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    Thread GET Calls / SMS Autoresponder

    GET Calls / SMS Autoresponder Whether you're busy: driving, in a meeting, watching a movie, sleeping, in a school, or just where you would prefer not to be disturbed, act as simple as 1- 2- 3. 1. Set your STATUS and GET Calls SMS Text Autoresponder will auto respond to phone calls and sms with...
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    Thread Live Puzzle! Sea Animals

    Description Live Puzzle!, the kids puzzle game entirely animated, is coming back with a new theme, Sea Animals. With this educational game, your children discover and learn about 12 animals living either in a coral reef, in the deep ocean or even in Antarctica, all of it in 10 languages. Live...
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    Thread Type Racer - fast typing game!

    Type Racer - fast typing game! Description Race your friends to see how fast you can type on your phone! * "ADDICTIVE - 10 stars" * "Simplest and most FUN of the typing games!" * "Best typing test. I'm a typing maniac!" Screenshots Get it from here
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    Thread PaperV

    PaperV PaperV focuses on real life stories - instead of everything else, What matters the most and give you the ability to ‘Glide’ your day-to-day life - just you and the world. PaperV application was designed to let you Glide on the go. You can explore great stories within seconds and post...
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    Thread WhenDidI Lite - Event Logger

    WhenDidI is a powerful fully configurable personnel events tracker. It has a modern Holo interface with widget support, backup capabilities to your local SD card and Dropbox, and full range of functions to easily manage and analyse your events. You can even send your events list by email through...
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    Thread [APP][LP]Galaxy S4 - Digital Clock

    Galaxy S4 Digital Clock will allow you to give more movement to the screen of your phone like never before. This live wallpaper is highly customizable, and you can set the speed of particles, set the frame rate of your screen for better battery life and even control the clock widget. And if you...
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    Thread Galaxy S4 - Digital Clock LWP

    Galaxy S4 Digital Clock will allow you to give more movement to the screen of your phone like never before. This live wallpaper is highly customizable, and you can set the speed of particles, set the frame rate of your screen for better battery life and even control the clock widget. And if you...
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    Thread [FREE]Dots Dots Dots

    Dots Dots Dots The best dots game on Android" Don't have much to say about my little effort :) Hope you guys enjoy * Clear as many dots as you can in 60 seconds! * Extra time with squares. * Bonuses for long dot sequences. Get it from here
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    Thread [FREE]Droid Chat Room - Chat Rooms

    Droid Chat Room - Chat Rooms Droid Chat Room is a FREE app for all android users to have access to live chat rooms. If you are looking for a cool place to chat and meet people on your Android Device,t hen Droid Chat Room has you covered. We are a growing community of Chat Rooms and Chatters...
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    Thread [FREE][GAME]Fruitacious Slot Machine

    Fruitacious Slot Machine Fruitacious Slot Machine is is Totally Free! Virtually Experience this fruit-themed slot machine with Fruitacious Slot Machine Free THIS GAME IS ABSOLUTELY FREE. NO REAL WORLD MONEY IS INVOLVED. THIS IS THE BEST FREE TO-PLAY FRUIT SLOT MACHINES APP! Come see for...
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    Thread [FREE][APP][2.2+]DateMeNow - Date, Flirt & Chat

    DateMeNow - Date, Flirt & Chat ★ DateMeNow´s FREE dating app makes finding the perfect date QUICKER and EASIER than ever before! ★ Date, flirt, chat and have fun. DateMeNow is a remarkably unique FREE dating app that uses your smartphone´s GPS to scan for potential dates – whether...
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    Thread [GAME][FREE][2.2+]Jungle Birds

    Jungle Birds Jungle Birds is new, exciting and challenging game similar to Line Birds and other line runner games except it offers even more fun and actions! Guide this cute bird through the jungle and try to gather as many fruits as you can. Compete with your friends and see who can fly...
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    Thread [APP][FREE][1.5+]Fuel Coupons Local Gas Prices

    Fuel Coupons Local Gas Prices Cheapest fuel, closest to you! Gas prices, coupon savings and so much more. Regular gas prices, Mid-Grade pricing, Premium fuel prices. Also Diesel & Bio-diesel fuel savings make this app your mobile gas buddy at home or when travelling. Wherever you drive, you'll...
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    Thread Charity App ???

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a charity app. Well to be more precise and app that simplifies the whole process. Also wouldn't mind come across some worthwhile causes?
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    Thread [REQUEST]Mobile version of solitaire

    Hello Guys, I was just wondering if anyone has come across a good version of solitaire. Would like this to be a mobile version if possible
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    Thread [FREE]Number Joy

    If you like having fun while improving your number skills then you need to join the global brain training phenomenon NumberJoy! NumberJoy is a free fun and fast-paced number game which instantly settles who is quicker wiith numbers! Play with friends or with random opponents from all over the...
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    Thread [FREE]Euro-Japan dictionary

    Euro-Japan dictionary Euro-Japan dictionary is a Japanese dictionary which supports not only 3 major European languages: English, French and German, but also 2 search modes: online or offline search. The latter is useful when the internet is not available or its connection is not free...
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    Thread [APP][FREE]Cool Android Graffiti LWP

    Everybody Loves Grafitti.So we made Live wallpaper to for fullfill desires of you who loves to have some Awesome Graffiti on your Android Cool Android Graffiti LWP Get this cool live wallpaper on your phone screen and paint it...
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    Thread [APP][FREE][2.2+]Gerard Scooter game

    Gerard Scooter game **** On some configurations some lags on touch control are in this case, exit the game and restart it ***** Gerard as a lot of money but he don't like to pay taxes in France. Gerard then decided to take his scooter and left France to seek refuge in another country with lower...
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    Thread [App][1.5+]Keep Your Gratitude Journal on Facebook with the 'Moments of Gratitude'

    Just before Christmas last year, our team launched the first full-featured gratitude journal for Android, the 'Moments of Gratitude' Journal. And now, around one month later, we're adding a hotly requested new feature to the app -- the Facebook sharing function. But First, What Is A Gratitude...
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    Thread [FREE][Personalization]Car logos Live Wallpaper

    Hey Everyone Kafreekaboom is Here.So everybody Loves Car.Even I don't own a Car I love Cars very Much :laugh:. "Car Logos Live Wallpaper" will able to fulfill your desires if you love Cars Car logos Live Wallpaper...
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    Thread [App][FREE][Personalization] App Space: A beautiful way to launch your favorite apps!

    App Space: A beautiful way to launch your favorite apps Tired of searching for your apps in heaps of similar small rectangles? Introducing App Space –a beautiful way to launch your apps! With app space, you use your apps as if they were physical objects arranged in a beautifully designed...
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    Thread [FREE]Interior Design Ideas & Photos

    Hey All Kafreekaboom here Interior Design Ideas & Photos Search millions of home design pictures. Save and Share what you like. No ads to get in your way just a user friendly free app for you to use. Remodeling? Decorating? Building? Or Renovating? The RemodelOrMove...
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    Thread [FREE]Great Classic Cartoons

    Hey folks Kafreekaboom here I know that everybody loves Cartoons.Even When step on to adulthood we couldn't get off from Cartoons Not some busy sidores Ben 10 or Generator Rex.But Classic cartoons like woody woodpecker :laugh: So here is the ultimate app to watch Classic cartoons on your Droid...
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    Thread [free]mrsm kuala klawang

    MRSM KUALA KLAWANG Stay connected and keep up to date on the latest news from MRSM Kuala Klawang. MRSM Kuala Klawang or MJSC Kuala Klawang is a member school of a group of co-educational boarding schools known as MRSM (abbreviation of Malay: Maktab Rendah Sains MARA) or alternatively known as...
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    Thread [APP][FREE] Flying letters

    Hey Everyone Kafreekaboom here So I found this cool App from my friends phone.And I found it really worth to try to entertain Your self.So I'm posting it in Here.To share it with you Folks Flying Letters Here are Features of it - Scrollable backgrounds - Clicking on...
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    Thread [APP][FREE]Slidepunch Slideshow Creator

    Hey Everyone Kafreekaboom here. Today um gonna introduce Yu a Cool,fast slideshow Creator to all You folks Slidepunch Slideshow Creator Here are features of it * add multiple photos from library * set the order of photos * choose focus points (zoom points) * add background music * add titles...
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    Thread [APP]Smart Volume Control +

    Hey everyone KafreekaBoom here. When I searched Application for a fast and smooth management of sound profiles.I found this app called Smart Volume Control on play store.Before this I have used apps like tasker, locale, audio manager Pro.None of those able to do sound profile management as good...
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    Thread [FREE]Got Green Not Greed

    Got Green Not Greed We design,build and install led light bulbs and automated lighting systems.We can provide you with the led light you need regardless of size,light output,or voltage requirement.We also design and built Green Automation and Energy Conservation Equipment.We design,build,and...
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    Thread Find girls online

    Hey folks, KaFreekaBoom here to present you a Another great application :laugh: Find Girls Online-Meet hot local singles right now! Find Girls Online can have you meeting someone new in a matter of minutes. Whether you just want to hook up, or looking for something a little more...
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    Thread [APK][FREE]Find Girls Online

    Find Girls Online Hey Guys,KafreekabOom here to present you a another cool application Find Girls Online can have you meeting someone new in a matter of minutes. Whether you just want to hook up, or looking for something a little more serious, Find Girls Online can help...
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    Thread [GAME]Seawasp

    Hey folks, KaFreekaBoom here to present you a Another great Game :D Seawasp -Unique battle submarine Seawasp is an old school action/arcade game and a tribute to the Commodore era. Test out your sea legs with Seawasp, a fun and easy-to-play arcade game. Shoot...
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    Thread GooD News For the GS2 Owners

    Hii All Folks KaFrEEkAbOom Here As the title Says I have a Very Good News for all the GS2 owners who are waiting for the Official ICS update "confirmed now. Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich update is finally coming on March 1" The news was revealed by tech...