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    Thread [Redmi 5a] Device won't boot pass MI logo event after EDL flash

    Hello there, need help here. I have a Redmi 5a variant MCG3B with locked bootloader. I've been trying to reflash this thing back up through EDL mode, but it just won't boot pass MI logo. It flashed successfully without any hiccups. When I tried to boot it up, it just showed MI logo and then...
  2. b4b4.4l1

    Thread Reboot/shut down while on standby/sleep

    Hello guys. Recently my phone has been acting up. It's been rebooting or shutting down by itself while not in use(standby/sleep). But this issue doesn't happen at all while the phone is in use. I tried to reflash everything from scratch but it's still happening, even when I'm on stock. Hardware...
  3. b4b4.4l1

    Thread ftf file doesn't show in flashtool

    Hello guys. Need help here. I have D5833 and want to upgrade/root my phone. Downloaded required ftf file, installed latest flashtool on 32bit win7 laptop, and also latest java. Ofc all necessary drivers are installed and xperia companion. Put the ftf file in /.firmwares folder but in...