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    Thread [LAUNCHER][ICS+][OPEN BETA] Scroll Launcher

    Scroll Launcher Introduction Images Download Changelog Other info Enjoy that! :) XDA:DevDB Information Scroll Launcher, App for all devices (see above for details) Contributors slinkyregent Version Information Status: Beta Current Beta Version: 0.4.4b Beta Release Date...
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    Thread [REQUEST]Ubuntu Touch on shooteru

    I to everyone! I'm trying to develop QML apps on Ubuntu Touch and i need to try my apps! Anyone can port ubuntu touch on evo 3d? Time ago helicopter88 try to do that and this is her first attempt: Anyone...
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    Hi to everybody, I'm working on a big project. An any help is welcome! This is a project based on MediaWiki, and it's objective is to learn or teach any tecnological field. For more, visit the project at Thanks to everybody!
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    Thread Any possibility to see sense 5?

    Hi guys, there's any possibility to see sense 5 to our phone with rom custom? :) there is any man at work? Sent from my Evo 3D GSM using xda app-developers app
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    Thread [DevTeam]Dev team for Ubuntu touch

    Hi, i'm an young Italian ANSI C++ programmer. I really want to open a dev team for ubuntu touch. i can use really well oop, but i never created applications with Qt and qml. For this i'm searching some people who want to collaborate with me and know some Qt and QML. I want to learn this with...
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    Thread [WORKING]Dead Trigger Coin and Gold Hack!

    Hi Guys! I've created an account of Dead Trigger with all my credits (hacked) and some mission played! there are so much money!!!!! If you want that: -Open Dead Trigger -Go to New Hope -Go to tab Login MOD Edit: Information removed. Please do not post hacks/cracks or other means to get around...
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    Thread [GSM][Q][MIUI] MIUI Language Pack

    I have an EVO 3D, and i really want JB. Now i've got a CoolICS 14a with kernel COOLEXE and they have so much problem for me, they do bootloop and they go really slowly. i want to change that with MIUI ( But the language? it's english or...