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  1. basem_ym

    Thread Pixel 4 Camera

    Hey guys. I tried nearly every Gcam 7/7.1 port on my RN6PRO. but none of them worked, it installs normally, but as soon as I open the app and give all permissions, it gets force closed. It doesn't even reach the viewfinder. Running pre-latest HavocOS /Pie. Tried some magisk modules/ some zips...
  2. basem_ym

    Thread sensor libs

    [Delete please] Mod edit: Closed at OP reequest
  3. basem_ym

    Thread Treble support

    I'm planing to buy this phone, but I have 2 question: 1. does it support treble? 2. does it have the same perfect quality camera in 6x? or better or whatever? especially in very low light? thanks in advance.
  4. basem_ym

    Thread Tethering Problem !!!

    Hi I have a little bug but a real nightmare for me. Tethering is not working properly. Every time I need to make a hot spot it just keep turning on and off, then I have to reboot my device to make it work again, it is a real pain for me. at first I thought that it was a bug with the ROM I...