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  1. grindnmosh

    Thread Grind Design student developer: apps and mobile web sites.

    I am a student at Full Sail University studying for my B.S. in Mobile Development. I have been working on a few mobile websites and now published my first app. I have been an active member on XDA for multiple devices for quite some time and decided to start sharing my public apps as well as...
  2. grindnmosh

    Thread Merry Christmas XDA

    Just wanted to take a moment to wish all our Developers a Merry Christmas and hope you take the day off. I want to wish all the people who contribute to XDA in anyway from Beta Testing to themeing to hacking to customizing the way we use our phone a Merry Christmas. I want to wish all the...
  3. grindnmosh

    Thread Please close... dead topic

    ,......... Sent from my V55 using xda premium
  4. grindnmosh

    Thread Close this thread.

    Close this thread. I appreciate the help. Drama queens rejoice thread gone.
  5. grindnmosh

    Thread Please close.... unsupported thread....

    So I am loving root however my wife has become jealous. I have searched forums and limited for Evo 3D at all and nothing for 2.17.651.5 yet. I have seen requests and themes done for other devices so I thought I would reach out. In this case sense 3.0 and GB 2.3.4 with leedroid 4.0.3 is preferred...