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    Thread Need Surface Duo support!

    Anyone know if possible? I did email Nova and they emailed back saying: 'Google hasn't released API's for dual screen and Microsoft certainly won't open up their API's as they do that to force you to use their launcher on their devices.' But aren’t all the APIs here...
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    Thread Can anyone see if comes up as the mobile version on Android 10 beta?

    Installed the new android 10 beta. All ok except one thing - no matter which browser i use it will not render as anything other than as looking like a desktop version and not mobile version. Can anyone try who is on the Android 10 Beta and go to on any browser and see...
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    Thread How to fix "E:Error in /sideload/ (status 7) installation aborted.#1

    Saw this come up a LOT on the beta threads. Thought it best to consolidate it here. Unsure how to fix it - certainly there are web pages about this suggesting it is because of a modified rooted system however most people aren't rooted so that's now it. Anyone have a solution that works for...
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    Thread [APR] G973FXXU1ASD5 Samsung update - night mode, pocket mode & touch optimisation

    Firmware: G973FXXU1ASD5 Quickest way to download is to install this program: Install Samfirm - the latest one you can still download - it still works great. Then put in model - mine is SM-G973F and...
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    Thread [APP] Automate - get Always on Display to turn on only when you get a notification

    I was looking for a very simple way of having AOD turn on when receiving a notification only. A quasi notification LED if you will. There was a Tasker method that was a little complicated and didn't work for me that well. I found that another Tasker-type app does it very simply and very well...
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    Thread Is it worth updating to the Android P preview?

    Hearing pros and cons - and some people rolling back. Worth it?
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    Thread [OREO] How to install Oreo Beta 4 (hotfix) on Samsung S8+ and not lose your data!

    This is an updated guide for the Samsung S8+ (G955F) version for the new beta 4 released a few hours ago. It was a hotfix release for issues with apps closing. I thought I would put this guide out there as this was the easiest I found and the bonus is that you keep your data and just...
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    Thread [OREO] How to install Oreo Beta 3 on Samsung S8+ and not lose your data!

    This is an updated guide for the Samsung S8+ (G955F) version for the new beta 3. I thought I would put this guide out there as this was the easiest I found and the bonus is that you keep your data and just upgrade over the top. All credit to jaron vdb from Telegram. This is his backup and he...
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    Thread [OREO] How to download & install Oreo Beta 2 on Samsung S8+ and not lose your data!

    This is for the Samsung S8+ (G955F) version only. There’s a lot of misinformation out there regarding how to install the new Beta 2 for Oreo for Samsung S8+. I thought I would put this guide out there as this was the easiest I found and the bonus is that you keep your data and just upgrade...
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    Thread [How to] Remap Physical Bixby button

    Confirmation you can remap the physical Bixby button: Via this app: Yes!
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    Thread [Guide] Install Xposed on Note 7 after rooting

    A few people have asked about how to install xposed on your rooted Note 7. Just thought i'd put up an easy guide with links. This also works without lags as the previous installation of xposed had. Instructions: 1. Root phone using Dr Ketan's guide here...
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    Thread [GUIDE] Easy way to update a rooted phone without losing data using FlashFire

    Hello! A lot of us have already rooted our phone however when it comes to then updating firmware it can be a pain where you have to re-root your device and maybe lose your settings and data. However, I found a way through Chainfire’s brilliant app FlashFire that it can be done without using...
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    Thread Review After Having the Phone for 6 Days

    OK my short review from having the LG G4 for 6 days now! Just as background, I luckily got the phone through a workmate i know in South Korea so the one i have is the South Korean model. Also, the South Korean version gives you something that is a bloody lifesaver and just so useful and you...
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    Thread How the hell do I root this thing?!

    Got mine today from Korea and I need it to be rooted! Looks like no one has been able to?
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    Thread [Q] Any way to not light up screen when phone is fully charged?

    So when I charge overnight the screen lights up every time it hits 100% waking my wife and baby up! It goes off after 10 seconds but is there any way to not make it light up? Any app?
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    Thread [Guide] Battery & Performance Tips

    Just thought I’d put a short guide together on what I think are some things to do to get the most out of your spanking new Samsung S6 when you get it or you already have it. Most of you guys might already know most of this or might not. Just thought it might help some people. This ain’t...
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    Thread Where is the menu button?

    I must be blind but can't find it anywhere! Help!
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    Thread Love the phone but Bluetooth stuttering!

    Hey, Absolutely love the phone however when used with my cars Bluetooth the audio gets to about 2 mins in and stutters for 10 seconds then another 2 mins and it happens again and again every two mins. Previously I have had an lg and Samsung that worked without a problem. I have googled and...
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    Thread [Guide] How to unroot, software update and keep your settings for 400 models

    Ok so after bootlooping my phone, thinking i bricked my phone and finally getting it all working again i stumbled across what i think is the most painless way of unrooting and then software updating without losing your settings. This worked for my 400k model however am sure the same process...
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    Thread [Help!] Think I'm bricked. What can i do?

    Ok so i bought the 400k model and then really wanted the international version so bought that too to then sell my 400k. My 400k was rooted so I wanted to load the new software on using flash tool. So last night for 4 hours I tried and it won't. But my problem now is that I cannot get rid of...
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    Thread [Guide] How to get the most out of your brand spanking new G3!

    Just thought I’d put a short guide together on what I think are some things to do to get the most out of your spanking new LG G3 when you get it or you already have it. Most of you guys might already know most of this or might not. Just thought it might help some people. This ain’t rocket...
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    Thread [Q] Does the international wireless charging back fit on the Korean model?

    You'd think it would as there's only one version of the quick circle case. However the backs of the two of them don't seem the same - the wireless nodes seem too far apart on the international compared to Korean models. Sent from my LG-F400K using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Thread [Q] LED Notifications - whose are working on whatsapp etc?

    Yes so i have the Korean 400k model and LED notifications aren't working for whatsapp - are they supposed to for third party apps?? Also any way to change the LED notification for default i.e. change frequency? It seems to flash every two mins!
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    Thread Help! Twrp backup frozen! Cannot restart!

    Help! Tried backing up and stuck at 'backing up system...' Cannot restart via holding down power button for any length of time as the twrp unlock symbol comes up. Volume down and power button also won't work. Frozen now for 30 mins. Please don't tell me I have to wait till battery slowly runs...
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    Thread [Q] Do you think HTC logo could be a capacitive button?

    Ok so with the M7 an amazing developer tbalden was able to make the HTC logo a capacitive button. Anyone looked at the specs to see if it's possible with the m8? That bloody big black bezel has gotta be good for something! Sent from my SM-N9005 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Thread Mobile Odin now supports Note 3! Hells yeah!

    See here! Tops!
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    Thread [Q] Is everyone's S Pen really hard to get out?

    Is it? Cos mine will not come out with fingernails! I've gotta get my teeth in there! It's really stuck in there. Anyone??
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    Thread [Q] Anyone got a flashable stock kernel? Love you long time!

    Anyone? A million thanks! Sent from my HTC One using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Thread [Q] Confession: I flirted with Sense. Will you take me back CM??

    I admit it! I cheated on you CM! There - it's out! Did it for weeks. Flashed and flashed all sorts of Sense custom ROMs and thought 'I'll never go back to CM!'. But, as always, I return to the master - will you forgive me? However i need to know if you can offer this cos i can't quite...
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    Thread [Q] Why is my mobile data conking out when icons suggest it's working!

    OK so for the last few days i can see that i have a mobile data connection - all looks good with icons showing bars and getting 3g or 4g - however when i try to access a website it just doesn't work and there is no connection. I then have to turn Airplane mode on and off or restart the phone...
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    Thread [Q] Does your HTC have fast dormancy in build.prop cos mine doesn't!

    I want to turn off fast dormancy as my carrier doesn't support it. So I thought it's something you change in build.prop from 1 to 0 but when i go to build.prop there is no ! Anyone got it on theirs??
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    Thread Supplied headphones don't have volume controls!

    Well with mine it doesn't! Surely these days all smartphone supplied headphones you get volume controls - mine only has the pause button that doubles as the answer button. Do other headphones with volume controls work??
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    Thread [Q] Please help with my weird freeze problems! A donation to whoever can solve!

    Ok so I am having some bizarro freeze problems! So after i install a custom ROM - have tried both Trickdroid and Renovate - then when i go back into recovery and do a nandroid backup and then reboot it freezes at the 'HTC One' screen boot up. I thought at first it was a problem with TWRP so...
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    Thread [Q] Help! Frozen on HTC One start up screen!

    I created a nandroid backup in TWRP and then hit 'reboot system' and it's frozen on the 'HTC One' start up screen. I have tried the long press power to reset and doesn't work - still frozen. I then tried restoring the backup i made and same thing - frozen on start up screen. I can get to...
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    Thread [Q] Best way of backing up home screen layout?

    What is the best way of backing up your home screen layouts esp if you want to try other custom ROMs. Normally i'd use Nova and it has a built in back up - what can i use for Sense? Which setting in TiBu will back it up? Or another third party app? Thanks!
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    Thread [Q] Can vibration intensity be changed?

    Any way to change it cos with those kick ass speakers, it vibrates the whole building when it goes off!
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    Thread [Q] Can you transfer Titanium backup from N7100 to N7105?

    So am about to get the 4G N7105 to replace my N7100. On the N7100 I have my apps backed up on Titanium to me ext sd card. To save me the hassle of transferring the apps and resetting the phone up with my apps can I simply root the N7105 and transfer the apps only via Titanium?? Thanks.
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    Thread Capdase car charger mount - anyone know how to attach?

    So I got one of these: And I can't seem to lock it into place into the cigarette lighter - it still swivels even after using the locking clip. Anyone know how to lock it into place?
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    Thread Galaxy Note 2 LTE N7105 - Battery Life

    Started this thread because I have scoured the web and am yet to see any real battery tests of this device! And I think that people - me included - will jump at getting this if they just knew a bit more about battery life specifically on screen time and what you have on - eg BT, sync, GPS. The...
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    Thread [Q] Anyone got a copy of the default alarm sound?

    So when I installed a custom ROM I lost it and it's the only one that doesn't rip your cojones off when you hear it in the morning! Thanks. Sent from my GT-N7100 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread [Leaked JB Firmware] I9300XXDLH9 (4.1.1) - OTA package

    As it says - just released - OTA located here: Direct hotfile link download here: Best install method is same as previous OTA...
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    Thread Is there a finger in the dyke ...

    ...or will there be a new leak today?
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    Thread Can you batch freeze when you restore through Titanium?

    When I install a new ROM I immediately debloat the Samsung crap by going through one by one in Titanium and freezing - its a rather tedious process! Is it possible to batch freeze them? I have created a filter of just these frozen apps but how do I apply this filter after restoring?? Thanks...