thanks, I did step 3 and my...
  41. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post (4.3) Team Gummy ROM

    This is Exciting Gummy was the first ROM I ever built from source for the Captivate. Loved it. Downloading....Nyan Cat maybe??????:laugh: Edit: :( *Sad Face* No Nyan Cat.
  42. ChuckDaEngineer

    Post [ROM][Kernels][AROMA] ALPHA | v10 | 3Minit Authorized distributor | Sept 24, 2013 ®

    +1 using ShabbyPenguin recovery, the rest of the ROM is worth the wait. Patience is a virtue.