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  1. Micha_Btz

    Thread Volume steps while rom building (media_vol_steps/vc_call_vol_steps)

    Hi there, I build roms for my BQ Aquaris X2 Pro. But all volume settings are to loud for me. How can I lower the volume for notification, ring tone and call volume? TIA Micha
  2. Micha_Btz

    Thread Root solution for BQ Aquaris X2 Pro?

    Did someone get root access on the X2 pro? Would like to remove the complete google crap and install afwall+. Thanks Micha
  3. Micha_Btz

    Thread appointment / dates on lock screen

    Hi there, with the clock widget I can show weather information on my lock screen LOS 14.1 but not dates or term. I this not possible anymore? And if not, which app do you use for this? thanks Micha
  4. Micha_Btz

    Thread what is

    Hi there, after I had some big problems to restore a twrp backup I want to now what this app makes and why this app is also there after a full wipe of my device. the twrp restore error ==> extracting: //data/app/ (mode 40777, directory) tar_extract_file(): failed to...
  5. Micha_Btz

    Thread [Q] CM 12.1 add 2nd language to keyboard with wordbook

    hi there, i use cm12.1 on my Sony Z1 Compact. I use German as standard language for writing but i also write texts in English, is there an simple possibility to add English as second language to the keyboard hopefully with wordbook support? So that i can switch the language at writing...
  6. Micha_Btz

    Thread [Q] create my own google apps package

    hi there, i run a custom rom, pacman nightly android 4.2.2. I have found serveral points to download the gapps package and i have found some wiki information about the packages. But...