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  1. sudoxd

    Post Repurpose Pixel Phone

    i know, that doesnt make the phone good though, i can copy original quality images to my file server just fine
  2. sudoxd

    Post Yet another bootloop

    wow is this the real djared704???
  3. sudoxd

    Post Repurpose Pixel Phone

    put it in the trash, thats the best use for a pixel
  4. sudoxd

    Post Nest Hub Max software in Echo Show 5

    go on then, waste your time figuring that out
  5. sudoxd

    Post [Solved] Hard bricked Pixel XL

    your fault for using a gsi in the first place to be fair
  6. sudoxd

    Post [GUIDE] Expand the system partition on Pixel XL/Pixel

    there is nobody that likes miui
  7. sudoxd

    Post Please help. Bricked Pixel XL

    you relocked your bootloader. user error.
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    Post delete pls

    delete pls
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    Thread Post-October Patch Issues

    Hello all, Is anybody having issues with their Pixel XL or Pixel after they updated to the Android 10 October Patch in regards to random rebooting, flickering while charging or unplugging from charger, irrecoverable soft reboots, major lag when locking the phone (taking 20 seconds to actually...
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    Post Blank App?

    yes but why? just sounds like wasted time to me, our lives are short remember. that time could be spent with friends and family but no here you are flashing factory image before rom
  11. sudoxd

    Post Blank App?

    you dont even need to flash the factory image, will work fine flashing from whatever they have now
  12. sudoxd

    Post Cant unlock bootloader on refurbished pixel 2

    any phone this old listed as new or brand new is 100% refurbished in china using the ****tiest parts and then boxed in a really poor recreation of the stock box and shipped off to a distributor in your country
  13. sudoxd

    Post HTC 10 as a Google Home Hub

    you wont be able to make it anything like a "Google Home Hub" in the sense that you have the UI or anything from it, the most you will be able to achieve is a clock app in fullscreen 100% of the time or some other dashboard type app with google assistant + ok google recognition on.
  14. sudoxd

    Post Unable to use ADB with my Pixel XL

    how have you been using linux for 6-8 months and you still think ****-tier distros like ubuntu and mint are still acceptable
  15. sudoxd

    Post Blank App?

    if you flashed anything other than lineage you deserve what you are getting
  16. sudoxd

    Post Unable to use ADB with my Pixel XL

    ubuntu is trash. also adb/fastboot work fine on any os i dont see why there is any difference. i use macos myself and its working just fine and it works on my windows install too.
  17. sudoxd

    Post Unable to use ADB with my Pixel XL

    adb does not work in bootloader you spastic, boot into your system or twrp to use it
  18. sudoxd

    Post Can't access my phone from my computer

    google usb drivers
  19. sudoxd

    Post Horrible battery after November update

    Yes but this is the pixel 3 forum and you can disable digital wellbeing without 9 million adb commands
  20. sudoxd

    Post Horrible battery after November update

    why tf did you do that lol, all you had to do was disable it
  21. sudoxd

    Post The Complete Pixel 3 How-To Guide (newbie friendly!)

    why not copy all files? ---------- Post added at 11:58 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:55 AM ---------- boot to the twrp.img and flash the, unless you are on android 10 you should have no problem unless you are doing it wrong. not exactly hard to do.
  22. sudoxd

    Post pixel 3 or 3a

    on the htc 10, you are used to horrible battery life, correct? if you want this to change and you want good battery life then go for the 3
  23. sudoxd

    Post Is Pixel 2 a good choice now ?

    sure thing buddy
  24. sudoxd

    Post Pixel Replacement Screen sporadic unresponsive

    screen is ****ed, theres nothing you can do to fix it without replacing it with an oem one. why you would use a third party one in the first place is beyond me.
  25. sudoxd

    Post Current method of choice for achieving root

    first of all, nobody cares how many devices you have rooted in the past, especially if you come needing help anyways which i find amusing. secondly, to root this, boot twrp and flash magisk. if you are on android 10 you will need to patch the boot image from the factory image of the version you...
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    Post pixel xl wont turn on

    new phone
  27. sudoxd

    Post HTC One M7 and Lineage OS, what should I know?

    lineageos is fine, if you hardware is ****ed no rom will fix that
  28. sudoxd

    Post Any way to fix Bootloader ?

    and some people say natural selection doesn't exist
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    Post What partitions should I backup when making a backup with TWRP?

    everything except cache (and inactive slots if they show)
  30. sudoxd

    Post GSI

    because gsis are ****, use roms that are actually tailored for your device, not hard to flash
  31. sudoxd

    Post I need to find compatible RUU for fully wiped M8
  32. sudoxd

    Post Pixel is stuck at "Pixel is starting"

    it is a solution, unless there is something wrong with your phone which is caused by an entirely different issue, to access your data in twrp all you needed to do was disable your lock screen security
  33. sudoxd

    Post Soft bricked Pixel XL

    does fastboot see your phone at all if you type `fastboot devices`
  34. sudoxd

    Post Normal SOT?

    i get 3 hours, android 9 august patch
  35. sudoxd

    Post Soft bricked Pixel XL

    Needs to boot to any recovery, custom or not, to sideload an ota
  36. sudoxd

    Post Pixel is stuck at "Pixel is starting"

    what is wrong with you all you needed to do to decrypt in twrp is disable your lock screen security, none of this other bullshit lmao.
  37. sudoxd

    Post Battery Issues - Solutions?

    it is pretty easy lol
  38. sudoxd

    Post Half screen dead, how can I wipe?

    how tall is your nightstand wtf if you want to wipe it just wipe all the partitions in fastboot since clearly you can boot to that, or just wipe system and userdata to wipe all your data off and have it be recoverable in the event that you do replace the screen.
  39. sudoxd

    Post Unlock and Google Pay

    why did you disallow any permissions? everything gets setup as it would normally, just with gpay checked in magisk hide.
  40. sudoxd

    Post Google Pixel keyboard in Android 10...weird?

    check in the google issue tracker if they are looking into it
  41. sudoxd

    Post Battery drops quickly

    its the same with literally every battery ever made, they all worsen over time. however my battery in my pixel would be roughly 3 years old and i lose almost nothing on standby so you may have an app draining your battery during standby.
  42. sudoxd

    Post Can't reboot to Recovery after upgrade to Android 10

    firstly, dont use whatever ****ty platform-tools you are using, get them from here. secondly, you dont install recovery on android 10 yet, it doenst work. you have to just boot to twrp using `fastboot boot twrp.img` once you are in bootloader mode.
  43. sudoxd

    Post What r u guys rockin?

    stock august patch, android 9.0. twrp but unrooted atm.