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    Thread help as I can repair the multi tap YukiXDA HD2 ROM WP 7

    Anyone know how I can operate the multi touch on my screen! It works normal but the touch when I press two different points on the screen does nothing! The best example is the time to play! you can not because I can not perform multiple simultaneous touches
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    Thread [Q]HD2 T-Mobile sense 3.0

    hi all I want to help, maybe an usteds tried an 3.0 rom sense to me and proved I recommend NAND [3.June.2011] LeoRCMix S versión 1.5 (RCMixS v.2.0) [Sentido 2.1 3.0] [Tytung R10]: I am newbie I hope I can help! thanks for your attention!
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    Thread problems will help install the starter on HD2 CLK solved

    Hi everyone! Device: T-Mobile 1024 HD2 The reason for this post is to see if I can help with the installation of starter CLK, I tell them I already had it installed but decided to switch to MGLDR now wish to return to CLK but I have a problem: Install the file without any problem...
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    Thread [Q] Help to avoid mistakes HD2 HTC T-mobile

    :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: Hola a todos quisiera que me brinden de su ayuda y conocimientos, tengo una HTC HD2 T-mobile No sé pero me confundo viendo tantas instrucciones y dicen que para estos modelos se siguen otros pasos ya que...