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    Thread Latest ROM for Tmobile Samsung Tab s7 5g

    ATJ5 October Security (What they're late on security updates!!) SM-T878U_TMB_T878USQS1ATJ5
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    Thread Source Code for T878u Tmobile 5G

    Samsung Galaxy Tab s7 Tmobile
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    Thread Requesting source code from Samsung website

    Has anyone else requested source code from the Samsung Opensource website? I just finished requesting source code for the T878U (Tmobile) Variant. Right now I only see source codes for the pro versions.
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    I've had my t-mobile tab s7 for a rew days. What I've noticed is that tmo/Samsung has looked the app down so you can't make calls. The Phone.apk is present just not the ability to make calls. Move on to something. Also the oem unlock is missing from developer systems. And to add one last thing...
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    Thread Lemfo Lem T 4G LTE, 3GB/32GB Rom 2.86" screen

    Hardware Chip:MT6739 Memory combination: RAM :1G/3G + ROM:16GB/32GB Camera:5MP pixels Support band: 2G:GSM:B2+B3+B5+B8 3G:WCDMA :B1+B2+B5+B8 TD-SCDMA:B34/39 4G: LTE-FDD:B1+B2+B3+B5+B7+B8+B12+B20 LTE-TDD:B38+B39+B40+B41(100MHz) WIFI:Support 2.4G\5G Bluetooth:4.0 Display:2.86 inch...
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    Thread Kernel Security Support

    Question, I'm compiling a Kirin 930 soc kernel and it has for security suppport NSA SELinux, TOMOYO Linux, and Yama Support, and AppArmor. Which one would be the better alternative to NSA SELinux and why? Thanks.
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    Thread Building Lineage OS 14.1 for the Huawei Mediapad M2

    Im attempting to build LOS 14 for my Huawei Mediapad M2 Soc: Kirin 930 The problem Im having is that after getting the Enviroment built and after I repo sync the the build to the computer (Linux), I am having a heard time adding the source code for the device to to the enviroment. The source...
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    Thread TWRP for Lemfo Lem X (

    The following is a newly created TWRP for Lemfo Lem X. Thanks to our Russian friends over at On another note, I noticed on the google site that Wear OS supports Mediatek. The only devices i know that have mtk cpu is the Ticwatch E/S. Please let me know if anyone knows of another...
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    Thread Official Stock ROM for Ulefone Power 6 EU and Non-EU Version

    Non-EU version EU version Android 9 Tools USB Auto Driver install Video Tutorial For spec information for this device for those who dont have it and are curious: Ulefone Power 6
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    Thread Asteroid OS?

    Just wanted to post the question if anyone attempted to compile and port the Asteroid OS to Lemfo Lem X? And by the way, thanks to all you devs out there doing an amazing job dealing with the software....and the people, lol. Anyway, thanks again! Asteriod OS
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    Thread Android 9.0 and Stylus

    Just wanted to know if there is already someone working on custom Android 9.0 ROMS for the M5? And also, I know the stylus doesnt work on the regular M5, is that because of software that is missing from the other or hardware? Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Can we the RSA certificates be exported from a decompiled rom to a custom rom?

    I was successfully able to decompile a T-mobile firmware G710TM10n. Also able to open or extract the system.img. I was wondering if it would be possible to export the RSA certificates from one firmware to another? Thanks.
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    Thread T-Mobile FREQ that work.

    Just wanted to post this as I'm at T-Mobile user and just recently found out that they also use Band 5. So we will be able to use at least Bands 2, 4, 5, and 12. T-Mobile LTE Bands Now what would be awesome would be able to add band 66 or even convert a band. Now sure if thats possible, just...
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    Thread Oppo R9S Plus Partition Table (By-Name)

    I'm hoping to respark some interest in this device. Oppo made it almost impossible for several of their devices to be rooted or otherwise....almost. There has to be a way to get a custom rom on this device......thanks. Oppo R9S Plus partition table modem - mmcblk0p1 fsc - mmcblk0p2 ssd -...
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    Thread Oppo R9S Plus last Official Firmware

    Just wanted to see what were the dates on some of you guys firmware? I found CPH1611EX_11_OTA_013_all_201707150952, since its the last firmware mentioned on their website, I wanted to had anyone tested to see if they unblocked fastboot commands for this phone? Heard something that they were...
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    Thread iRULU GeoKing 3 Max Model: G36

    Basic Information Android 7.0 STM Slot: GSM + TF card Hardware CPU: MTK6750T, cortex A53, eight-core 15.GHZ, 4G FDD GPU: ARW mali T860 MP2 RAM: 3GB ROM: 32GB Network WIFI: Built-in 802.11b/g wireless protocol 2G: GSM850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz 3G: WCDMA 850 / 1700/1900MHz 4G: LTE-B2...
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    Thread Ulefone T1 Official Software update 10/16/2017

    Has anyone tried the latest update for this phone? Does it fix the quick battery drain issue? And does address the much needed camera optimization? Planing on getting this phone, but need to see if the camera has been worked out. Thanks Official Updates
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    Thread Changing the FDD LTE Bands

    Had anyone who doesnt have the Global Version tried to change the LTE Band with the Snapdragon software tools? If you haven't heard or tried this just search Unlock LTE Bands in XDA main search. Because I'm think its going to be much cheaper to by the Chinese version that is like only 343USD...
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    Thread FDD-LTE by ROM?

    So does it matter if I grab any Mi Note 2 and just install the global rom? Meaning that I grab the local and install the Global rom that it will work in the US on LTE? Thanks.
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    Thread M2-802LC229B209 Coming update for Model M2-802L

    So apparently there is a new update that is in line to be released for our phone. Did screen shot for proof.
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    Thread Makibes I4 Pro Smartwatch Android 5.1 MTK6850 2GB Ram/16GB Storage

    Want to get opions, not sure if I'm getting yet or if someone has one already please post review Highlights Android 5.1 Operating System The latest system with more excellent interface, compatibility and running effect. MTK6580 CPU 4- core intelligent chip, gives I4 PRO watch phone more...
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    Thread XML file upon boot

    Do anyone know what xml file is accessed/read during the boot process of our phone? I'm porting a bootanimation over and it has an audio file with it. I would like to have it functional on the MP M2. Thanks for any assistance.
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    Thread ROM Port: UMI Emax Stock to Cube T7 MTK6752 MALi T760 Smartphone

    So I was able to finally get something to port to this darn phone. Thanks again to the ArchiKitchen. Everything that I tested worked with the rom except for the Hot Knot function and Camera. Now matter what I switched it would still not work. I encourage anyone that still has the phone...
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    Thread Cube T7 Stock Zip (From firmware 1.7 Dolby Android 4.4.4)

    I think it was a long time ago I had this done for the Cube T7, but then I lost my mega account and lost all my work. I was finally able to redo everything. The process is absolutely simple. If you dont have the latest TWRP get it here. I would suggest installing it via ADB, its a lot...
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    Thread Ported CM13 From Mediapad X2 to Mediapad M2 8.0

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    Thread Custom Rom Request

    Posing the question here since it is the Q&A and yes I know that there is the Simple Google Rom, but I'm looking for something more than just that. Is there not ANY developer willing to take on the task to create something for the Media M2 8 or 10? Specially I'm referring to the 8.0. Hoping...
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    Thread Bluetooth auto shutoff

    Has anyone experienced the bluetooth shutting off after a period of time of non use? I would assume that this is a battery saver feature, but I can't figure out how to turn it off. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Thread Letter to Carjoying on Bluetooth.apk issue

    Hello Mandy, I'm emailing back because of the issue with the bluetooth.apk. I notice on the new firmware (May 25) they completely took away the actual bluetooth selection in settings and made it completely dependent on the bluetooth.apk your company created. This would be ok, however the...
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    Thread installing .img files via Terminal Emulator

    Hello everyone Just wanted to post something else that I found today. Came across it while working on another device and I figured why not make sure to share it here. First Special thanks to pdinphx for coming up with the idea and figuring out that you could even do this in terminal. So...
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    Thread Adding Parted, Sdparted, and mke2fs utilities to our Devices

    So i found this trying to find an answer on another device i was working on, even though I had searched for this one as well. Anyway, only thing you need to do is download the files, and use whatever method you desire to put them in /system/bin folder. Change the permissions of the files to...
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    Thread This is for the Joying Sofia Intel Devices

    So has anyone else experienced a lot of feedback when on a bluetooth connected call? To help out in trouble shooting, I have the modded Bluetooth installed, but also the Velvet.apk to be able to get "Ok Google" from any screen. Anyway, any help would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Also need a...
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    Thread Joying Sofia Intel Car Stereo (US-JY-UL128N2) Bluetooth failed pairing

    Hello everyone!! Just wanted to post this here to help anyone else who may had the same issue I had with trying to connect bluetooth devices ie OBDII devices. So the only thing I did was open the bluetooth phone app, went to setting and changed the passkey to the same passkey as of the...
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    Thread ARISE+Sound+System+Numbers+3.5

    Hello, Was wondering if someone could write a .bat script to have this installed via Wireless ADB. Its compatible with x86 platforms. Here is the link to the Thread ARISE Systems Thanks in advance
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    Thread Relook Best Car Launchers

    Just wanted to get an updated list of what everyone is using and how well its working out with our devices. Also some that was not mention before: First one is Car Dashboard (OBD2 ELM Second one is CarWebGuru Third one is Car Home Ultra Thanks for a few moments of time. Looking forward to...
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    Thread Custom EMUI Themes

    Just so if anyone was looking for or was interested in installing custom roms, Facebook as several community where they provide many beautiful Themes. Here is the group that I'm apart of. HUAWEI EMUI THEMES/SKINS
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    Thread Kernel and Module Source Code for Medipad M2 8 (Models M2-802/M2-802LD/M2-801W)

    So apparently you dont have to request for the source code, you can just download it it from the site. With this being available I really hope it will bring about some custom roms or even some custom EMUI 4.0 interface. Open Source Code Also, something I didnt realize but...
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    Thread What are the best Build.prop Tweaks and MODs for this tablet?

    Just wanted to what are some of the best build.prop Tweaks everyone is using for their phone. I did find something that I will be trying out as soon as I get my simcard. Enabling VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) In other words HD calling Adding to Build.promp /*VoLTE setting testing*/ #ifdef...
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    Thread Request Porting Beats Audio to Galaxy S Tabs

    Respectfully request porting of Beats Audio to all Galaxy S Tabs. Thank you in advance Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Custom Rom: Android 6.0 P8000 Network A & B zip

    I'm not good at this at all so if someone wants to clean up the post they can. Anyway, I took the stock rom and converted to zip. I was also able to do the following: Add Root Add Busybox (updated) Add su.d support Add Init.d Support via boot.img Add /data/app support...
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    Thread Galapad Galaz A1 Kit v4-ROOT (include custom recovery)

    So guys we've been searching for a custom recovery better part of two years for this tablet, and finally I was passed down by one of the devs for Galaz. Anyway, the only problem with it is its in Chinese. Even then it seems pretty easy to figure out, but I'm hoping that one of the devs would...
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    Thread Requesting graphics.c source file from CM11 device tree

    Requesting that if someone could upload the graphics.c source file? Need it for for a Tegra 4 tablet project. Thanks in advance for your help and assistance.
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    Thread Compiled Custom recovery, unable to use

    So I've compiled a cwm recovery using source from cm11. I'm able to reboot into a black screen, backlight, but that's it. I am however able to connect the table to ADB while in that state. Please help, thanks Sent from my Elephone P8000 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Changing partition sizes in

    Hello, I'm a newbie dev, trying my hands on deving a tablet called the Galaz A1. Its a Tegra 4 tablet. Anyway, I'm down to making a custom recovery but the only thing that stops me is that I keep getting an error saying the recovery is too big and it deletes the file. Here is what my...
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    Thread PAC-ROM build # 3

    THIS IS NOT MY WORK NOR AM I RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE YOU CAUSE YOUR DEVICE PAC-ROM BUILD #3 by DQuest from Change Notes; -Works Fingerprint -The system has become more stable Bugs: None Download GAPPS I've been using this rom on my P8000 network B...
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    Thread My Ookla Speedtest result on the PAC-MAN ROM from 4pda

    Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. What's your speed? Sent from my p8000 using Tapatalk
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    Thread My Ookla Speedtest result

    Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. What's your speed? Sent from my Elephone P8000 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Check out what I found on Geek!

    I think you'll like QI Wireless Charging Charger Receiver Module Pad for Micro-USB Universal Mobile. Add it to your wishlist! Sent from my Elephone P8000 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Elephone P8000 US version System Dump and Auto script from the ASC dev tool.

    Just as it says above: System Dump And the dev tool used. ALL credit goes to Octanium Android Script Creater
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    Thread P8000 American Version

    I will be ordering mine at the end of the month, but will all the custom roms be the same for the American version? I will test them out as soon as I get my phone. I'm ordering from Here