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  1. thebiggboss180

    Thread display checker

    Hello guys. I got the S21 ultra but the problem is the screen never goes below 60 Hz, and as you guys see in the display checker screenshot its says that there's no support for 10 Hz as I also never saw it. my variant is the CSC with MID code and 2100 CPU, if you guys can post here the same...
  2. thebiggboss180

    Thread Google play services

    Hello Is this normal to happen almost every night ? How to stop play services from doing this ?
  3. thebiggboss180

    Thread Sdcard performance

    Hello : for the sdcard performance, what is the maximum speed do you get with your note 20 ultra, as I just bought the Kingston canvas plus 128g and the speed should be like 170mb for reading and around 90 for write but this is the maximum I get. is it a limit by the phone itself or I did get a...
  4. thebiggboss180

    Thread After october update

    Hello fellas. got the N985f as you know it's loaded with the Exynos 990. Need to ask if anybody did benchmark his device after the (ATJ1) Update. Cuz I just did and the results aren't good. isn't the single-core score should be around 9xx?
  5. thebiggboss180

    Thread Usb tethering.

    Hello guys As the title says. Did Samsung remove the USB internet tethering? I can't find any hotspot related options in the menu.
  6. thebiggboss180

    Thread Battery life

    Hello I just received my s20 plus for a week now and the battery life just like my old s7 edge after 4 years .. 3.5 to 4.5 SOT . Is this normal ?
  7. thebiggboss180

    Thread stock rom with less garbage

    Hello I would like to ask if there's any stock rom for 935fd that has less garbage installed or that has the best battery life Thank you in advance
  8. thebiggboss180

    Thread i got nougat update for T715 today

    hello XDA members I have the samsung tab s2 T715 from Emirates I did manually check for an update today and got this in the picture Have fun
  9. thebiggboss180

    Thread screen response time

    Hello xda members I got this in my mind , and i need some answers if u have it please . I have the s7 edge for monthes now and my mother got the iphone 7 .. so i tryed somegames onn it and one of them was subway surfers .. i tryed it in both devices and found that the i phone 7 have much less...
  10. thebiggboss180

    Thread S7 edge camera problem

    Hello guys.. I just got the phone and i saw this problem.. In the attachments 4 pics 1 is with the problem and the other for the same shot but i used the slider that apper when tuch the screen Any idea about this problem and if it software or hardware problem ? Samsung exynos with samsung...
  11. thebiggboss180

    Thread T715 receved a new update today 14/aug/2016

    Hello Is there any detailed info about the 3xxMB update ? All i know that it have jul security patch
  12. thebiggboss180

    Thread What is the best cm12-12.1-13 rom for gt-i9500 ?

    Hello frindes as the title there any bug free cm12-12.1-13 rom for gt-i9500 ? And thank you in advance
  13. thebiggboss180

    Thread wgt watch faces collection

    hello need to ask if anybody can get some wgt watch faces that works with our gear s ...cuz u know ..a lot of us doesnt have samsung phones and thanx in advance
  14. thebiggboss180

    Thread gear s support

    hello i need to know if anybody did try this phone with gear s watch and if yes did u manage to get gear manager to work with our x2 ?
  15. thebiggboss180

    Thread anyway to install watch faces without gear manager ?

    as the title says is there anyway to install watch faces without gear manager ? my gear s is upated to (RFAG1021K8Y) i have nokia x2 phone only
  16. thebiggboss180

    Thread skype gift

    hello did anyone try skype gift..if it wroks... and if u can uplaoad it here cuz not everybody able to download it from the store and thanx in advance
  17. thebiggboss180

    Thread double tap answer

    hello guys i want to ask ..there's any way or any app that can make me answer calls with double tap ? cuz our device already have double tap sensor i guess it will be easy..and u can answer calls without opining the screen cover.. and thanx in advance
  18. thebiggboss180

    Thread subway

    hello guy's can anyone here download subway game from nokia store and upload it to here..cuz i cant find it in nokia store here ( i think a lot of apps doesnt allowed here in my country )..cuz when i use normal subway apk it doesnt sync with facebook and u can post here any other games if u...
  19. thebiggboss180

    Thread OTG IN X2

    HELLO i need to ask if someone can confirme if our x2 support otg ..try it if yeas or no.....and if no..can someone try to activate it by those apps like this ...i cant do this cuz i didnt root my device yet...and i want to buy (...
  20. thebiggboss180

    Thread compass

    hello anyone of u have tried the compass....does our x2 have it ? what the app that worked for u ?
  21. thebiggboss180

    Thread games to external

    hello...i need to ask how to install big games like asphalt 8 in the external sd not in the internal
  22. thebiggboss180

    Thread accelerometer accurcy

    hello i got an accelerometer problm in my tablet that it no have a good accurcy do anyone plz can tell me how to increase the accurcy of it it s 8inch tablet and thanx in advance
  23. thebiggboss180

    Thread accelerometer build prob

    hello anybody knows a line for build prob that i can display the accelerometer option in settings ??
  24. thebiggboss180

    Thread build prob settings

    hello i want to ask anyone can provide build prob lines for adding more settings choses for jeally bean 4.1.1 like this lines ? hw.hasethernet=true adds ethernet connection setting hw.hasdata=true adding data usage option in settings and thanx in advance
  25. thebiggboss180

    Thread Sleep

    Hello I want to to prevent any android device from sleeping ..I don't know if this is the problem. But I got a tablet that. If I lock the screen for 5 min. After turning it on. All games got a bad laggs. Even 2d games The tablet have dualcore CPU and 1 g ram And thx in advance Sent...
  26. thebiggboss180

    Thread System restart

    Hello I want to ask. Long ago I used an app that can prevent apps to force restart the device . If thers a one I can download or I can modify my build.prob to get this ability And thanx in advance Sent from my GT-S5570i using xda app-developers app
  27. thebiggboss180

    Thread system and root

    hello i need to ask if i moved an app to system partition do it will stilll need the root permotion or the app become a system means it have the permition ?? thanx in advance
  28. thebiggboss180

    Thread freeze then restert

    HELLO i got a nextbook tablet and i got a problem that when i play some fast 3d games like supway it s freeze and restart the tablet also into the dead game -similar to subway- i dont ask to make this games working but i am asking for some help to find out what the problem is how to make...
  29. thebiggboss180

    Thread CPU cpy

    Hello How can I make any ROM stock or not able to use with spy spy without custom kernel Sent from my EBM8000ND using xda app-developers app
  30. thebiggboss180

    Thread Cwm

    Hello devlopers My quation. That thers a lot of new devices coming everyday And it s hard to find an offical. Cwm for them all How can I pick or find a working cwm for my device Anyway my device is nextbook trendy 8 uses Jellybean 4.1.1 is Sent from my GT-S5570I using xda app-developers app
  31. thebiggboss180

    Thread Crash

    Hello I want to ask I have this tablet u can see in attachment . It s normal to crash and restart the tablet with some games like supway and uno friends? it has jellybean os Anyone who have the answer plz help. And thx in advance Sent from my EBM8000ND using xda app-developers app
  32. thebiggboss180

    Thread x touch x 708

    hello i got my sisters' x touch to has too many pattern try and i cant open it i tryed to enter to recovry too many times by pressing -power + up-and- -power+down- but it wont to boot to recovry any hints or any pc programs can help plz help and thx in advance
  33. thebiggboss180

    Thread [Q] how to find cwm for my device ?

    hello i have rooted my nextbook trendy 8 and then to install a cwm but cwm in the google store done nothing >> how can find and flash one or if there s similar app do the same as cwm in google store plz hlp and thx in advance
  34. thebiggboss180

    Thread [Q] Help with nextbook trendy 8

    The tablet is just new from 3 day's ago and it laggs verry hard when boot and in app and storge menu sttings and in 2 games for now it may freez and restart any i think it s from the storge >if any pro here can help and suggest me a solution >> and thx in advance
  35. thebiggboss180

    Thread Next book trendy 8

    Hello Can any one provide me a way to root the tablet next book trendy8 I searshed Google but found nothing And any details u want I can provide Sent from my EBM8000ND using xda app-developers app
  36. thebiggboss180

    Thread [Q] gt-s5570i kernals

    hello i want to know all kernels that i can use in gt-s5570i i know about cyanus and Cor_Plenus is there any other better kernels and by the way -Cor_Plenus-never worked for me it s just go to boot loop or crazy vaburate and thx
  37. thebiggboss180

    Thread [Q] Clock work mod 4-5 for GT-S5570I

    HELLO i need and i want to ask if there is any new cwm for gt-s5570i i serched goole but with no luck any one can bring new one -cwm4 or cwm5 and it will be awesome and thx in advance