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    Thread Oreo dropped for SM-G935U No more bloatware

    Namaste to all of you!!! Finally Samsung started giving oreo over OTA on SM-G935U Using it from past 2 days. No lags No battery drainage. UI is similar and........ NO CARRIER BLOATWARE.!!!!!. DOWNLOAD LINK :
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    Thread I cant flash Super Su or new rom TWRP

    Cant flash Super SU or Any rom as it goes into bootloop. I have been following the procedure quite thoroughly . Need Help ..
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    Thread Moto X Force dual boot

    Can any one please help me obtain dual boot on my X force xt1580 India. :o:o
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    Thread [Completed] My octane plus karbonn dead

    i tried flashing twrp to my phone. it showed pmt to be downloaded. i read somwehere about "all format+download" but now my phone wont start. the flash blinks when i press the power button. any help or suggestion will be great for a noob like me.(sorry for my bad english) brand:karbonn...
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    Thread [Q] Xperia sola bootloop

    yesterday i tried to install some sound enhancement .zip to my it got into bootloop.i dnt have adb in my laptop nor i have custom rom present in my...