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    Thread GPS receiver on Exynos model

    Which Broadcom GPS receiver will be used on S9x ? Is it the same BCM4774 like on older models, or the new dual-frequency L1/L5 BCM4775x ?
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    Thread Honor 9 and Galileo

    Do you see the Galileo satellites on your Honor 9 phone GPS app ? All online databases say Honor 9 does not support Galileo reception, but the XML config file in vendor.img has it enabled and the hardware (Broadcom BCM4774) is Galileo-capable. Now i'm confused and want to hear about the...
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    Thread What is 'bastet' service ?

    I can see it as a root process running /vendor/bin/bastetd , also some components in the kernel and recently it was mentioned by Huawei personally in the context of "multiple security holes": Google search has...
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    Thread [KERNEL] Mate9 vs. HiKey960

    Huawei is extremely reluctant to publish the Linux 4.x kernel source code they are using on Mate9, although it is a blatant violation of the General Public License (GPL). Meanwhile one can buy a (overpriced) HiKey960 development board...
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    Thread testwm5 on athena.

    Hi! has somebody tried to run testwm5 ? does it work ?
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    Thread Universal and FIR.

    Does Universal support FIR ? If yes, then which programm is using (can use) it ?
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    Thread ItsUtils license ?

    I would like to reuse some parts of itsutils.dll to extend the haret functionality, otherwise it will be necessary to rewrite them. Is the first option possible, or should i use the second one ?
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    Thread 1.3Mpix CAM == OV9620 sensor ?

    Is it known what 1.3Mpix cameras are used on the HTC phones ?
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    Thread Blueangel bootloader dump ?

    Hi, I'm looking for the HTC bootloader dump like the one available here for ipaq:
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    Thread GetKPhys(void *ptr, unsigned int count)

    Hi, is this syscall documented somewhere ? If not, how can i find its start address in ROM ?
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    Thread Linux on BlueAngel (MDA3)

    Hi guys, after having some trouble with the haret-0.3.2 from the xanadux site, i've managed to find the framebuffer address, 'dump mmu', watch the e/gpio lines and dump ms-registry over wireless. The hardware looks very similar to Himalaya, but there are some minor differences...