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  1. LaputaCake

    Thread XT1058. No audio on 6.0. Audio does work on 5.1

    Every 6.0 rom I've tried has the in call audio not working where they can't hear me and I can't hear them but on 5.1 it works fine. I've tried different 6.0 roms and get the same results. I'm using pico gapps and clean flashing with philz.
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    Thread Archos 101b platinum ex display model help

    Not the best of titles but i got a Archos tablet from work but it was a previous display model and so I can't access the settings. I tried flashing the stock firmware in the recovery with ADB sideload and just standard flash through an SD card but that didn't help. Is there anyway to install the...
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    Thread Power Button

    See latest Post
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    Thread WiFi

    Hello, I've only had this phone and recently, What ever rom im run after turing WiFi off whenever i try to turn it back on it does not and the toggle sticks on off and had the words turning on WiFi. This problem was common in my previous phone as we had no wifi in 4.3 or 4.2. Thanks
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    Thread RevoltJB

    Im trying to port Revoltjb 4.3 from s2 but getting bootloop however adb not working as it boots but works everywhere else so aint my drivers. Any help?
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    Thread Phoneblocks

    Phoneblocks. What do you think, If you dont know:
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    Thread Cm10.1

    Please can a mood Luck thread till further notice. Thank you
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    Thread Codename Android

    Hello im trying to port codename android but always get a bootloop... Any help as logcat stops working
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    Thread [ROM] LiGUX \\ 4.1.2 \\ Re-Engineered

    -★- LiGux-★- Presented to you by Shad0wpanda Welcome to my latest port. This ROM was ported successfully with no bugs from the HTC Desire HD forums. Credits go to CedArctic for his original thread.. About the ROM The ROM is really light and smooth, essential for daily use. The zip is...
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    Thread Building CM9

    Hello Im having trouble building cm9... build/core/ *** No matches for product "cm_golfu". Stop. ** Don't have a product spec for: 'cm_golfu' ** Do you have the right repo manifest? I cannot get it too work :( Any help would be must appreciated
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    Thread Tvcatchup being a donkey(the old term)

    Whenever I use tv catch up it says play back error even when trying beta version for jelly bean :( I only wanna watch family guy and rude tube Sent from my HTC Desire C using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
  12. LaputaCake

    Thread [Q][Solved] Is it a good phone to get

    Hello, I was wondering if this was a good phone as I currently have a Desire C so was wondering if I should get it?
  13. LaputaCake

    Thread [Q] Is it a good phone to get

    Hello i currently have a Desire c but im thinking of getting the Desire x but was wondering if it was a good phone. Ive found one for £75 on ebay. How is the development around here as i could lend a hand aswell. Thanks for helping
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    Thread New Music App

    New music app that ive started to use now that fcs have been fixed So join and enjoy it :D
  15. LaputaCake

    Thread [OFF-TOPIC + Safe House] Desire C Users Crib

    Seeing as making tea guide was closed i thought we need an off-topic crib and all people who used to have desire c's are welcome :D So yeah... Meow
  16. LaputaCake

    Thread [WIP](Sense 5)Pending until CM10.1 and CM10.2 and CM7 finished

    Hello. Now that i have difficulty finding a rom to port I shall be working on porting sense 5 from here: port first tommorow) and trying to port JElly Bam from somewher. However i will most likely need help but ill try and get the two...
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    Thread [ROM][PORT][UNOFFICIAL][CM10][4.1.2]Codename Lungo V2

    Overview Codename Lungo is a stripped and lightweight version of CyanogenMod or pure AOSP an aftermarket firmware for a number of smartphones based on the android open source project. It offers features not found in the official Android based firmwares of vendors of these smartphones. Features...
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    Thread [Discussion] Music apps

    Oh hey just wondering what music apps you guys use as I just can't choose one. I've used tunester, nice player, player pro , doubletwist , power amp and many more but I just can't fine one I like I wanna use walkman but widgetlocker can't get the widget or nova Sent from my HTC Desire C using...
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    Thread DRINK

    Was for older phones
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    Thread WIP - CM7

    Hello ive finally finished building CM7. Im testing this as i type and if it boots ill be sure to add screenshots. Bugs: Download:!ApkSVawJ!EK05-l2sAlgYT3hlSUVI2T8PbJkJD92NN98IK2v7g2w Credits: For811 for device tree for helping with after build problems Penguin449 for...
  21. LaputaCake

    Thread Discontinued

    Hello everyone. Whilst we wait for stable CM10.1 i give you an option to have the status bar just flash in cwm and hopefully itll work This zip is untested so a nand backup is advised: Please go to original thread and hit thanks...
  22. LaputaCake

    Thread Is it a good phone to get

    Currently i have desire c but i might buy a new phone. I was looking on ebay and found this: Would you say this is a good deal and is the phone any good? And whats the battery life like and how well does...
  23. LaputaCake

    Thread How to get a refund 15 minutes after purchase in play store

    Hello Earthlings. Have you purchased an app and what a refund? Did you not realise you could get a refund straight away within 15 mins? Well i have your answer. 1. go to play store on a pc (Not a Mac) 2. Press the cog and select my orders 3. Go to where your purchased app is 4. Press the three...
  24. LaputaCake

    Thread WIP - AOKP - Source Built

    hello everybody. i do realise penguin449 has ported aokp but this will be more updated and bug free. however aokp doesnt want me to build. i tried to do the same thing that i did when building cm7 but to no avail . build/ && breakfast golfu including...
  25. LaputaCake

    Thread Format needs 3 args got 5

    all above Format needs 3 args got 5
  26. LaputaCake

    Thread Idea - jelly belly omega

    Who thinks I should port jelly belly omega of I have permission from the creator? Google it. It looks pretty cool Sent from my HTC Desire C using xda premium
  27. LaputaCake

    Thread To-Do List For our device :)

    Before any of you say anything negative this isnt to bug other devs this is a thread for people to request/ ask for things me and the other devs to do after they have finished their other projects. -Firefox OS -LG UI(fix lockscreen) -CM7 -Sense 4.1 -cm10.1 WiFi and Bluetooth -cm10 WiFi...
  28. LaputaCake

    Thread BootLoop on every rom!

    Whenever i try to install a rom on my friends ace it bootloops and logcat doesnt recognize it so... :P
  29. LaputaCake

    Thread [APP]Emulating Fire Red and Leaf Green On Desire c

    First download myboy from play store Second if you legally own fire red or leaf green go to either of these links: links removed Chansey is a Rare Pokemon that we have, to no avail captured. The Suspect can be found in the safari zone. Its photo is:
  30. LaputaCake

    Thread [ROM][TW5][4.1.2]Touchwiz UX

    [CENTER]Touchwiz UX Faster,Smoother,Customized,Beautiful,Stable Flavour: JellyBean Have a Touchwiz rom on me and Penguin499 with the help of; Sol2k, Cute_prince and most importantly Midzan21 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear * war, or the current...
  31. LaputaCake

    Thread Touchwiz preview

    Sent from my HTC Desire C using xda premium
  32. LaputaCake

    Thread Touchwiz

    Anybody running 4.1.2 download this zip and enjoy Touchwiz: This not my work Original Thread: Credits: midzan21 Sent from my HTC Desire C using xda premium
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    Thread Original Custom Rom

    Who want to create an original custom rom with me? And any suggestions for a name?
  34. LaputaCake

    Thread Touchwiz

    Moved to themes and apps
  35. LaputaCake

    Thread [Build][WIP]

    I guys im going to be building Aokp and so i need your help. Heres my github:
  36. LaputaCake

    Thread [ROM]Paranoid Android

    Testing new build. But instead of paranoid. PACMAN :) Screenshots coming soon aswell as download link :p When phone boots up it has a really high dpi then after a few seconds the boot logo comes up then the lockscreen appears then the boot logo and then lockscreen and so on. Any help?
  37. LaputaCake

    Thread [ROM]Rainbow Rom

    This is basically a rom that is just heavily customized. So if your bored of Sense or Aosp then this for you however settings are still the same and status bar but might trying changing in updates. Includes: Custom Launcher Custom Lockscreen Custom Boot animation Awesome Cm10 theme Touchpal...
  38. LaputaCake

    Thread [Rom from the dead]Nameless Rom V7.0

    This is not my work its einsten.frats. The reason im uploading is that his accountant was hacked apparently so here it is. Dont Forget to hit thanks
  39. LaputaCake

    Thread [ROM]Shad0w MIUI

    Already a MIUI v5 so Discontinued