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    Thread USB Tethering Problem

    I had a old G1 and I used PdaNet on my Windows desktop pc perfectly fine. I ended up getting a new G1 through warranty and now my computer won't recongnize my g1 when its plugged in via USB. I can use PdaNet on other computers just fine but my computer won't let me anymore. I erased all PdaNet...
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    Thread Project Black - T-Mobile

    Anyone hurd about it? Or no what it is? If its 50$ a month for everything unlimited then I am deff going to stay with tmobile. My bill is 105$ for my g1 and that's only 600 anytime mins with unlimited data pack. If that's the case this is really going to be cool!
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    Thread touch screen problems

    I have no idea what's going on with my touch screen its going crazy! I don't no how to describe it. But I was running cyans experimental about 5 days and out of no where my touch screen went crazy. Its like when you swich home screens manually... it just does it back and forth it...
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    Thread Audio Problem... Help!

    Ok so I'm running CM 4.0.4 no theme installed. My problem is that everytime I'm lisening to music on my g1, I will get a text message or a call and it basically makes it so there is no audio for ANYTHING. Even if I'm lisening to a song and I try to take a picture it will do the same thing. I...