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    Thread How to re-enable HomeButton functionality in car mode?

    Hi, when i put my i9100 (Galaxy s2) into the car dock the car mode turns on. Nothing else happens ... so far no problem. But since Android 5.0 Google has remapped the home button for their CarApp when the car mode turns on. That means, when i don't use Googles CarApp (which i don't like) then...
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    Thread Searching Lollipop rom with Widevine DRM support

    Hi, i am searching a custom rom with DRM support to be able to use TV streaming services like Netflix. I have tested lots of roms, but either they are too slow (since android 6) and/or they don't sopport DRM. Now i'm tired of testing in the dark :( Is there maybe a list available somewhere to...
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    Thread Search 5.1.1 Rom with DRM Widevine support for S2 i9100

    Hello, i am searching a Custom rom for Galaxy S2 with DRM functionality. How to find?? Thanks for advises ... Rooster
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    Thread CM 12.1 doesn't support DRM. What to do now??

    Hi, i have installed "" Nice Custom Rom, but it doesn't support DRM. What can i do now? Is it a problem of the Kernel? Can i change it? Thanks for infos, Rooster
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    Thread MP3 Transport function don't work on custom roms?

    Hi, I was using samsung firmware rom on Galaxy S2. I was controlling the MP3 player transport funktions (toggle, pause, fwd) with a tasker app (E-Robot). Now i want to change to a custom rom. But on custom roms the tasker media control functions don't work. I have tried with 4 different...
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    Thread OS doesn't find the extSD. What to do??

    Hi, 1. I have installed "" on my Samsung Galaxy S2. The system doesn't find my extSD Card. What may be the problem?? (in recovery the sxtSD is accessible) 2. I have installed TWRP via Odin. I tried to flash update to TWRP-3.1.0-0-i9100...
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    Thread Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 & Lineage 14.1 problems and questions …

    Hi, is there a pissibility to install TouchWiz launcher on Lineage 14.1 SGS2 ? I ask, because i have many problems and missing features on LA 14.1, and i think this might be a problem of the Trebuchet launcher. 1. Missing Samsung Driving Mode 2. USB-PC connection is always at "charging"...