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  1. TheSSJ

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][ROM][STABLE] LineageOS 16.0 (unofficial) for ZTE Axon 7 Mini (aka tulip)

    Unfortunately the hoster where my build server is located raised the fees and i had no way to download a backup of my data... As i can't afford it now i had to delete everything. With a heavy heart I have to discontinue this great ROM for a great phone.. - first of all, thanks to @tdm for his...
  2. TheSSJ

    Thread [Kernel] Project T Kernel for ZTE Axon 7 Mini

    Hi guys, I know that this forum is not widely used by ZTE Axon 7 Mini owners, but I still want to share my work the kernel used by the stock firmware. Most of the parts were of course already based on the work of others, so I will give credits at the end of this thread of course...
  3. TheSSJ

    Thread [MM-KERNEL][UC][F2FS] Project T for MM [STOCK ROM ONLY]

    Hello again, This is my work on the stock Marshmallow Kernel for Zenfone 2, based on the officially released ZF2 kernel source code. Please note that I do my testing on a ZE551ML 4GB 2,3GHz Note: This kernel works ONLY on stock based versions! Features: Based on Zenfone 2...
  4. TheSSJ

    Thread Poll: Need some info about OC (only Project T users)

    Hi, I need some info from all the Project T users out there (both phone models). As I made some tests I discovered that the OC code in ZE551ML doesn't seem to work consistently (or not at all according to some users). I know that UC works, but depending on your feedback I will just continue...
  5. TheSSJ

    Thread [KERNEL][LINARO][UC][F2FS] Project T - Custom Kernel for ZenFone 2[THE END]

    Hi guys, It was a cool journey with all the support I got from you, this community is really the best! Unfortunately this will be the last version I will release. See the changelog for more details! Please note that I do my testing on a ZE551ML 4GB 2,3GHz. For ZE550ML look here (thanks to...
  6. TheSSJ

    Thread [RECOVERY] (Un-)tethered TWRP for Asus ZenFone 2 (x86)

    Hi folks, finally we compiled a(n un-)tethered TWRP package for our ZenFone 2 (confirmed on ZE551ML and ZE500ML)! !!! NOTE: If you want to apply a new OTA update, please flash stock recovery first !!! Also, if you encounter any errors with the official recovery by TeamWin, please don't...
  7. TheSSJ

    Thread [Q] Little help needed for building tethered TWRP

    Hi, I am about to build a TWRP for our ZenFone2's. It manages to get started by the CWM tethered method by social-design-concepts, but problem is, that the graphics don't fix themselves as in vampirefo 's CWM. As this is my first time with an Intel device, I don't exactly know what to enter...
  8. TheSSJ

    Thread [CWM6][WIP] CWMR6 for Trekstor Surftab Breeze

    Hi, I thought it would be time to make a new version for the Trekstor Surftab Breeze tablets. Everything is in place, but I need testers as I don't own a tab directly. Pre-requisites are, that you need a working adb connection in case something should go wrong. Please reply to this thread...
  9. TheSSJ

    Thread [FIRMWARE] Original 4.0.4 Firmware for Trekstor Surftab Ventos 8 8GB

    Hi all, herewith I uploaded the original firmware for the Ventos 8 8GB (not 16GB!!) for you. Download Link: Instructions: 1. Turn off your tab 2. Unpack the rar file onto an external micro SD card and insert it into your tab 3. Start the tab by pressing Volume- and Power...
  10. TheSSJ

    Thread [LINUX ONLY][ADB] ADB via USB for Trekstor Ventos 8

    Hi, finally I made it to get adb working on Linux without having to struggle with Moborobo :) This will be of use only for a really SMALL part of the tablet users, but anyways - it is better to share every piece of knowledge than forgetting it without having told anyone... So, this only works...
  11. TheSSJ

    Thread [28-11-2012][WIP, NEED TESTERS][CWMR] Trekstor Surftab Ventos 9.7

    Hi, also for the last tablet series developed by Trekstor, I managed to get a CWM recovery built using CWM Builder. As I don't own the device though, I'm unable to say if it is really operational or not (although I highly assume that the recovery is able to start, just the mount points...
  12. TheSSJ

    Thread [Q] Why using UBIFS?

    Hi, I recently got to know, that my tab is using UBIFS as file system...what are the advantages compared to the normal ext2-ext4? I thought about migrating to the ext filesystems, but if someone tells me that UBIFS is better, I'd stay on UBIFS... Regards
  13. TheSSJ

    Thread [Trekstor Ventos 8/9.7] Playstore.apk as flashable zip file

    Hello, I made this zip file to be flashed even without having to root your Trekstor Ventos Tabs! Pre-Requisites: Get my CWM recovery from here and place it onto an external SD card. Instructions: 1. Get the attached zip file and place it also onto your internal or external SD card 2. Boot...
  14. TheSSJ

    Thread [02-01-2013][CWMR] Trekstor Surftab Breeze 7

    !!!!!CAUTION: This recovery works only flawlessly on Breeze tabs with the serialnumbers containing a C! E.g. 93016Z3Cxxxxxxx!!!!! Hi, Finally I made it to get CWM Recovery up and running for Trekstor Surftab Breeze. Before starting a huge thanks to my tester X-On, who tested every crappy CWM...
  15. TheSSJ

    Thread [22 Nov 2012][CWM] Custom Recovery for Trekstor Surftab Ventos 8

    Hi, exciting news! I finally made it to make a bootable recovery for our beloved Trekstor ventos 8 tabs! The usual stuff: I don't take any responsibility if you brick your device (although I assume chances of bricking are minimal) Pre-Requisites: 1. A Micro-SD card (<=8gb)! You could also...
  16. TheSSJ

    Thread Porting Clockworkmod recovery from existing image file from another device

    Hi, I don't know if this is the correct section to get this question answered, but I'll try: I have a new tablet, which is not really known at the moment. I managed to root it and next step would be to port Clockworkmod Recovery to it. Since I only found guides where I always have to repo sync...
  17. TheSSJ

    Thread [NEW ROOTING METHOD] Trekstor Surftab Ventos 8, 9.7 and Breeze 7

    Instructions for the Surftab Breeze 7: In this case it's really easy to get the tab rooted. It already has the su binary installed :) Get SuperSU from market and let it do the rest. Instructions for the Surftab Ventos 8: Big news! I made it to make another rooting method without the use of any...
  18. TheSSJ

    Thread New rooting method for O4X HD?

    Hi folks, as my post in the dev section just remained unanswered I try to communicate it here...apparently bin4ry found a way to root many ICS and JB phones, but as I don't own a 4xHD (yet), I would like to know if it works? Download...
  19. TheSSJ

    Thread LG to roll out ICS to some devices??

    Used Google Translate, maybe someone speaking korean can shed some light? Got this from I really don't want to produce some hype out of this, but maybe our LG P990...
  20. TheSSJ

    Thread [SOURCE CODE] LG Optimus 2x Gingerbread 20L Source Code released

    Hi all, Paul from MoDaCo already posted it in his forum, but here again at XDA: here you can grab the Gingerbread source code for our beloved phone...maybe this will result in better/more stable...
  21. TheSSJ

    Thread Additional CPU governors

    Guys, doesn't anybody wonder why we only have 2 governors? I googled on how to create one myself and found an example source code, but I don't have the whole android coders kit pro elite 5000 :D My question, why didn't anybody thought of any additional governor? smartass, interactive...
  22. TheSSJ

    Thread Proximity Sensor not reacting very well - DJDroid 0.8

    Hello folks, I have this annoying issue during calls when I move the phone away from my face, it turns the screen on only after 2 seconds or so... I have already edited the following properties, but it hadn't really a positive effect: mot.proximity.delay=50 mot.proximity.distance=100 I don't...
  23. TheSSJ

    Thread [Q] How do I know that I have 2.36 release?

    Hi folks, Since I last upgraded my phone I was to quick in root my milestone, so I don't know if I have the 2.36 build now...using G.O.T recovery mod with custom build.prop by the way which overwrites with custom character strings (like G.O.T mod or similar)... Also I had the Xing-app on my...
  24. TheSSJ

    Thread [Q] Application startup at boot time?

    Hi all, I've searched and Googled but it seems that this topic wasn't discussed very extensively...I have the app Advanced Task Manager and set it to startup ALWAYS after phone boot, but it doesn't start (the notification bar doesn't come up with any notification)...can anyone tell me if this...
  25. TheSSJ

    Thread Good news for German Milestone owners shipped with O2

    Get the news here: In its essence this article says that 2.2 will come for the Milestone around mid/end of September...seems to be an official statement this time. Maybe we can port this release for the "normal" Milestones, too?
  26. TheSSJ

    Thread Did someone already tried to gain root?

    As the title says ^^ try the m7 exploit and depending on the kernel version this can work...
  27. TheSSJ

    Thread What are u going to do with your old phones?

    As the title says, where do you put ur old phones? GF, sell, throw away, donate it? :D I'm pretty happy that I managed to sell my HTC Tattoo, but maybe there are phone models which can't be sold anymore because they are not valuable anymore...
  28. TheSSJ

    Thread Is the ClearPad2000 a reason for not buying an N1

    I'm tempted to buy an N1, but I did a little research and saw here, that the Nexus One has a ClearPad 2000 which does not seem to hold the promise of a "true" multitouch mobile phone (saw the petition thread - it was funny ^^)... But does anyone here use more than 2 fingers when using...
  29. TheSSJ

    Thread Restoring Mobile to original state

    Hi folks, just a quick question: when I flash the HTC Tattoo ROM from htcpedia, does it restore EVERYTHING (recovery, boot) or do I have to do something after flashing stock? Would be very pleased if anyone could answer this :) Greets
  30. TheSSJ

    Thread Finally: Android 2.2 introduced on Google I/O

    Look it up: We should focus on developping the 2.2 ROM when the source will be ready and leave 2.1 behind!!!
  31. TheSSJ

    Thread Nexus one bootscreen for Tattoo

    Hi all, Before you say something I just "ported" a boot screen from Nexus One to Tattoo (this included resizing the picture to our screen res). Here it is: Nexus One Bootscreen for HTC Tattoo Here is how you backup your old boot screens and how you set up the new one to be used (u must be...
  32. TheSSJ

    Thread [GUIDE] All Tattoo questions and answers see here (from A to Z)!

    Hi, this thread is meant as a starting point for every kind of questions. I will write everything I know into this thread and update it (hopefully) frequently ;) Here are the topics handled for now (if you have any other questions you want to have answered you can PM me, so I can try to handle...
  33. TheSSJ

    Thread How is an apk started on my HTC?

    Hi guys, I wondered if we can trigger via commandline what we already can do by tapping on the program symbol. I saw an app in /system/bin/ called dalvik-vm, but when I pass an apk-path as parameter it throws only exceptions. Is there any possibility to launch an app via commandline...
  34. TheSSJ

    Thread Problem with SMS storage

    Hi everyone, is it normal that my tattoo deletes my sms belonging to the conversation with a random contact after I receive a response from one of my contacts? Example: I write to my friend - sms stored my friend responds - sms stored I write back - sms stored He then writes back -...