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  1. dsa88

    Thread extended battery, gauge fix

    I changed the battery for a new one with 3400mAh capacity and of course android gauge reporting it wrongly. How do I patch kernel manually to change default values from manufacturer's 2300 to 3rd party 3400mAh? Any ideas?
  2. dsa88

    Thread 3rd party Li-Io batt and Android gauge fix?

    How do you override the default android manufacturer info on battery capacity? E.g I'm using Xperia C5503, rooted of course. Original battery comes with 2300mAh. I've got a new fatty 3rd party 3400mAh but the Android gauge simply can't get the correct reading of the new battery capacity. I...
  3. dsa88

    Thread How to backup current phone's firmware?

    Hey, I was thinking before the big KK update to make a flashable backup of the current stock but rooted ROM that's on my XZR, locked BL. Any ideas? Aka the total backup, prerooted ftf. Any ideas?
  4. dsa88

    Thread Call filtering app?

    Out of bunch of anonymous there on Gplay, is there any light&fast&simple&invisible call filtering app you'd like to recommend for Xperia Z series? I've tried dozens and most of them are quite bulkish, oldish, semi-faulty and definitely visible like flashing or notifying etc. hanguping after...
  5. dsa88

    Thread Device to identify

    My GF's 5503 was unable to receive last two OTA updates, then I said to check it out.. Was really surprised. This customization version is NOT documented?!? Phone is bought in HK. I flashed HK stock 4.2.2, update via OTA to .67 went smoothly. Anyways, any idea what this device might be? Pic...
  6. dsa88

    Thread Salt water protection

    Do you maybe know any kind of protecting film or ligth waterproof case that could fit XZR for undersea snapshots? I'd like to make some underwater photos in ocean/sea like reef corals or colorful fish but I would avoid risking salt water to ruin speaker, buttons or mic. Swimming pool shooting...
  7. dsa88

    Thread Buying SO-04E (ZR) in Japan?

    Hey, guys... I''ll be in Japan next month and I was thinking to buy one of these cuties for myself. Since I have close to zero knowledge on JP cell networks and specifically on this new model (selling as Xperia ZR worldwide, but 32Gb, TV?, what else?!) I would appreciate any info or advice...
  8. dsa88

    Thread [REQ] Skype with Facebook, Gtalk, Twitter

    Hey, got an idea. Since MSN went to Outlook and Outlook integrated with Skype and Skype with Facebook... and even in Microsoft account options now you can add FB & GTalk (chat works online) and Twitter for status updates... How about one nice and simple Android app with common chat list (Skype...
  9. dsa88

    Thread [Q] "Use 2G networks only" gone after sbf to 183

    Just switched to 1.8.3 and you know what? The good old "Use only 2G networks" option is gone. Any idea how to enable this option again? Something somewhere should be editable with SQLite editor, but really I dont know what. It's quite battery saving. Yes, Atrix is rooted. TNX
  10. dsa88

    Thread [Q] How to add a custom app in the share option?

    This is Atrix specific question. Thanks for any help.
  11. dsa88

    Thread [Q] How to add a custom app in the share option?

    I would like to add option to share URL directly to Status Updates (widget, part of Motoblur Social Networking). It's handy for combining RSS or browsers links with URL shortener. But when I click share, only limited number of app are there (email, facebook, picasa etc) I'm talking about this...