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  1. Dendy420

    Thread Weird

    I have the Galaxy A205U by metropcs and was wondering has any of y'alls recovery had 2 of them and I can get to the download mode. (Not sure how because I thought it was locked) My phone has been acting very fishy for awhile now. It's a very long story but I really wish this phone would go back...
  2. Dendy420

    Thread Forgot Screenlock and factory reset doesnt work

    I have a galaxy tab e that has a lock screen I cant get pass therefore i can only do adb sideload or update from sd card in the recovery. Factory reset doesnt work. Can anyone help me bypass this damn lock screen??
  3. Dendy420

    Thread Phone been acting weird... need help

    My phone has been acting really weird for a few months now and I can't figure it out. Is there a way to find all apps on the phone user installed, system, and hidden?? My phone isnt rooted; well I havent rooted it nor does it say it has. For instance earlier when I pushed my volume button there...
  4. Dendy420

    Thread Alcatel 3v wont turn on

    I have this alcatel 3v that wont go pass the alcatel screen. I tried to factory reset it and nothing happens. What else can I do??
  5. Dendy420

    Thread Please Help!! MetroPCS sucks

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy A20 on MetroPCS. Unfortunately I didnt know that I live in a gray area for their service since my home is in the country. I've been trying to play with hidden menu but I really dont know what would even help this phones reception and Metro are a bunch of idiots...
  6. Dendy420

    Thread Omg!!! Please help me

    I was trying to root my moto g7 play but I think I got the firmware mixed up with the g7 power and now all its does is show 80012A99-867FDA48-4E357816-0E549F1B-B067FBD5.... I hope I didn't just brick the phone completely. Someone please help me that's all it will do... it won't go back into...