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  1. emram120

    Thread [RooT] Xperia sola ICS RoM

    hi all :highfive: Well we have a little tutorial to root the phone XPERIA SOLA Download and open the program Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v9 Connect phone to PC USB Debbuging cases and USB Connection Mod is made Open the program RunMe.bat Type 1 and press Enter:o Please wait ... go to phone the...
  2. emram120

    Thread Magic Touch for xperia sola

    آHi All Magic Touch for xperia sola Magic Touch for xperia sola Yes ... this is a new technology that was hidden in a secret phone xperia sola Today, I managed to discover the secret Of course, I have no manual I was able to discover the secret of Mr. neectron was not And here I am asking all...